Author Topic: Chrono Trigger: Rebirth Preview Special!  (Read 1233 times)


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Chrono Trigger: Rebirth Preview Special!
« on: December 16, 2007, 12:31:37 am »
Alright, I'm here tonight to bring you a small preview of things to come, but also a little history, and what's going to happen after I have completed this project.

1) History: The history behind Chrono Trigger: Rebirth lies with a first story i wanted to do after Chrono Cross, called Tales of Fate, I had a small site on my Geocities site back then in 2000 and even have lined up a  whole lot of characters for it. Too bad the site doesn't exist anymore, It not on any cd's that i have or anything. Though while thinking that story up, about a year later, I though, how could I tie it in with Chrono Trigger. So I had a idea and it exploded, though I have to say, the story for it was totally different than what I have in the rom, There was no 1999 story, in fact it center around Crono and a mysterious person who guides him to things that causes the events in Chrono Trigger. Oh, and the title wasn't even called Chrono Trigger: Rebirth, It was Chrono Trigger: The true story, then it was called Chrono Trigger Zero, and I can't remember what else I called it. Then I started writing it down, Hell, there wasn't really many editors for CT back then, and there was no Temporal Flux.. I really didn't get far into writing the story down.. then for about a few years i though about continuing the story, but thinking back, I thought it was dumb, really dumb.. So in April of 2005 i found out about this site and Temporal Flux, I was like DAAAAAAAMN, what a nice Editor, I downloaded it, Downloaded the .NET stuff that was required for it and..... I didn't know a thing about the editor... Then later i found out about Chrono Trigger: CE, Nice story line and everything for it, So I decided to join the group and help out as a beta tester, then that's when i started learning about how to use TF, hell, i figured out how to disable the intro after you name chrono and go straight to the game. Then a few months later, I asked Zeality for this board, and started working on a new though i had for my Chrono Trigger story, named it Chrono Trigger: Rebirth. I started off ok, Even created a map of Leene Square without the fair for a 1999 story... I got really far, and even included the Lavos scene.. then i got a beta version of Vista that you could download off the site at the time, and i really didn't like it, so I backed everything up to DVD, thanks to my dad's burner.... Then when I was starting to put stuff back onto Windows XP.... the disk i had the hack on didn't bloody work. I was mad angry and sad at the same time.. It p***ed me off. So I didn't mess with it for about 6 months, then I started again and go my current Idea, I make sure i don't mess with the D Drive and you see what I have done recently.

Here is a video that I've made from the old CT:rebirth hack I made before:

CT:Rebirth Teaser 06

I started working on this before i moved to my house, I've wanted to start this hack over again form scratch, I decided to make it a multi rom hack, I think I even wanted to do this before with the first attempt. So far, I believe the second  approach is the best, It flows better, and I think it fits my vision. Have two different parties, two stories and intertwine them. I should have been done with the intro months ago. But, other things got in my way... This thing is called LIFE. Anyway enough of the history lesson.. In a few days or so, I'll show you some screen shots from the emulator and some other stuff.

2.) How things are going now:  Right now, The hack is alright, It's in my line of vision, I've learned a great deal of stuff with Temporal Flux, I'm starting to feel like I'm a pro with it.. only not. There still some stuff I don't understand. Stuff I've mention before was rewritten story, with a new story line, during this time, as i am editing the rom, I've decided some new stuff, In game loading, which I've added into Chrono Trigger, Now I'm giving my the 1999 AD characters different stats than Crono and team, minus Robo, Same robot in both time periods. Not much is going on right now as LIFE is getting in my way..

3.) Future stuff for the game: I've said this before, Crono is going to talk, he hasn't started talking yet, so i guess this a future thing to work on. ;) I'll be making some changes to the plot as well, to accommodate with the new story. There will be extra story in the End of Time, also Robo telling some story about the 1999 party. There's alot of stuff i want to add. There's going to be an extra dungeon, new weapons, new Armour, helmets and accessories.. yeah, some weapons are gonna loose some stat rating for this, but it's for the best. Hopefully, Justin, if he agrees too, Will be creating new monsters to replace some that you won't be fighting in the 4th rom.. you'll only fight the last few bosses on the black dream, and the 3 lavos battles. It will have it's own story line, but really won't effect the main story line, but there will be a surpise ;)

4.) What am I'm going to do after finishing this project: Start a new hack! ;) I don't really want to spoil anything. I'm not just talking about one hack after this one, I'm talking about 2 more hacks for CT and If there's an advance editor for Chrono Cross, I'll be making one for Chrono Cross! That's not all, I want to learn how to do some programing in RPGmaker XP, I heard you can do alot with it, could possibly make a 3d RPG with it. So, I have alot of story beyond Chrono Trigger: Rebirth.

5.) Other stuff: Alrighty, as you have seen in my last video, I'll be making a website, called Tales of Fate Productions, It will feature all my hacks, one dating back to 2004, but not CT related.

Also, The major project that ToF Productions will be working on is, Project Tales of Fate, It will feature all my projects containing to all Chrono Trigger related Story hacks and projects, starting with Chrono Trigger: Rebirth, This won't include small projects as bug fixes and small stuff.

Well that's it for now.

Tales of Fate Production Leader, Shinrin.

If you want to contact me about anything, PM me here or email me at