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« on: March 12, 2007, 11:47:35 pm »
Due to the fact that new enemies cannot be added (atleast not yet) we have to replace and reblance some of the existing ones. Actually, ALL monsters will be reblanced stat-wise, but listed here are the major changes to be done. A majority of these monsters can't be made until graphics importing AND A.I. editing become available.

Unused Enemies:
Frog King - need to add storyline as well as monster AI (might as well use this enemy as we can't replace it)
Bull Frog - minion of Frog King need to add AI
Omicrone - used for ??? (replace with something for the sunken dungeon)
Octobino - (Blue Imp riding a Squid) will be used in Sunken Zeal Dungeon
Johnny - (he had AI so I am recoding it to become "" enemies)
Ogre - Will be rebalanced (will have metal hammers) for Denadoro Mts 1000 A.D.

Altered Enemies:
Blue Eaglet (Truce Canyon - Zenan quest) Remade enemy to level 60, moved to Truce Canyon 1000 AD &
Denadoro Mts. 1000 A.D.

Cybot - made into Gato level 50 (need to alter AI so it attacks)
Goon - made into Sphinx level 95 (need to alter AI so they cast Aero/Luminair spells)
Tubster - made into Behemoths level 96 (need to alter AI so they cast Flare and Darkmatter)
Spekkio (Frog version) - alter with Black Cat sprite, make into level ** version
~rebalance the Pink Nu to be level 80

Golem Boss - if not in the Blackbird, AI needs to be very difficult

Lavos - Seeing as Lavos will be level **, the extra Lavos can be used
for an enemy. So I will use it for the Kraken monster. Kraken monster
will be guarding a treasure chest with random gems.

All are Level **
Lavos - 50000 HP

Lavos - 50000 HP
Right/Left Arm - 36000 HP

Right Bit      - 15000 HP
Center Bit   - 30000 HP
Lavos Core - 30000 HP

Cyrus - if you are outside Cyrus's tomb, this boss will be named Dullahan. And
will have about 25,000 HP. The reason for a boss, is because the Masamune II is
going to be much better than before. The Dungeon will also be rearranged and it
will be a museum in the Millennium era after the Masamune upgrades. Sort of like
in Crimson Echos but MY version of a museum.

Lavos Attack Modes:
Dragon Tank - becomes ??? -- recoded to whatever will be fought in Denadaro Mts 1000 A.F.
Heckran - becomes Razorclaw (fought in Valley of the Giants)
Guardian & Bytes - become Calamity
Magus - becomes Deitus recode AI to attack have float, safe, and shell, as well as cast Ultima
Zombor - becomes Lich, casts (shadow element) on you
Masamune - becomes Great Djinn - casts Aero, and Flare
Magus - becomes ???
Nizbel - becomes Trihorn; uses Quake abilities as well as smashing physical attacks
~found in the Mystic Mountains Peak and Valley of Giants areas
Azala - becomes Quezacoatl; uses Aero2, as well as razor wing attacks
Black Tyrano - becomes Crimson Tyrano (highest Tyrano)
Giga Gaia and Hands become OMEGA; has Omega Ray, "Total Obliteration", Ultima

new enemies:
Grandmaster Nu (cleft of Dimensions optinal super boss)
Think Spekkio Nu was hard? That was nothing compared to this!
Casts new spells: ShadowFlare(shadow&fire), Tsunami(water3), Blizzard(ice3), Disintigrate (fire) & Ultima(lightning & shadow) as well as Dreamless!
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Re: Enemies
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2007, 05:39:30 am »
Here's how the levels shall be rebalanced by area.

Area               Level Range (approx.)
----                 -----------
Truce Canyon                   0-3
Guardia Forest               3-5
Manoria Cathedral          5-9
Truce Canyon (Revisit)        9-11
Guardia Forest 1000 A.D.   11-13
Guardia Prison              13-15
Lab 16 Ruins               15-18
Arris Dome                    19-21
Sewer Access               22
Ruined Factory              21-24
Heckran Caverns           24-27
Truce Canyon (Revist)      27-30
Zenan Bridge             30
Cursed Woods           30-31 //notice there is a gap of difficulty here
Denadoro Mts            35-40    ~this is so you *have* to power-level before
Mystic Mts                40-41    ~~fighting Masa & Mune.
Forest Maze              41-42
Reptite's Lair               42-45
Magic Cave             45
Castle Magus            45-50
Dactly's Nest              50-51
Tyrano Lair              51-55
Sewer Access (Revisit)      55-57
Beast's Nest              58
Mt. Woe                  58-61
Ocean Palace            61-64
Blackbird               64
North Cape             64
Death Peak            65-68

Giant's Claw             70
Sunken Desert           70
Genocide Dome         70
Ozzie's Fortress         70
Sun Keep             70

Black Omen            80-99
Lavos                   99

New Areas: (monsters to be made and added later)
Mystic Mountains (Upper area) level 80

Sunken Zeal            82-84

Sealed Pyramid Forest         70

Cleft of Dimensions      92-99

NewGame+ dungeons: (level **)
Valley of the Shadow of Death (cave near the summit of Death Peak)
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