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PS2 Game Review
« on: July 11, 2004, 05:48:09 pm »
Yes, PS2, that's why I've recently fallen off the face of the traded my DC for my gf's (surprised? me too) PS2, games included (she likes all the NES & SNES ROMs & such). After a week or so of playing, I've beaten a hefty few of them, and am in a sharing mood. I'm sure people here have played at least one of the games (GTA3). As for the rest...whatever...

Bloodrayne - 8/10

It's a nice enough 3rd person shoot/cut/suck 'em up...That last one is because you play as "Agent" Rayne who's a half human half vamp and you can suck the blood of most of your enemies. The only bad aspects I can think of is that it's fairly easy, fairly short (I got through it in about 8 hours), and it can get boring if you're not into the fighting. You're up against spidery demons, nazis, nazi's w/jet packs, super-nazis, demon controlled nazis, and a few vampires too. If nothing else, it's a good rental game, but if you don't beat it, you're probably going to want to rent it again, or buy it if it really pushes your buttons.

Burnout - 7.5/10

A whacky little racing game to say the least. At first I really hated it, now I see it for the okay game it is. Although the races can get a bit long, the crashes a bit overdone, and the amount of tracks is low...It's still fun enough to play. A few unlockable cars makes it a little better...but not a lot...

Grand Theft Auto III - 8.5/10

Am I the only one that sees the necessity for New Game+ for this game? I got a 50% at about 15 hours at the end...After beating the missions, it does indeed get boring as I was told, but I never used to play for the missions anyways, so I'm fairly glad to have free reign over the cities. Killing, stealing, and sexin' up the prostitutes...Is there a better game?? Probably...But this is fun. I don't remember anything being really hard, but there were a few times when I was like "DUH, what am I stupid? of COURSE I can snipe from over there!" and the like. Good enough...but long enough? I don't think so.

Run Like Hell - 7.5/10

3rd person sci-fi/horror survivor shoot 'em up fun. Although in later parts it gets a little tiresome taking down some enemies (I think it was my fault for not switching weapons often enough), it's a pretty fun game. Lots of weapons, some minor puzzles, and good graphics. Lots of plot elements seem directly stolen from Alien, but what good sci-fi doesn't? Lots more seem original enough though. Your ship is taken over by an alien life-form and you've gotta out-think (no, you don't actually have to think, it's still just a game) it to survive. Downfalls are that it's a bit too easy and the ending is the mother of all cliffhangers...Good length though I think.

Spider-Man - 6.8/10

Like the rest of the Spider-Man games, only w/o an original plot...But that's not why people buy this stuff, is it? Personally, I liked the other games better (Carnage/Ock is one of the best villains ever!). The camera's a little buggy...Air battles are a little tiresome...And again, the unlockables don't seem worthy of more playthroughs...Am I also one of the only ones missing "What if...?" Mode?

The Terminator: Dawn of Fate - 7.3/10

3rd person shoot/beat 'em up (with optional 1st person mode for 'precision targeting...but no moving). The cinematic camera angles are nice to a point...But it often buggers with your movement controls to no end...ever had one of those games where you move from one section pressing left and then have the camera move so that you need to be pressing the other direction? That happens a lot...The controls try to adjust for this, but it just makes it a lot messier...Another bad thing is the save points...There really aren't many...Only between levels can you save. There are various checkpoints throughout, but if you decide to quit and play're going to have to restart the whole level. If you want to unlock everything, you're going to have to be hardcore about it, which I think it a plus, but it also makes some things harder than they should be...Otherwise it's fairly easy...1st person mode doesn't seem to get you Sniper Points though, which sucks...The battle system is a little wierd at first, but enjoyable nonetheless...If you like robots and the Terminator series, you'll definately enjoy this though.

So there ya go! Anyone play these games? Anyone want to comment? Go ahead! Add games of your own or whatever if you want too!

edit: looks like the last save of the Compendium wasn't quite fresh enough, huh?