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The Lost Cutscenes (old)
« on: April 14, 2007, 10:08:09 am »
This thread is, in essence, a hodgepodge...pod?...of various odd cutscenes here and there that may or may not be accesible by the player...usually this is the result of moving too fast through an area...for example, the Zeal Throneroom cutscene featured as the first only occurs if the player waits ten seconds after entering the throne room, rather than simply proceeding directly.

In other words, these scenes offer enrichment of the world without affecting the story, as nothing contained within is truly required.

So, let us begin:

Quote from: The Queen's Discussion
BEGIN Number One: "The Queen's Discussion"

*player steps into the Zeal throneroom and does not move an inch*

{delay 10}
*Discussion begins. Once this occurs the player is unable to move until it

is over*

{Schala}: Mother...I...{full break}

{Queen Zeal}: What is it, Schala?!{full break}

*Schala looks away, back to Zeal, away again, then back to Zeal*

{Schala}: Janus...{delay 03}Janus and I are worried about you{line break}
Mother...your behavior has been odd...Janus is quite concerned{line break}
as am I.{full break}

{Prophet}: .{delay 01}.{delay 01}.{delay 01}{page break}
You worry about nothing, girl!{full break}

*Queen Zeal starts laughing*

{Queen Zeal}: He speaks out of turn!{full break}

*Queenie glares at the Prophet*

{Queen Zeal}: Do NOT answer for me again!{full break}

*Prophet bows or otherwise does some animation that shows humility and


{Prophet}: Of course, Your Majesty...forgive my discretion.{full break}

*Dalton looks away*

{Dalton}: Hah!{full break}

*Zeal looks at Schala*

{Queen Zeal}: Worry not, my daughter! Everything is well with{line break}
me! Our Kingdom is approaching a glorious new will{line break}
understand, my dear, in time...all in time.{page break}
*She goes back into her laughing animation*
Hahahahaha!{full break}

*She halts as Schala looks away*

{Schala}: I hope so, mother...for your sake...{full break}

{Queen Zeal}: Prophet! I trust that there was no uprising{line break}
during today's slave gathering?{full break}

*Prophet shakes his head no*

{Prophet}: No, Your Higness...the Earthbound Ones have finally{line break}
learned not to rebel against us.{full break}

{Queen Zeal}: Good...I would hate to see valuable slaves throw{line break}
away their lives in such a futile effort!{full break}

*She goes into her laughing animation yet again for a brief moment*

{Queen Zeal}: How is the construction of the Ocean Palace{line break}
proceeding?{full break}

*Dalton nods in Queenie's direction*

{Dalton}: Your Majesty, the Ocean Palace is nearing completion.{line break}
I estimate not more than a day until it is operational.{full break}

{Queen}: Wonderful...have the Mammon Machine moved to the{line break}
Ocean Palace immediately.{full break}

{Dalton}: Of course, Your Majesty.{full break}

*Dalton turns to leave and sees the party*

{Dalton}: Ah...I see you've decided to show yourselves. Not{line break}
a good decision on your part.{full break}}

*rest of scene proceeds as it went if the party did not wait, with the Prophet line before Dalton's cut, of course*
END Number One: "The Queen's Discussion"

Quote from: Medina Square
BEGIN: Number Two "Medina Square"

*party approaches Medina square at any time after EoT and steps up to see the chanting dancers*

{Fanatics}: Magus...Lord Magus...Our Savior Who Gave Us Hope...{page break}
We Love You Magus...Our Lord Magus...Save Us Once Again...{full break}

*PCs stop and blink at the statue*

(2nd PC)
{Marle}: W-what's going on? What's that odd chanting?{full break}
{Lucca}: What the...are they worshipping Magus?{full break}
{Robo}: ...this seems to be a worshipping ritual...but why are{line break}
the Mystics still worshipping Magus?{full break}
{Frog}: Magus is worshipped even now?! Fools!{full break}

