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Dialogue Thread
« on: July 20, 2006, 03:46:49 pm »
We can save much more time by having me write dialogue for the game here rather than having me manually edit the ROM. I will post all the dialogue here as I write it. Anything with a * by it should not be prefaced with a name. Before getting on to the main swing of things, I want to write something down so I don't forget. At some point, King Zeal will be in a confrontation with Magus (final battle or otherwise), and I'd like this exchange to occur:

King Zeal: Do you realize what you're doing?
Magus: ...Patricide...regicide...deicide. Take your pick. The Black Wind is indifferent.

~After the soldiers leave, Kasmir and random Mystic arrive to pick up the discarded Masamune~

KASMIR: That worked better than I imagined.
*A little blood spilled and emotion heightened, and it's ours.
KASMIR: Yes...why attack physically, when one's past is full of flanks? GO on, grab the blade. Let's see the tool that slayed Magus.
*I...can't lift it?
KASMIR: Must be some protective spell. Quickly, box it up. We'll retreat to the caves.

~Meeting the disenfranchised Glenn at the cathedral~

{Marle}: {Glenn}! What's happened?
{Lucca}: Hey, get up!
{Robo}: What is troubling you, {Glenn}?
{Glenn}: not able to fight. I have lost the Masamune, and effected the slaughter of many.
{Marle}: No way!
{Lucca}: I don't believe it!
{Robo}: That is quite a claim.
{Glenn}: Please, leave me alone. I twill take time...
{Member2}: Something just isn't right here...Glenn stopped wimping out two years ago. Let's get to the bottom of this. We need to track down the Masamune. Maybe that Mystics stronghold would be a good place to start...

~Confronting Kasmir~

KASMIR: You crashed my abode. Not an easy task...but the fun ends here.
{Member2}: Who are you, and why do you have the Masamune!?
KASMIR: Me? I am only Kasmir, heir apparent to the Mystic empire, and the balance of power in this world. Knights and holy relics...they disrupt the natural course of history. I am the equalizer.
{Marle}: In your own mind, that is!
{Lucca}: Give me a break.
{Robo}: Strange, as I have no recorded history of your life.
{Member2}: The Masamune has done more for people than you could ever hope to achieve.
KASMIR: Ah, that word, "people". People slay my brothers and take our land. People killed our lord, Magus, and the three Mystic warriors. People are --
{Member2}: Like you've even seen Magus! You just want to cash in on quick power. We, too, are equalizers...we put criminals like you to rest!
KASMIR: Righteous, aren't we? This is interesting, but I'm getting tired. Let us cut to the chase. Draw your weapons.

~After the battle~

KASMIR: Not even the Masamune could help me...
{Member2}: The Masamune is meant to restore life, not end it. Maybe that's your final lesson!
KASMIR: So arrogant...just...wait.
{Marle}: So how could that jerk wield the Masamune?
{Lucca}: It's strange that he was able to hold that sword...
{Robo}: I was only aware of the Masamune's use for good? How did Kasmir wield it?
{Member2}: Wait...I know that feeling! Hey, wake up, you two!
MASA: What? Hey! Is it time to fight! Let's rock! {delay 03}...Uh, whoops.
MUNE: Apologies! Seems we fell asleep.
MASA: Yeah, peace can be bo-ring! Unused blades rust, you know.
MUNE: Masa, put a sock in it. Where's our master, anyway?
{Member2}: He's...a little depressed.
MUNE: That's not fact, I detect some really bad mojo right now...
MASA: Here?
MUNE: Everywhere. Something's out of whack.
{Member2}: Yeah, someone's been screwing with time. That's Belthasar's theory, anyhow.
MASA: Whoa, Belthasar? You taking orders from that crackpot?
MUNE: Watch it, Masa! Anyway, let's move. Take us to {Glenn}.
MASA: Whoosh! We'll see what we can do!

~Glenn restored~

{Marle}: {Glenn}, wake up! We have the Masamune!
{Lucca}: Hey, stop sulking! We've got the sword!
{Robo}: We're returning your sword, {Glenn}.
{Glenn}: You found it. But I still can't wield --
{Member2}: Where have we heard this before...
MUNE: Wait, something's odd. {Glenn}'s aura is really strange.
MASA: Ooh, that's what that shadow is. Thought he was just sunburned.
MUNE: There's a magical presence here, surrounding {Glenn}. Negative energy...Masa, let's bust it up.
MASA: Yeah! Roll out!
{Glenn}: Ugh, I feel sick to my stomach...
MASA: Probably a time released spell. As soon as those Mystics died at the confrontation, magic was released that amplified his emotions. Made him feel sad, you know? Someone walked right in and scooped us up.
{Glenn}: Jeez, you think I'm that heartless...I'm not cruel, you know. Ugh...well, I guess a journey might clear my mind. Where are you guys headed?
{Member3}: Remember? To Chronopoils!
{Glenn}: We're chasing something in time, right? Should be interesting enough. Plus, you guys are nothing without a "genuine hero." Heh...lead on!

