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Endings Dialogue Enhancements (old)
« on: April 14, 2007, 02:09:17 am »
So, as with the previous threads, this is where I will be placing the dialogues of the various endings...those that have dialogue, anyway. So, to begin with, here is the first ending, though with only one variation...others will be added later.

Quote from: Beyond Time!
BEGIN "Beyond Time: The True Ending of Chrono Trigger!"
Epoch Alive, Magus Alive, Fiona's Forest Saved Variation

*scene is black*

{Voice}: {Crono}...{full break}

{Voice}: {Crono}...!{full break}

{Voice}: {Crono}, damn it, wake up!{full break}

*Scene fades in to Crono in bed like the beginning scene, except there is a

soldier there*

{Soldier}: How long are you going to sleep anyway?! Get up!{full break}

*Crono slips out of bed and stares at the soldier*

{Soldier}: Guess what, {Crono}? Your stay of execution has been{line break}
cancelled! Time for your head to fall on the guillotine!{full break}

*Crono is shocked*

{Soldier}: Come with me, {Crono}. NOW.{full break}

*Soldier walks over to Crono, then steps away. Crono slumps into that sad

cuffed hands animation. Soldier walks down the steps with Crono in tow into

the kitchen, where Gina is standing in her shocked animation near the

table, being held back by another soldier*

{Gina}: {Crono}! No, please, leave my son alone! He didn't do{line break}
anything!{full break}

{Soldier}: Your son has been found guilty by law, Miss Gina!{line break}
We must carry out his sentence!{full break}

{Gina}: No! He's innocent! {Crono} would never do anything{line break}
against the law! Please, DON'T KILL MY SON! {CRONO}!{full break}

*Crono looks in Gina's direction, shakes his head, then looks back to the

soldier as they walk out. Shift to them walking into the castle gates of

Guardia castle. They step up the stairs into the throne room, where the

soldier hits Crono in the back so he bows before the King.

Chancellor/Pierre nearby looks on*

*The King stands and steps closer to Crono*

{King Guardia XXXIII}: I have searched long and hard for{line break}
you, {Crono}. {line break}
You have been dragging my daughter around...I want to know{line break}
why.{full break}

*Marle runs in*

(If did not do Rainbow Shell quest)
{Marle}: Father, please stop this!{full break}

(If did the Rainbow shell quest)
{Marle}: Daddy, don't do this, please!{full break}

{Marle}: {Crono} hasn't done anything to me! He's been a{line break}
perfect gentleman!{full break}

{King Guardia XXXIII}: Hmm...{full break}

*King turns to Chancellor/Pierre*

{King Guardia XXXIII}: She says {Crono} has done nothing{line break}
but...{full break}

(If saved Chancellor)
{King Guardia XXXIII}: Do you agree with her, Chancellor?{full break}

{Chancellor}: {Crono}'s deeds have had an enormous impact{line break}
on both Princess Nadia AND the Kingdom, Sire! He is guilty!{full break}

{Marle}: Chancellor, what're you saying?!{full break}

(If did not save chancellor)
{King Guardia XXXIII}: Pierre, do you agree with her?{full break}

{Pierre}: No...{Crono}'s deeds have seriously affected both{line break}
the Princess AND the Kingdom, Sire. He is guilty!{full break}

{Marle}: Pierre, what're you saying?!{full break}

(Either way)

{King Guardia XXXIII}: I see...{full break}

{Marle}: Look, you'll understand if you just give me a chance{line break}
to explain! I've been gone for a good reason! As a matter of{line break}
fact...{full break}

{King Guardia XXXIII}: You saved the future, right?{full break}

{Marle}: ...huh?! How...?{full break}

*That awesome victory music plays. Doan steps into view*

{Doan}: {Crono} and his companions saved us from starvation{line break}
and the bloodthirsty robots of the Future, and taught us the{line break}
meaning of healthy...{full break}

*Guardia XXI steps in*

{King Guardia XXI}: Sir {Crono} and his comrades defeated the{line break}
Maogun and put an end to the Mystic War, allowing peace to{line break}
reign once again in our year of 600 A.F.{full break}

*Elder of Algetty/Last Village walks in*

{Elder}: {Crono}'s friends saved the last remaining village{line break}
after the destruction of Zeal from the evils of Dalton, and{line break}
gave us hope for the future of our world.{full break}