*All the chanters/dancers stop and look at the PCs. The background chanting noise also stops*

{Fanatics}: Who are you?! How dare you defile our shrine?!{full break}

(3rd PC)
{Marle}: Uh-oh...we'd better get outta here!{full break}
{Lucca}: Oh crap...let's run before they try and kill us!{full break}
{Robo}: I suggest we leave immediately before they become{line break}
hostile...{full break}
{Frog}: We had best move on...they outnumber us and a battle{line break}
now would hold no meaning.{full break}

*Party auto-leaves the square

END "Medina Square"

Quote from: Heckran's Cave Water
BEGIN Number Three: "Heckran's Cave Water"

*party approaches the water*

(2nd PC)
{Marle}:'s a dead end?{full break}
{Lucca}: I thought there was supposed to be a way to Truce...{full break}
{Robo}: We seem to have reached a dead end.{full break}

(3rd PC)
{Marle}: Wait...what about this water vent thingy?{full break}
{Lucca}: Hold on a sec...there's a water vent here...{full break}
{Robo}: Perhaps this water vent will take us through an{line break}
underwater passage?{full break}

(If Robo Is in party)

{Marle}: But what about you, {Robo}? Won't you short out{line break}
or rust or something?{full break}
{Lucca}: {Robo}...will your systems be affected?

{Robo}: Do not worry about me; my systems are protected from{line break}
immersion in water.{full break}

(If Robo is not in party)
{Marle}: ...I don't want to get wet...{full break}

{Lucca}: No choice, {Marle}. Come on!{full break}

*Party leaps into the water; each character has a reaction(these reactions apply to any and all times this is used, hence why Frog, Ayla, and Magus have lines)*

{Marle}: Here we go!{full break}
{Lucca}: Wooooah!{full break}
{Robo}: Let us go!{full break}
{Frog}: Oooooh!{full break}
{Ayla}: {Ayla} have fun!{full break}
{Magus}: Why me...{full break}

END "Heckran's cave water"

Quote from: Magic Cave bits
BEGIN Number Four "Magic Cave bits"

*PCs stop upon entrance to the cave and the third PC comments*

(3rd PC)
{Marle}: ...hey, this looks like Heckran's Cave in my time...{full break}
{Lucca}: This place looks the cave we went{line break}
through in the Millennium...{full break}
{Robo}: This cavern system appears to be identical to the one{line break}
we traversed in 1000 A.F.{full break}

*player proceeds to the water*

(3rd PC)
{Marle}: Oh man...we gotta get wet again?{full break}
{Lucca}: Great...more water...{full break}
{Robo}: It would seem we have to proceed through the water{line break}
yet again.{full break}

{Frog}: We have no choice! Let us proceed.{full break}

*party approaches the skellies and stops*

{Skeleton}: Gyaaah?! Intruders?! Halt! You defile the holy{line break}
ground of our Lord Magus!{full break}

{Frog}: You mean UN-holy ground! We have come to destroy your{line break}
"Lord" and end this war!{full break}

{Skeleton}: Never! We of the "Crimson-Tainted Blades" will send{line break}
you to Hell personally!{full break}

*boss fight!*

(3rd PC)
{Marle}: Woah...that was kinda hard...{full break}
{Lucca}: Wow...that was a lot harder than I expected...{full break}
{Robo}: That battle was quite difficult.{full break}

{Frog}: It was nothing compared to what awaits us in the{line break}
castle itself. Let us move on!{full break}

END "Magic Cave bits"

Quote from: Cursed Woods commentary
BEGIN Number Five "Cursed Woods commentary"

*PCs stop upon entrance if they did not speak to Toma*

(2nd PC)
{Marle}: ...this place is like a huge maze!{full break}
{Lucca}: Wow...the mist everywhere makes it impossible to see{line break}'s like a huge maze...{full break}
{Robo}: These woods appear to be one large maze.{full break}

