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The... Change Log!
« on: February 09, 2007, 07:23:17 pm »
Changed Locations/Events (custom maps are in blue):

{000} Load Screen
{1B1} Title Screen
{013} Serge's Diary
{119} Custom Title Screen
{0AC} Castle Magus Inner Sanctum

{15F} Dark Ages Portal
{0F4} Dark Ages Portal Exterior (when Magus puts his hood on)
{182} Algetty Entrance
{151} Skyway leading to Enhasa

{161} Land Bridge leading back to Portal
{152} Enhasa Exterior (for the Janus/Gaspar/Lasher cutscene)
{163} Enhasa
{150} Land Bridge leading towards Kajar (expanded to show a crowd)

{162} Skyway leading back to Enhasa
{164} Skyway leading to Kajar

{16A} Blackbird Scaffolding
{165} Kajar
{0A3} Zeal Teleporter Exterior
{191} Zeal Palace
{149} Zeal Palace Regal Hall
{14C} Zeal Palace Zeal Throneroom
{167} Kajar Belthasar's Private Study

{100} Beast's Nest A
{103} Beast's Nest B

{113} Ioka Chief's Hut
{11B} Zeal Palace Dark Wing
{1DC} Ozzie Flashback
{1DD} Janus in Ocean Palace Flashback (borrows the same map as {197}

{11A} Queen Zeal's Bedroom
{188} Mt. Woe A
{189} Mt. Woe B
{18D} Mt. Woe Summit

{10F} Special Purpose Area
{124} Laruba Ruins

{1E1} Cerulean Lake
{1ED} Cerulean Lake Vista
{14B} Zeal Palace Hall of the Mammon Machine

{12D} Tyrano Lair Keep
{194} Ocean Palace Entrance
{195} Ocean Palace Piazza
{196} Ocean Palace Side Rooms
{197} Ocean Palace Breached Corridor
{198} Ocean Palace Breached Save Point
{1D7} Ocean Palace Breached Room

{1D6} Enhasa (set like it is in CT for the ending sequence)
{015} Credits
{0EF} Zeal Palace Zeal Throneroom (ending)
{016} Credits
{0EE} Magus Castle Forest (ending)
{017} Credits
{0ED} Zeal Palace Hallway (ending)
{018} Credits
{16B} Blackbird Left Wing (ending)
{019} Credits
{1D3} Ocean Palace Time Freeze (ending)
{01A} Credits
{17E} Algetty Elder's Grotto (ending)
{01C} Credits
{1AC} North Cape (ending)
{01D} Credits
{1AD} Magus enters a portal (ending)
{01E} Credits
{004} Lucca's Workshop (ending)
{014} Serge's Diary (ending)
{01B} Ending art
{01F} The End
{0D6} Developer's Room

Memory Addresses:

Storyline Counter
=0 Beast's area is absent
=1 Beast's area appears
=2 A light appears at Cerulean Lake (visual clue)

=01 Magus wakes up
=02 Magus arrives in Zeal
=03 Crowd blocks the Kajar Land Bridge
=04 Saw Janus/Gaspar/Lasher cutscene, access granted to the Kajar Land Bridge
=05 Belthasar's Secret Room cutscene
=06 Must fight a Beast
=07 Saw Belthasar at Land Bridge
=08 Killed Beast
=09 Access granted to the Zeal Palace Dark Wing
=0A Ozzie/Janus in OP flashbacks
=0B Zeal and Melchior quarrel
=0C Mt. Woe mission
=0D Schala at Mt. Woe's exit / must go to Cerulean Lake
=0E Hall of the Mammon Machine cutscene
=0F Must meet Dalton in the Mammon Machine hall
=10 Access to the Ocean Palace
=11 Ending sequence...

Bit1 Magus sees Algetty Entrance (optional)
Bit2 Magus enters Enhasa's Skyway
Bit8 Lasher at Beast's Nest Entrance
Bit4 Tyrano & Azala cutscene

Bit1,2,4 if the three bits are set, Janus/Gaspar/Lasher cutscene takes place
Bit8 Magus deduces that the Mammon Machine is close to activation

Bit1 used to fix the Belthasar Skyway bug

Used to control Melchior in Mt. Woe

Climbing in Mt. Woe A

Number of hits Melchior received (3=game over)

"Previous location" placeholder for Mt. Woe screens

Bit 1,2,4 check that you've got the 3 Oboli
Bit 8 return to The End after the Developer's Room

Ending sequence variable

Non-permanent flags for on/off switches
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