~At Chronopolis afterwards...hope we can at least have Schala somewhere in this scene, might be impossible though~

BELTHASAR: This is our first real meeting! Good to see you, {Glenn}!
{Glenn}: Yeah, cool place. Uh, I don't see she okay?
BELTHASAR: Oh, of course! About to birth a very important baby, in fact!
{Glenn}: {delay 03}...{delay 03}Oh. Well, okay. That's nice, I guess...
{Marle}: (Glenn, asking about Ayla? Juicy!)
{Lucca}: (Whoa, Glenn's got a soft spot...)
{Glenn}: (Hey, I like her spirit, okay?)
BELTHASAR: Ahem...Let's move to more pressing matters, shall we? So far, we've established that the agent has caused trouble in the present. However, the temporal monitor has been picking up other anomalies. Either the agent has effected a heretofore unknown ripple effect in time, or...
{Robo}: Do you mean to say a second time bandit exists? Impossible...
BELTHASAR: Not impossible...not if it's being done under the right conditions.
{Lucca}: Meaning?
BELTHASAR: Gates, distortions, Epochs, dispatch chambers -- those are the many ways to gallavant around this planet's history. And it seems I've left my research on one particular avenue of time in Zeal. I need it, and fast.
{Member2}: But Zeal's history!
BELTHASAR: Think fourth-dimensionally, for crying out loud! I can send you straight to 12001 B.C. Around this time, a lot of researchers -- including the Gurus -- were off on an expedition, meaning you'll be free to visit my secret labs without causing too much historical digression.
BELTHASAR: Need a recap? Yes No
BELTHASAR: (if yes) I'm sending you to Zeal one year before it fell to pick up some time travel information at one of my secret laboratories.
{Member2}: Wow, we're going to Zeal...
BELTHASAR: Yes. Shame I can't tag along. We really knew hot to party. Just head to my lab in Kajar, and try to avoid significant interaction. You'll arrive at night; the only threat will be the night patrol, led by Dalton. Just stay out of his way. You don't need to enter Zeal Palace, but I suppose of you wants to visit...
{Magus}: ...
SCHALA: ...You would encounter my brother and I. How see a different version of oneself...
BELTHASAR: I can understand if you'd rather not go.
{Magus}: ...
BELTHASAR: Well, that settles it. I'll insert you near Enhasa. Call me on the KRS when you're done, and the Epoch will remotely arrive while tracking your signal.

(if you talk to him)

BELTHASAR: Step into the chamber!
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Re: Dialogue Thread
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2006, 06:07:14 pm »
~After first King Zeal battle / Memory 16~


{delay 03}...{delay 03}Displaying.{full break}
April 18, 2302 A.D. - DIG COMPLETE

An archaeological dig on the eruption
site of the mysterious being "Lavos"{full break}
was completed today. A handful of
shell samples were taken to the
University of Central Zenan for testing.
At present, scientists postulate that{full break}
these fragments may be, from
preliminary evidence, related to the
mythical mineral "Dreamstone" that
is mentioned in ancient texts. More on{full break}
this exciting revelation tonight.



(Guy by the generator)

This Dragon Tooth is extraordinary. Dreamstone alone is a magnificent mineral, but who could have imagined an enriched forum such as this? Efficiency is topping out.

(Lady talking about chunk)

With power like that, the Dragon Tooth could have infinite uses...

(the other engine people can wait until a couple chapters to have all-new lines)


Ayla: Go! I stay here. Must lead{line break}
people. Come see later, okay?{null}


(guy who says Ayla left)

Ayla come back. No stone.
{delay 03}No hope.{null}


(put this somewhere)

{Glenn}: Something's gone terribly wrong. A{line break}
Mystic envoy was attacked by a bunch of{line break}
raging hicks. Unfortunately, this envoy{line break}
had quite a few magic users in it.{full break}
The Porreans are getting turned to{line break}
shredded wheat. This might even set{line break}
back peace relations with the Mystics to {line break}
pre-war levels. I have to get out there, now!{full break}


GREMLIN: Look, fresh meat!{line break}
Come, brothers! These humans{line break}
lied when they said they gave us peace!{line break}
Let's give them back in pieces!{null}


{Member2}: A tunnel system? What on earth...