(3rd PC)
{Marle}: C'mon...{Frog}'s gotta be in here somewhere...{full break}
{Lucca}: We'll find our way through...{full break}
{Robo}: Even so, we must find our way through if we are to meet{line break}
with {Frog}.{full break}

END "Cursed woods commentary"
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Re: The Lost Cutscenes
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2007, 04:08:36 pm »
Quote from: The Frog King, Parts One and Two
BEGIN Number Six "The Frog King, Parts One and Two"

Part One: Denadoro Encounter

*player stumbles upon the Frog King in the Denadoro Mountains. PCs stop upon encountering him.

Frog King is gesturing to several Croakers who are searching the area*

{Frog King}: Gribbit! Find the Hero Medal! It was lost here{line break}
somewhere, ribbit!{full break}

*PCs blink in confusion*
(2nd PC)
{Marle}: What IS that?! It looks like a huge frog!{full break}
{Lucca}: What in the...look at this gigantic frog!{full break}
{Robo}: An enormous sentient frog?{full break}

*Frog King notices them*

{Frog King}: Gribbit! They are after the Hero Medal! Kill{line break}
them!{full break}

*Frog King hides in nearby bushes while the croakers battle it off with the PCs. After the battle the PCs look at each other in confusion*

(3rd PC)
{Marle}: What was that all about? What's a Hero Medal?{full break}
{Lucca}: Why did those frogs attack us? Something about a Hero{line break}
Medal...?{full break}
{Robo}: That was quite confusing...why did they believe we were{line break}
searching for the Hero Medal?{full break}

*2nd PC does some animation that shows realization*

(2nd PC)
{Marle}: Hey wait a sec! Wasn't Tata wearing some kind of{line break}
medal? Maybe that's the Hero Medal. And since he's not the{line break}
Hero...we should get it from him!{full break}
{Lucca}: Wait...wasn't that kid wearing a shiny medal? I'll bet{line break}
that's the Hero Medal. We should get it from's not{line break}
his anyway.{full break}
{Robo}: The child from before, Tata, was wearing a medal. It is{line break}
most likely the Hero Medal. We should retrieve it from him.{full break}

*3rd PC runs in the direction of the map that leads closer to the summit, stops, and looks back*

(3rd PC)
{Marle}: Later! Right now, we gotta get the Masamune!{full break}
{Lucca}: We can do it later! The Masamune is more important!{full break}
{Robo}: We will retrieve it after we retrive the Masamune.{full break}

*The other PCs join the 3rd and they walk off the screen. Frog King comes back out from inside the bushes*

{Frog King}: So...they know where the Medal is...they will{line break}
get it for me...and I can ambush them! Wonderful, gribbit!{full break}

*Frog King bounces up and down in a victory dance as the scene fades back out to the player so the player can continue*

Part Two: Encounter in the Cursed Woods

*Player walks onto the scene of the encounter and notices some ruffling bushes. PCs all stop and stare at the bushes in confusion*

*2nd PC's questioning gesture*
(2nd PC)
{Marle}: What's that...?{full break}
{Lucca}: What do you think's in the bushes?{full break}
{Robo}: What could that be?{full break}

*Frog King jumps out along with several Bull Frogs and PCs are shocked*

{Frog King}: Gribbit! Hand over the Hero Medal and you may{line break}
escape with your lives, ribbit!{full break}

*PCs are still shocked*

(3rd PC)
{Marle}: It's that huge frog from before!{full break}
{Lucca}: It's the giant frog!{full break}
{Robo}: It is the enormous sentient frog from the mountains!{full break}

{Frog King}: Give me the Medal NOW, gribbit!{full break}

*PCs stop being shocked and stare at the Frog King. After a few seconds, Crono shakes his head and whips out his sword. Other PCs follow suit.*

