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Equipment, Shops, & Treasure Chests Plan (Constantly Growing)
« on: August 29, 2006, 07:35:07 pm »
This thread is dedicated to the idea of balancing data related to the progression of equipment and the availability of equipment and items.  The names pertaining to equipment is not so important right now (unless it's something important like the Masamune), since the names will depend on the power and behavior of the equipment.  Enemy data will be significantly impacted, so it's prudent to work out the principles now.

The list will be partial for now and will be developed as I explore more ideas and progress through CE.

Finally, the skillset I offer is listed in my intro.  So for example, if you want me to create a "Slumber" sword (one that can put the target to sleep), I can do that!

The Start
They may be great heroes, but gameplay dictates we restore them as weaklings.  CML will start with rung 1 equipment.

CML can buy equipment upgrades to take their attack and defense up a notch (to rung 2).  Of course, they won't get to use it much before Magus's scenario.

Guardia Castle (1002 AD) has lots of treasure chests with their original (powerful) prizes.  Ideally, I would think these should already be open (or simply removed).

Beast Forest
Magus can start with a rung 3 weapon (something he can use once he joins the party) and rung 2 armor, but that will still result in a massive attack power drop.

Lower left chest: Ether
"Remove" Upper left chest (we'll use it in Zeal Ruins)
Upper right chest: SilverStud.  Also, move it a little higher up and to the right, into the alcove.
Last chest: Magus-specific armor (tier 3)

Note: Beasts are somewhat annoying in that each attack power boost they get is very substantial (damage increases from 10 to 50, and presumably it would increase to 90 after two attacks against it).  This increase of 40 seems to be "fixed," which makes things a bit dangerous if we wanted to make these creatures require 2 hits to kill - if Magus ever misses, he's dead meat.  The alternative would be to compel Magus to use magic (which would one hit kill all enemies), but the guy is going to need lots of Ether to do that, and the stuff isn't cheap (even if it were for sale).  Beasts do drop a lot of GP, but that's already something that disrupts the gameplay balance. -- So, it seems that we are stuck with one hit KOs against the beasts.  [Alternatives: Tweaking Beast's Evade and/or Speed]

Hiding Place
New chest: Ether? *shrugs*

Bottom floor chest: Change VedicBlade to Power Glove (we can make it worth more than +2)?

Back to the Present
Nothing worthwhile comes to mind.

Back to the Future
Too short to matter.

Back to the Present II
Finally, we've got some action.  No need for new equipment yet, though.

Back to the Future II
Enter Robo, with tier 2 armor and weapon.

Melchior can sell Tier 3 *weapons* to CMR, I suppose.

If we make the Tusk Helms male-specific, they'll function decently (see Tata's Shop)

Zeal Ruins?
The first chest seems to be leftover and hence should be empty, removed, or replaced with something like a Magic Scarf (we can make it worth more +2 if desired).

The next two chests can be level 3 armor (female and male).

The next item can be, I dunno, Ether.

602 AD
Enter Frog with level 3 equipment.

More coming...

11998 BC Shop
(add Ether)

Tata's Shop (602 AD)
In addition to standard items, he can/should sell level 3 armor (male and female) and level 3 female helms.

Other Notes
It appears that although characters can be made to equip each other's weapons, certain parts of attack animations and sound effects will still correspond to the those designed for the old character.  As such, Magus is pretty much stuck with the four weapons he has, so they must be awarded sparingly.  Fortunately it seems that Magus is unavailable for much of the game, so this may not bother gameplay too much.
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Re: Equipment, Shops, & Treasure Chests Plan (Constantly Growing)
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