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Chrono Trigger - Rebirth - Cast of Characters!
« on: July 08, 2008, 07:12:25 pm »
Crono Cole
Age: 17, 19, 22
Time Period: 1000 A.D., 1002 A.D., 1005 A.D.

1000 A.D.: Crono, just a normal everyday guy, is drawn into a deep adventure to save the earth from a alien from outerspace, known as Lavos. He goes though alot of hardship though his adventure, and even faces death.

1002 A.D.: Crono is a well respected man, and marries the Princess of Guardia, later that year they have a son.

1005 A.D.: Crono is visted by 2 people from the future. He is now king of Guardia after the kings death the year before. He leaves with the 2 men from the future. A few days later, Porre over thows Guardia.

Marle/Nadia Guardia/Nadia Cole
Age: 16, 18, 21
Time Period: 1000 A.D., 1002 A.D., 1005 A.D

1000 A.D: Nadia sneaks out of the castle to have fun at the fair, but gets in to trouble after meeting Crono, she then helps him to the end and defeats Lavos.

1002 A.D.: After her adventure, she quiet down and spent some time with Crono. She marries him and later that year she gave birth to a son.

1005 A.D.: After her father's death she strives to be more like him, and helping out the kingdom, Later she baby sits a girl named Elizabeth, a girl, that came with the two guys who left with Crono on an adventure. A few days later, Porre takes over the kingdom, She and her son narrowly escaped, but as for the girl, her fate is unknown.

Lucca Ashtear
Age: 7,17,19,20,22
Time Period: 990 A.D., 1000 A.D., 1002 A.D, 1003 A.D, 1005 A.D.

990 A.D: Lucca witnesses the events of seeing her mom getting caught up in a invention her dad made.

1000 A.D.: Lucca, Crono's friend loves to invent crazy machines has created a device called the Telepod. He telepod malfunctions when Marle gets on and she is sent to the past, Crono follows and Lucca stays behind a creates a thing called the gate key.. later she helps Crono take out Lavos.

1002 A.D.: Lucca, has been creating many devices alot of people wouldn't think of, she also made a miniature Robo that follows her around. She does attend the wedding of Crono and Nadia.

1003 A.D.: While walking around, she finds a baby, she names the young baby girl Kid and takes her home, not to long after she starts an orphanage.

1005 A.D.: As the kingdom fell to Porre, she takes in Nadia and her son.

Frog/Glenn Foster
Age: 15, 25
Time Period: 590 A.D. 600 A.D.

590 A.D.: Glenn turns into a frog by a really strong wizard

600 A.D: Glenn as Frog helps out Crono and company though the their journey, They also help him out attack Magus and his trio of fiends. Later he regains his own human after the defeat of Lavos.

Age: 1 301 701
Time Period: 1999 A.D, 2300 A.D, 1000 A.D

1999 A.D.: R-66Y, a robot, was just delievered to Proto Dome and was found out that he had a virus in him. Not but a few minutes later Lavos attacks, he then helps fend off mutants with the help of his owners.

2300 A.D.: Found by Crono, Marle, and Lucca after looking for a time portal to get back home, Lucca fixes him up and renames him robo, he stays with the party untill he was left behind to work with Fiona in 600 A.D

1000 A.D.: He is repaired and cleaned up by Lucca again, at a camp fire. He then tells the party about memories he recovered from his past owners.. meaning the dreams Crono was having was real...

Age: 19
Time Period: 65,000,000 B.C.

65,000,000 B.C.: Ayla finds Crono and company being attacked by reptites and help them. She then has a feast with them. later on, she helps them defeat lavos.

Janus Zeal/Magus
Age: 7, 27
Time Period: 12,000 B.C. 600 A.D

12,000 B.C: Janus is a young boy who follows the black wind for his source of knowledge, telling Crono and Co, that someone they know will soon die. Mean while, his older self, Magus, is trying to change the fate of Zeal and acts as a profit only to not be able to save it. he then later joins Crono and Company to slay Lavos.. then look for his Sister...

600 A.D.: Magus is the head of the mystics, at first, it was said that he created Lavos, but instead, he was only trying to summon it, to slay it, but Crono, Frog and Co foiled his plans.

David Rushing
Age: 22
Time Period: 1999 A.D.

1999 A.D.: A scientist who is the co founder of Proto Dome. He also is good in the arts of fighting. Not much is known about him for now.

Serena Khong
Age: 21
Time Period: 1999 A.D.

1999 A.D.: David's future wife. She is skilled in fighting, and loves to help out when ever she can at David's place of work. Not much is known about her for now.

Michael O'dell
Age: 24
Time Period: 1999 A.D.

1999 A.D.: The owner and founder of Proto Dome, not much is known of him for now, but he's skilled in fighting.

Darryl Rushing
Age: 24
Time Period: 1999 A.D.

1999 A.D.: Brother of David and worker at Proto Dome, he happen to have an accident not to long before Lavos hit the scene. He's skilled in fighting. Not much is known about him for now.

Jade Love
Age: 19
Time Period: 1999 A.D

1999 A.D.: An inventer and worker at Proto Dome, she's skilled at weapons. Not much is known about her right now.

Emilia Frias
Time Period: 1999 A.D.

1999 A.D.: A girl who wears very revealing clothing. Good at fighting. Not much is known about her right now.

More profiles coming soon.
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