(2nd PC)
{Marle}: We're not gonna let you take the Medal! It's {Frog}'s!{full break}
{Lucca}: That medal belongs to {Frog}!{full break}
{Robo}: The medal is for {Frog}, not you!{full break}

{Frog King}: Graah! Attack, my loyal servents!{full break}

*Mini-boss fight!*

*After the fight, Frog King whines in pain as the PCs stare at him*

{Frog King}: Disgusting humans...gribbit! Fine! Forget the{line break}
damned medal! Come, my loyal subjects, let us flee!{full break}

*Frog King and two Bull Frogs run off into the bushes never to be seen again*

END "The Frog King, Parts One and Two"


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Re: The Lost Cutscenes
« Reply #2 on: May 27, 2007, 10:12:52 pm »
Quote from: A King's Despair
BEGIN Number Seven "A King's Despair"

*Note: This will replace the one line of dialogue originally said in the storyline dialogue script by King Guardia*

*Player wanders into the throne room at any time after arriving in 600 A.D. for the second time and before the battle at Zenan Bridge. Obviously, the scene only plays once. PCs stop upon entering as the Chancellor runs over, looking at them with his shocked face.*

{Chancellor}: Sir {Crono}! Please, come with me! The King has{line break}
been gravely injured!{full break}

*PCs look at each other, nod, and follow the Chancellor up to the King's chambers, where Queen Leene and the Nurse are both standing around the King's bed. Chancellor and PCs walk in and stand next to the Nurse.

{Queen Leene}: How is he, Nurse?{full break}

*Nurse looks away, then back*

{Nurse}: He is not well, Your Majesty. His injuries may be too{line break}
severe...{full break}

*Queen Leene steps away and faces the opposite wall*

{Queen Leene}: ...sob...{full break}

*2nd PC Gestures questioningly*

(2nd PC)
{Marle}: How'd he get injured?{full break}
{Lucca}: What happened to the King?{full break}
{Robo}: How has the King been injured?{full break}

{Chancellor}: The King was injured during the battle to ferry{line break}
the Hero across Zenan Bridge. During the battle, a vile Diablos{line break}
struck the King with a flaming magical arrow in the chest.{page break}
He toppled from his horse and was set upon by the beasts before{line break}
the Knights could free him.{full break}

{King Guardia}: S-s-ir...{Crono}...please come closer...{full break}

*2nd and 3rd PC look at Crono and nod. Nurse steps out of the way and Crono steps over to where she had been standing at the King's bedside*

{King Guardia}: Sir {Crono}...I am afraid I have failed my{line break}
kingdom...ever since Cyrus was lost to us, we have been{line break}
struggling so desperately, and I fear our struggles may be{line break}
for naught.{page break}
If the Legendary Hero does not discover the Masamune and defeat{line break}
Magus soon...we will almost certainly lose the war.{full break}

*3rd PC gestures questioningly*

(3rd PC)
{Marle}: Can we help somehow?{full break}
{Lucca}: How can we help, Your Majesty?{full break}
{Robo}: Your Majesty, we will gladly render assistance.{full break}

{King Guardia}: Of the are{line break}
like no warriors I have seen since Cyrus...if any could aid the{line break}
Hero in defeating Magus, it is you...{page break}
Cough...cough...hack...{full break}

{King Guardia}: Now... One final request ..cough.. cough...{line break}
for an injured king...I implore you, take the Jerky Rations{line break}
to the Knights at Zenan Bridge.{page break}
The entire army stationed there is counting on you!{full break}

*Nurse steps forward*

{Nurse}: I am sorry, but the King needs to rest now. Please{line break}
leave him be.{full break}

*PCs nod and head out. If Marle is in party, she stays behind for a moment and walks over to Leene, placing an arm on her shoulder.*

{Marle}: It's gonna be okay, Queen Leene. You'll see.{full break}

{Queen Leene}: ...thank you, {Marle}.{full break}

*Marle leaves*

END "A King's Despair"
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