*Kino steps in*

{Kino}: {Crono} beat Reptites! {Crono} save Ioka!{full break}

*Crono and Marle are shocked*

{Marle}: W-what's going on here?! How did everyone...?{full break}

*Lucca steps out from behind the throne and shows off the Gate Key like the

awesome woman she is*

{Marle}: {Lucca}...{line break}
You brought them here, didn't you?{full break}

{Lucca}: Uh-huh!{full break}

{Voice}: Hey, I deserve a little bit of credit too!{full break}

{Marle}: Who's there?{full break}

*Gaspar walks out and tips his hat*

{Gaspar}: It wasn't exactly easy keeping the entire history{line break}
of the planet from falling apart with all of the people{line break}
taken by {Lucca} from their own eras, but I did it!{full break}

{King Guardia XXXIII}: Indeed. Thank you, Guru Gaspar.{full break}

*Gaspar tips his hat again*

{Gaspar}: No trouble, Your Highness. It was the least I could{line break}
do for the Heroes of Time!{full break}

{King Guardia XXXIII}: Nadia...the mission you were burdened{line break}
with...our kinsmen have informed me of everything.{full break}

{Marle}: mean these are all my ancestors and{line break}
descendents?!{full break}

*Everyone except for Marle and Crono nods*

{King Guardia XXXIII}: I am so ashamed, Nadia...peace has made{line break}
me senile and blind to the realities of life...I was so{line break}
worried about myself...{page break}
This is a time not to worry about myself! I must think of the{line break}
Kingdom...and the Planet.{full break}

{Marle}: Father...{full break}

{Marle}: Daddy...{full break}

{King Guardia XXXIII}: Do not worry, Princess...I will trouble{line break}
you about this no longer. Everyone, please come in!{full break}

*Frog, Ayla, Magus, and Robo step in from the stairs and stand next to

Marle and Crono. Lucca joins the seven in the line*

{Magus}: I don't see the point in this...{full break}

{Frog}: Be silent, {Magus}.{full break}

{King Guardia XXXIII}: Now, for the final night of the{line break}
Millennial Fair, the victory parade! We celebrate the{line break}
Heroes of Time who saved the world from Lavos!{full break}

*If we can, insert a clapping sound here*

{King Guardia XXXIII}: Please, enjoy the last night of the fair{line break}
everyone! Enjoy it with all of your might!{full break}

*shift to the Moonlit Millennial Fair, where all seven PCs are in a line

behind Marle, in this order: Crono, Lucca, Robo, Frog, Ayla, Magus*

*The green imp pops up*

{Green Imp}: Now, along with {Crono}, the savior of the future{line break}
and Princess Nadia, we celebrate the Heroes of Time!{page break}
{Lucca}, {Robo}, {Frog}, {Ayla}, {Magus}...we thank you{line break}
all for what you have done for this Planet!{full break}

It's a Moonlight Parade!{full break}

*The seven walk around the square in the line they are, passing by many,

many NPCs cheering them on. When they reach the end of the loop, they all

stop and move into a circle*

{Robo}: Let us join those from our own eras in celebration{line break}
this night.{full break}

*All nod*

{Magus}: ...{full break}

*Magus wanders off towards the blackjack table area. Robo, Ayla, and Frog

all go to the respective groups of people from their own eras. Lucca starts

to walk off, but Marle holds out her hand*

{Marle}: Wait, {Lucca}...stay with {Crono} and me, okay?{full break}

{Lucca}: ...okay.{full break}

*Player can now speak with all of the NPCs. Note: each PC not in the party

will be standing around with a group of NPCs from their eras. Ayla will be

in the area of the Prehistoric Dance, dancing around with Kino and a bunch

of prehistoric NPCs from Ioka and Laruba. Robo will be near Gato with a

bunch of Future NPCs and Doan, who are all shifting their gaze between Gato

and a table with food every four seconds. Frog will be standing with the

Knight Captain, King Guardia XXI, and a bunch of Knights from 600 A.F. near

the Blackjack table, stepping to-and-fro from each other and a table of

food. The Elder of Last Village will be with a bunch of NPCs from Last

Village, a mixture of Zealian and Earthbounders, near Magus, who ignores

Gaspar and Melchior are standing near the area where Melchior had once been

selling weapons at the beginning of the game, chatting it up. Spekkio is

nearby with Norstein Bekkler.*

*NPCs in the main square*

{Elaine}: This is fantastic! I can't believe we've got so many{line break}
people here from all throughout history!{full break}

{Fritz}: Ah...the Princess is so beautiful...{page break}
Ah, ehehe, of course, you're much more beautiful, Elaine!{full break}

{Gina}: {Crono}...I just can't believe saved everyone{line break}
on this entire Planet...the future...the've{line break}
traveled so far...I'm so proud of you...{page break}
*Crono goes into his victory animation*
But I do wish you spent more time at home, can be{line break}
a bit of a problem when the person in charge of the cat is{line break}
gone!{full break}
*Crono falls over in the closest SNES graphics can emulate a face fault.