GREMLIN: (mutter){line break}
This tunnel system sure is useful.{line break}
So was the timing of that peace envoy.{line break}
We popped right up to stir trouble...{null}

GREMLIN: (mutter){line break}
Yeah, and thanks to Serran's magic,{line break}
only something like the Masamune{line break}
can deal out damage. And {Glenn}'s{full break}
   locked it up.{null}

GREMLIN: (mutter){line break}
Heh...Serran's going to lead the{line break}
Mystics to new glory.{null}


{Glenn}: Weird. I guess Serran{line break}
is leading a faction of Mystic fighters.{line break}
He must have used the envoy conflict as{line break}
an excuse to attack through this tunnel.{null}

{Glenn}: And he knows about the Masamune{line break}
being locked up, which bothers me. Let's see{line break}
if the guest of honor is somehwere in this{line break}
tunnel system, hmm?{null}
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Re: Dialogue Thread
« Reply #2 on: July 20, 2006, 06:46:28 pm »

I heard a weird rumbling to the north.{null}

There's been talk of some elaborate system
of tunnels. I bet those warmongering ones have
something to do with it...{null}

A bunch of people went into that tunnel to
the north and haven't come out.{null}


SERRAN: You crashed my abode. Not an easy task...but the fun ends here.
{Glenn}: You're the cad that started this, I assume?
SERRAN: Me? I am only Serran, heir apparent to the Mystic empire, and the balance of power in this world. Knights and holy relics...they disrupt the natural course of history. I am the equalizer.
{Marle}: In your own mind, that is!
{Lucca}: Give me a break.
{Robo}: Strange, as I have no recorded history of your life.
{Glenn}: The Masamune has done more for people than you could ever hope to achieve.
SERRAN: Ah, that word, "people". People slay my brothers and take our land. People killed our lord, Magus, and the three Mystic warriors. People are --
{Member2}: Like you've even seen Magus! You just want to cash in on quick power. We, too, are equalizers...we put criminals like you to rest!
SERRAN: Righteous, aren't we? This is interesting, but I'm getting tired. Let us cut to the chase. Draw your weapons.


SERRAN: Urgh, I hear some commotion{line break}
outside. This little confrontation may have to{line break}
be postponed. Not like you can hurt me without{line break}
the Masamune, anyway...{null}

IMP: Sir, they are attacking the town!{line break}
Humans from Porre are seeking a{line break}
reprisal for our victory over the band{line break}
that attacked the envoy!{null}

SERRAN: You humans don't know when{line break}
to quit. If you're lucky, I'll be back to{line break}
finish you off.{null}

{Glenn}: Wait! You bastard!{line break}
We'd better get out there. Those Porre{line break}
hicks will be toast like their friends back{line break}
on Zenan!{null}



Roly-roly! I hear something outside!
Are humans coming here?{null}


People came in the forest dwelling
to the south! You'd better defuse the
situation down there!


MAN: Heh! Hey, you guys! Have you{line break}
come to help finish off these rotten{line break}

{Glenn}: ...Shut up. You guys attacked{line break}
that envoy back on Zenan, so you have{line break}
no right to talk. Where is Serran?{null}

MAN: Heh, who? No one here but us!{line break}
Now, are you gonna help us beat these{line break}
guys to a pulp or not? Come on!{line break}
Vanguard soldiers died back there!{null}

OTHER MAN: Yeah! {Glenn}, do you{line break}
want your little organization to get off{line break}
to such a bad start? Plus, these guys{line break}
could be aiding Serran in secret!{null}


MAN: Unbelievable! You guys are traitors!{null}

OTHER MAN: (psst...){line break}
(we uh...probably can't take these guys.){null}

MAN: Oh, hell! We're leaving! Just wait{line break}
until the mainlanders hear about this!{line break}
Guardia PROTECTS Mystics now. Phooey!{null}

IMP: Thank you. Our envoy to honor{line break}
war dead was real, but it looks like the{line break}
aggressive Mystics used the conflict to{line break}
attack on their own terms.{full break}
   I seems some of your{line break}
Vanguard soldiers died.

