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Newbie Question
« on: January 29, 2005, 11:09:34 pm »
In the past many hours I have just run through much of the Compendium's articles and theories and learned what I wanted to learn about the game. I have to say Belthasar is one insane genius. My thirst for knowledge has been quenched, but there's one thing right now I don't quite understand. Sorry if this seems like an ignorant question, or if I missed a clear point somewhere. I haven't played either games in a long time so I might skip on something.

It was stated that Lavos or one of its spawns merged with Schala in the DTB, I think. Also, it is stated that in 12000 B.C Crono defeats Lavos in both Keystone Timelines. It is also stated, however, that in 1999 A.D that Crono in Keystone T-1 defeats Lavos, and the "Heroes of Time" in Keystone T-2 defeats lavos. I'm assuming that it's referring to Crono and his party when it says "Heroes of Time".
My question is this. If Schala merged with Lavos in 12000 B.C, why does a Lavos exist at all in future times? I assumed that Crono originally defeated Lavos during 12000 B.C. (unless I'm missing a big point and you're somehow flung to 1999 A.D when Zeal summons Lavos), and since I read somewhere that Lavos is sent to the DBT when defeated, it is only during 12000 B.C. that Lavos could be defeated and merge with Schala in the DBT. But then I remembered that many statements claimed Lavos was directly defeated when it awakens, and that it says so itself in the 1999 A.D entry here, for both Keystone Timelines, although this seems unlikely as Crono's party most likely went through the Black Omen if there was some true fixed original way the plot was supposed to go. Then again, most times it seems as if you people talk like it was predestined for Lavos to pop up in 1999 A.D and be destroyed then, instead of some other time; Home world is also doomed in the future as well, although Lavos could have been defeated in the past. I'm not really quite clear on when Lavos was defeated (again, unless you're flung to 1999 A.D when Zeal summons Lavos, not sure of that) and when Lavos merged with Schala.

I think that it was stated the DBT runs perpendicular to the timeline, and if it doesn't then I guess Lavos could be defeated any old time and sent to the DBT and fuse with Schala (I did read that Schala heard Serge's cries from 12000 B.C.). By the way, is being defeated the only way Lavos gets there and merges with Schala, or am I missing something? Anyway, I'm really confused about this whole thing here, so if someone could enlighten me after laughing at my silly thoughts, I'd be pretty satisfied.


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Newbie Question
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2005, 11:55:56 pm »
It works out through the guiles of the Pocket Dimension. If you'll notice that in any era you fight Lavos, he's essentially the same creature. According to the theory, Lavos resides in a Pocket Dimension, in which he sucks the planet's energy. When the party accesses him from any time period, it leads to the same time in the Pocket Dimension, since the PD runs on Time Erorr (or, runs perpindicular to the timeline. It is separate from the normal flow of things).

Now, it is correct that once Lavos is defeated within the Pocket Dimension, he disappears from all time. In 1999 A.D., he won't erupt, and other things won't happen (however, instances of time travel, like the Magus's Lair distortion, will be preserved according to Time Bastard/Time Traveler's Immunity). How then can the heroes of time defeat him twice? Well, it's just the way the Chronology is listed. They defeated him once, but this event is static, like the founding of Guardia, and is carried over.

Alright, so that kind of got off the main question. Cross explains that Schala was thrown to the DBT in the Ocean Palace incident (Lavos wasn't defeated and did not merge with her yet). The theory goes that when Lavos was defeated in the Pocket Dimension, his residency/image within the PD's timeline/etc. went to the DBT as all discarded timelines do, and there he was able to link with Schala somehow.

Alright, I absolutely can't find where GrayLensman proposed that, so my reply probably won't be adequate.