Lucca and Marle giggle*

(If Lara's legs were not saved)
{Lara}: What a dreamy night...thank you, dear.{full break}

*Lucca approaches Lara* {Lucca}: Mom...{full break}

{Lara}: What is it, honey?{full break}

*Lucca hugs her mother*

{Lucca}: I'm sorry...I tried...I tried so hard...{full break}

{Lara}: It's okay, {LUcca}...that's all in the past.{full break}

{Lucca}: Mom...{full break}

*Lara now repeats her first line here ad inifitum without the whole

sequence starting again*

(If Lara's legs were saved)
{Lara}: Taban, dear, don't just sit around and drink the{line break}
night away! Dance with me!{full break}

*Lucca approaches Lara* {Lucca}: Mom...{full break}

{Lara}: What is it, honey?{full break}

*Lucca hugs her mother*

{Lucca}: Mom...I'm so glad I saved you...{full break}

{Lara}: ...excuse me?{full break}

{Lucca}: It was me...{full break}

{Lara}: You? You turned off the machine?{full break}

*Lucca nods*

{Lara}: I always wondered why it just shut off like that...{page break}
...did something else happen...before, I mean?{full break}

{Lucca}: was awful...y-you lost your legs...but{line break}
now you're okay...{full break}

{Lara}: {Lucca} love me so much you changed the past{line break}
just for me...?{full break}

*Lucca nods again*

{Lara}: ...I'm touched...{Lucca}...{full break}

*Lara now repeats her first line here ad infinitum without the whole

sequence starting up again*

{Taban}: Hot DAMN this sake is fantastic! So much better than{line break}
the normal bar stuff...{full break}

{Taban}: Hey, {Crono}! Have a glass're a bit young{line break}
but you're the Hero today! I'm sure no one'll care!{full break}

*Crono shakes his head*

{Gaspar}: So, what do you think, eh? You've got lots of people{line break}
from all across time here!{full break}

{Marle}: Thanks, Gaspar, for helping {Lucca} pull this off!{full break}

{Gaspar}: Of course! Like I said, it's the least I can do for{line break}
the Heroes of Time.{full break}

{Melchior}: We seem to have reached an era where weapons are{line break}
no longer required...{page break}
My duty as the blacksmith Melchior may be over, but as I look{line break}
upon this starry sky and speak with my old comrades from Zeal{line break}
such things no longer bother me...{full break}

{Spekkio}: Oi, "Heroes!" Looks like you pulled it off! Nice{line break}
job.{full break}

{Lucca}: Couldn't have done it without your help, Spekkio.{full break}

{Spekkio}: I did nothing but unlock your powers. You succeeded{line break}
with your strength of will, heart, and determination.{full break}

{Norstein Bekkler}: Hey, nice job there, everyone! Fun party{line break}
this has turned out to be, isn't it?{full break}

*NPCs in the Prehistoric Dance area
Number: 4 Ioka Villagers, 2 Ioka children; 4 Laruba Villagers, 2 Laruba

children. Equal number of male and female. Lines below are for all of the


{Ioka Villager}: Dance, dance, dance!{full break}

{Laruba Villager}:  Fun, fun, fun!{full break}

{Ioka Child}: Fun party!{full break}

{Laruba Child}: Lots fun dance!{full break}

{Kino}: {Crono}! This good party! Your time fun!{full break}

{Ayla}: {Crono}, fun party! Food, dance, sake, fun!{full break}

{Marle}: Glad to see you're having a good time, {Ayla}.{full break}

{Ayla}: {Ayla} have GREAT TIME! Woohoo!{full break}

*NPCs near Gato: 2 Wretched Men, 2 Wretched Women, and 2 Wretched children.

Both men say same line, as do both women and both children.*

{Wretched Man}: T-this big cat robot's not gonna kill us{line break}
is it?!{full break}

{Lucca}: No, no, no! He's fine! Safe, even! He won't hurt{line break}
you. I built him myself.{full break}

{Wretched Woman}: I don't know what kind of food to eat...{line break}
there's so much of it! It's amazing!{full break}

{Marle}: Eat all you want! There's plenty for everyone!{full break}

{Wretched Child}: This place is happy and fun! I never wanna{line break}
leave!{full break}

{Doan}: {Marle}, {Crono}, {Lucca}...again, we thank you for all{line break}
you've done for us...we have a safe future to return to...{full break}

{Lucca}: ...{full break}

{Robo}: These people from my era...they are so happy now that{line break}
Lavos has been destroyed. It makes me happy as well.{full break}

