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Definition/Use of Dragonian Elements
« on: January 31, 2005, 08:17:45 pm »
I guess this is the place where we talk about what these elements really are and how they are used in Chrono Cross. I'll start:

My (initial) Definition: Dragonian Elements are crystals created/found/modified by Dragonians using the power found in the earth. Certain hotspots in the world can be used to 'harvest' these elements, which come in a variety of forms, all having a certain use. These elements come in six colors/sounds, all of which correspond to an innate color of any living being or the innate colors of any certain environment. Some of these elements are consumable, Tablets and Medicine, are common examples. They have a certain effect that can only be used once, however they seem to be found in greater abundance than non-consumable elements. Non-consumable Elements can be used once during a battle, but apparently require 'recharging' because they cannot be used again in the same battle, usually.

Use/How to Use: Elements are gathered and equipted on a characters "grid". I do not know exactly where this grid is located on the body if it is in fact a physical location at all. In battle, equipted elements can be used by first attacking enemies and building up your "Element Level". So these crystals need a small source of energy in order to be activated for use. Element Levels exist because most elements need more element levels to be obtained before they can be activated. There are three types of attacks, weak attacks which require little energy by comparison and are not very bold, strong attacks which require normal amounts of energy and are made with confidence, and fierce attacks which use the most energy and are usually very daring. These three attacks influence the element levels by adding 1,2,3 levels respectively after successfully made. There are eight elements levels - as you ascend levels the elements become stronger. Most elements can usually be used at lower/higher points in the grid, but will become weaker/stronger after doing so.
During battle a person attacks enough to use a simple element such as "Uplift". The elemental crystal is now activated and the character chooses to use it. They strain a bit, usually being drawn into a semi-crouched position with a small circle of energy radiating from their feet and around their body giving off the color of the element being used. I do not know whether this is "drawing energy from the field", "drawing energy straight from the earth" , "drawing energy from oneself", or "drawing energy from the crystal element" but afterwards the person has full control of the properties of this element - A small piece of earth rises from the ground, moves over to the enemy, and drops on it with considerable force. After the elemental attack ends, the element becomes unusable for the rest of the battle because it must recharge.
Apparently these non-consumable elements can recharge infinitley, however their power source confuses me: The energy given off during battle seems to power them, but they require "start up" energy from another source first. Perhaps the planet slowly revitalizes them after battle, im not sure.
You could say that enough energy needs to be built up in oneself first to use the elements, so thats why element levels exist. but you could also say that the elements require enough energy to be built up first within themselves before they can be used: both still dont answer my question about the original power source.
While in battle, the "field" (which records the last 3 element colors used) is the final determinant of the strength of the element used. So we have 3 power sources for the elements:
(1) The start up/rejuvination source (planet??)
(2) Battle action
(3) Field condition

This is all i can think of right now. add some stuff people :)