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Author Topic: CLOSED - Rate Cross Characters 38: Sprigg  (Read 3100 times)


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CLOSED - Rate Cross Characters 38: Sprigg
« on: October 30, 2007, 02:24:50 am »
Evaluate Sprigg based on her character design, combat usefulness, and Tilt factor -- which can mean anything, from how much she strikes you as cool to how important she is to the plot.


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Re: Rate Cross Characters 37: Sprigg
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2007, 02:40:14 am »
Character Design: It's an actual Mystic/Demon, rather than all of this demi-human crap! And she can turn into other things too!

Combat Usefulness: Absolutely valuable during that short little spat before you exit the dimensional vortex. After that I usually completely forget about her.

Tilt: She's interesting in her own way, though like with many of the characters I'd relegate her to guest PC status at most given how she disappears from the story after her small part is done.

Final Grade: C.


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Re: Rate Cross Characters 37: Sprigg
« Reply #2 on: October 30, 2007, 03:29:09 am »
Design: I actually thought Sprigg was a man until the pronouns showed me wrong.

Combat: Used her for a while. She could be as useful as her transformations.

Tilt: She can let you "play as" Ozzie, Flea, and Slash.

Final Grade: C


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Re: Rate Cross Characters 37: Sprigg
« Reply #3 on: October 30, 2007, 12:22:39 pm »
Design: Looks kinda cool, I guess. Misled me at first, making me think I was speaking to a nasty typical goblin.

Combat: Despite rarely using her, she helps when you first meet her, and the transformation abilities are pretty fun. I actually plan on using Sprigg frequently in my next play-through.

Tilt: I'd have to disagree with Kyronea and say that I think Sprigg would deserve a permanent playable character spot. This would probably be because I see a lot of use in her transformations and the fact that she actually gets a role in the plot(if only a short one). I guess it's just wishful thinking of mine that she would get more development.

Final Grade: B

But just barely.


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Re: Rate Cross Characters 37: Sprigg
« Reply #4 on: October 30, 2007, 09:26:22 pm »
Character Design - Sprigg's a friggin troll...wearing what looks like a pancho...>_> Hippie Troll? Sounds like an awesome band name if I ever heard one.

Combat Usefulness - I pretty much used Sprigg all the time after I got her in the party. It was because of her that I survived against Miguel with no one dead when my other party member was Harle. I ended up using all of my Revive Elements and yet Harle (or maybe it was Serge as Lynx) was still down. What was I to do? Turn Sprigg into a Dodo, which has a Revive Element on it's grid, that's what! With Doppelgangs like Tragedienne, Combot, Sidesteppa, & Lagoonate (not to mention the aforementioned Dodo & the New Game+ Ozzie, Flea & Slash), Sprigg is a force to be reckoned with. The only thing that sucks is that Grand Slam doesn't have more tournaments or something. Oh, and Sprigg uses a Staff, which only about 3 or 4 people in CC use...>_>

Tilt Factor - Sprigg's got a lame accent, but it's actually the one I'm the most okay with. She's also got one of the best quotes in the game, "Meanin' is non-existent. No matter wot'z born, lost or changed...it'z beyond calculation. There be no one or nothin' watchin' over you...Such is life." I think that Sprigg had a TON of potential as a character and it was a shame she (as most of the cast) wasn't utilized to her fullest.

Final Grade - B


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Re: Rate Cross Characters 37: Sprigg
« Reply #5 on: October 30, 2007, 09:38:12 pm »
Design: Again, love it

Combat Usefulness: Never used her outside of the painting.

Tilt: SO MUCH POTENTIAL! But she's better off as an NPC.



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Re: Rate Cross Characters 37: Sprigg
« Reply #6 on: October 30, 2007, 11:51:30 pm »
Design: An old... thing?

Combat: This is where Sprigg stands out from everyone else. She can turn into any creature you have defeated, including Ozzie, Slash and Flea. And with Slash, you get a triple tech.

Tilt: Besides the transforming, that's it.

Final Grade: B