{Lucca}: ...{Robo}...{full break}

*NPCs close to Magus: 2 Zealians, 2 Earthbounders, and 1 child. As before,

the Zealians both say the same lines, as do the Earthbounders*

{Zealian}: The future of our world is so nice...we must work{line break}
to ensure it comes to pass!{page break}
I just wish we had not been so foolish as to use Lavos in the{line break}
manner we did...had we known he would destroy the world...{full break}

{Marle}: It's couldn't have known.{full break}

{Earthbounder}: So the Elder's descendents will end up as the{line break}
rulers of the world, huh? What an ironic twist to the world...{full break}

{Earthbound Child}: This place is so warm and nice...{full break}

{Elder}: It is good to see that the somewhat bleak-seeming{line break}
future of our world from our own era will turn out so bright.{line break}
Thank you again for saving us from Dalton.{full break}

{Lucca}: It was no trouble, really!{full break}

{Magus}: not speak to me.{full break} *After line, Magus will always

look in the opposite direction*

*NPCs near the Blackjack table: Four Knights, the Knight Captain, and King

Guardia XXI. Knights all say the same line*

{Royal Knight}: Sir {Crono}! Once again, thank you for{line break}
all of your aid!{full break}

{Knight Captain}: It is good to see you once more, Sir {Crono}!{line break}
Your era is quite a lovely is good to see Guardia{line break}
remains well!{full break}

{Marle}: And it will for generations to come! Count on it!{full break}

{King Guardia XXI}: Sir {Crono}, Lady {Lucca}, Lady {Marle...{line break}
I thank you once more for all you have done for my Kingdom.{full break}

{Marle}: Where's Queen Leene?{full break}

{King Guardia XXI}: She could not be here, unfortunately, but{line break}
she sends you her best wishes.{full break}

{Marle}: Send her mine too, okay?{full break}

{King Guardia XXI}: I will.{full break}

{Frog}: Sir {Crono}...your era is lively indeed. Your Kingdom{line break}
certainly knows how to put together a party.{full break}

{Marle}: We sure do, huh?{full break}

*player heads to the telepod area. All PCs are waiting there*

{Lucca}: So...this is...goodbye...{full break}

{Frog}: Each to their own respective eras...{full break}

{Robo}: Lavos is dead...and with his death, the Gates weaken...{full break}

{Lucca}: We've got to say goodbye before the Gate closes.{full break}

{Marle}: ...everyone's leaving...?{full break}

*All Prehistoric NPCs walk into view one by one, wave at the group, and

jump into the Gate. Kino then walks into view and stands next to Ayla*

{Ayla}: {Crono} was strong! {Marle} was strong too! {Ayla}{line break}
had lots fun!{full break}

{Marle}:'re my distant ancestor, so you'd better have{line break}
tough, healthy kids, or I'll be in big trouble, okay?{full break}

{Kino}: worry! {Ayla} VERY strong...hehehe...{full break}

{Marle}: Right!{full break}

{Marle}: Wait...what do you mean by that?{full break}

*Ayla whacks Kino in the head*

{Ayla}: Kino dummy! We go now!{full break}

*Ayla tosses Kino into the Gate, kisses at the group, then goes in herself*

*Royal Knights and Knight Captain walk in one by one, wave, and go into the

Gate. King Guardia XXI walks up and Frog joins him*

{Frog}: They are quite a fiesty bunch, are they not? But, they{line break}
are your ancestors, {Marle}, so you cannot be rid of them.{page break}
Queen Leene awaits us, Your Majesty. Let us return to our{line break}
own era.{full break}

{King Guardia XXI}: Of course...Glenn.{full break}

*Frog is shocked as King Guardia steps into the Gate*

{Marle}: {Frog}...wait a moment, please...{full break}

*Frog stares at Marle*

{Frog}: ...long farewells never were necessary...{full break}

{Marle}: Right...words aren't all there is, huh?{full break}

*Marle kisses Frog on the cheek*

{Lucca}: Hahaha...these things always end with the Princess{line break}
kissing the frog, don't they?{full break}

*Frog looks at them all, croaks a laugh, then steps in*

*12,000 B.G. NPCs walk in the same way as the previous set of NPCs and jump

into the Gate. Elder walks up and stops before entering*

{Elder}: Good-bye, friends...if you are able, please come and{line break}
visit us again.{full break}

*Elder steps in and Magus steps up*

{Marle}: So...are you gonna search for Schala?{full break}

{Magus}: ...{full break}

*Magus flies backwards into the Gate*

*Future NPCs all walk up like the others and step in. Doan stops just like

the Elder*

{Doan}: Thank you again for the hope you have given us all...{full break}

*Doan steps in and Robo steps up*

{Robo}: ...I will miss you, {Lucca}.{full break}

{Marle}: {Lucca}...what's wrong? Aren't you gonna say good-bye{line break}
to {Robo}?{full break}

{Robo}: She has indeed realized the situation...{full break}

{Marle}: Huh?{full break}

{Lucca}: ...{page break}
{Robo} was born in the ruined future...but when we defeated{line break}
Lavos, we changed future history...{page break}
In other words, in the new Future, {Robo}...he might not...{full break}

{Robo}: Do not be silly, {Lucca}! Surely, even in the new{line break}
Future, I will be able to live.{full break}

{Lucca}: {Robo}...damn it, don't pretend you're not sad when{line break}
you are, okay?! It just makes me feel even worse!{full break}

{Robo}: ...{page break}
You have taught me these feelings of sympathy, to truly{line break}
understand human emotions...thank you, {Lucca}.{full break}

{Marle}: Aw, come on, {Lucca}...don't cry! I'm sure {Robo}'ll{line break}
have been born in the new Future!{full break}

{Robo}: Good...bye...{full break}

*Robo walks into the Telepod*

{Robo}: Oh sight sensors have been blurred with{line break}
oil...{full break}

*Robo steps into the Gate*

{Lucca}: {Marle} you remember that talk we had once?{full break}

{Marle}: You mean that one about whether our memories flash{line break}
by before we die?{full break}

{Lucca}: Uh-huh...I get the feeling that the Planet is finally{line break}
at rest now...Earth is at peace.{full break}

{Marle}: I feel that too...{full break}

{Marle}: Man...time travel can be such a burden, huh?{full break}

{Lucca}: Mmm...we should probably dismantle the {Epoch}. Even{line break}
though without it we won't be able to see any of our friends...{full break}

{Gina}: Hey, hey! cat! Get back here this instant!{full break}

*Crono's cat(s) wander in along with Gina.*

{Gina}: Look, {Crono}! Your cat is running away because you{line break}
haven't been feeding her!{full break}

{Gina}: Look, {Crono}, your cats are running away because you{line break}
haven't been feeding them!{full break}

*cats run into the Gate*

{Gina}: No! Come back here!{full break}

*Gina runs into the Gate too, and it closes*

{Marle}: Oh no! OH NO! {Crono}! The Gate won't ever open{line break}
again! What'll we do?!{full break}

*Crono goes into his victory pose as a joke*

{Lucca}: We've got no choice but to chase her down, whereever{line break}
and whenever she went!{full break}

{Marle}: Chase her down...? But the Gate is already...{full break}

{Marle}: {Lucca}, wait, you mean...?{full break}

{Lucca}: We've got a Time Machiiiiiiine!{page break}
Nya hahahaha HAH!{full break}

*A soldier wanders in*

{Soldier}: Princess Nadia, there you are. The King requests{line break}
your presence.{full break}

{Marle}: Huh? I wonder what he wants...{full break}

*player goes to the King*

{King Guardia}: Nadia...I am so happy. You have no reason to{line break}
leave the castle anymore!{full break}

{Marle}:{full break}

{King Guardia}: Nadia...I have a gift for you, to commemorate{line break}
this day...{full break}

{Marle}: Oh?{full break}

{King Guardia}: it not lovely? This is Nadia's Bell.{line break}
It will ring out across the faraway times...{full break}

*Lucca and Crono run down the steps. Lucca stops at the end and looks back*

{Lucca}: {Marle}, come on!{full break}

*Marle follows after them but stops for a moment*

{King Guardia}: Nadia...where did you go? Hey, someone! Could{line break}
someone please give me a hand...?{full break}

{Marle}: Thanks, Daddy, but...{page break}
I can't just sit around all day doing nothing! Sorry!{full break}

*Marle runs off and Taban approaches*

{Taban}: Your Majesty! I made it in time! Should I fire off{line break}
a shot?{full break}

{King Guardia}: Uh, no, Taban...I could use your assitance with{line break}
this, please...{full break}

*Taban ignores him and fires off a shot. Cue Mode 7 Epoch flying around!*

*Ending credits pass by. As the words "The End!" glitter and the song fades out...*

*We cue to the End of Time background without any of the platforms or gates or anything. A black portal suddenly opens up and Schala falls out. She looks in all directions several times, and then blinks her eyes in confusion*

{Schala}: Where...where am I...?{full break}

*Schala looks behind her and goes into a shocking animation as the Lavos scream plays...scene fades out back to "The End!"*

More to be added as work continues.
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