{Glenn}: Do not apologize. You are{line break}
one of the peace-loving ones. And the{line break}
Vanguard will survive. We can't allow{line break}
Serran to continue disrupting life here.{null}

IMP: No one has seen him...he must{line break}
have fled after retreating from the cave.{line break}
We will keep our eyes peeled...and{line break}
work for peace.

{Glenn}: I need to get something. Meet{line break}
me in the cathedral.{null}


MAN: Have at it, then. We'll teach{line break}
these guys a lesson.{null}

{Glenn}: ...This shouldn't have{line break}
happened. We do not know if they{line break}
were allied with Serran...{line break}
I...have to go away. To where I{full break}
   can think alone for a while.{null}

{Member2}: Where did he go? We{line break}
still have to find him. Even if our{line break}
actions were wrong...{null}


MAN: Typical Guardia reaction.{line break}
Let's finish the job.{null}


{Glenn}: I will help you...maybe a journey{line break}
will clear my thoughts. But after this is over...{line break}
we must put a stop to this insurgency. Let's{line break}
get rolling. I've got the Masamune ready.{null}
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Re: Dialogue Thread
« Reply #3 on: July 20, 2006, 08:22:59 pm »
602 A.D. NPC lines after facing Serran


Take the soldier out and make the girl say "I guess he finally found a fight...{null}"


Take the first guy out who says "we showed him."

Bigots guy:

I heard about the battle. Sad stuff...
And now the Mystics are getting in on it.{null}

Tata's been working guy:

Tata will be old enough to carry a sword
soon. Maybe he'll join that new Vanguard!{null}

Viper family guy:

Well, the Viper family won't be making
a Vanguard of their own any time soon.
Though I have heard that they'll use the
name "Acacia Dragoons" when they do build it.{null}



Hopefully, Tata will raise a family someday.
Maybe he'll even name his kids after our
ancestors. Perhaps great-grandpa Pierre
will have his day once more in name.{null}


I saw a meteor, yes I did!{delay 03}...
Then I woke up.{delay 02}
At least Tata believes me.{null}



I'm having a hard time restraining the
hateful ones of this village from hurting
Mystics. Maybe the Viper clan could keep
them under control.

treasure chests guy:

I saw a really pretty sunset yesterday.

gesture woman:

One of the local boys went out to fight the
Mystics. He hasn't returned...
I never thought he'd be so prejudiced.{null}

tata girl:

Tata brought me flowers from the Denadoro
Mountains! Someday, he's going to attempt
to get the Masamune again!{null}

(if Glenn's in the party)

{Glenn}: Someday.

teen girl:  leave her alone; museum sidequest


Stick marco back in there. Fiona:

How are you? I had a strange dream.
I was in a garden on an island high in
the sky, surrounded by beautiful flowers.
I'm excited just at the thought of such a place!{null}


Heard something about a huge tunnel.
They'd better not run it beneath the forest.
Can't afford to have another Retinite move in...{null}



After what happened yesterday...I'm not going
to let my son in the Vanguard. Too dangerous!{null}



The Vanguards tussled with the Mystics!
But that doesn't faze me one bit! I'm in, baby!

old man:

The really sounds like an excuse
for military buildup. What is {Glenn} doing?{null}

{Glenn}: If you have seen the'll{line break}
know that we need to maintain our ways of honor.{line break}
It's at the heart of this kingdom.{full break}
Hm. Well, just don't go overboard, {Glenn}!{null}

woman earthquake:

We had a significant tremor this morning.{null}

glenn admirer:

To live life as passionately and strongly
as Glenn...what a dream. With people like
him around, this world is in good hands.{null}

{Glenn}: Thanks, but...remember! You{line break}
must have your own strength, too.{full break}

Oh...of course...{Glenn}...I'm



Heh! My new cider sure has a kick in it!
Did I say cider? I mean alcohol!
A-L-C-O-H-O-L! Hard to get used to
saying that after ten years.{null}

replace the vanguard kid with a woman:

Trade is picking up with the Mystics.
They have many exotic ideas about
things. I hope to get some trinkets for
display around the house.{null}

for the masamune bury woman:

{Glenn} has the Masamune! All is well.

for the glenn admirer II:

A woman in the would never
work, but I'd be close to {Glenn}...Hm...{null}

or if Glenn's in the party:

Whoa! I...{Glenn}, how are you?{full break}
{Glenn}: Just fine. Uh...I didn't get your name.{full break}
It''{full break}
{Glenn}: I'll return. You can tell me then!{null}


stronger glenn cyrus woman:

Cyrus is almost a byword of a forgotten
era. He's still venerated...but {Glenn} has
taken center stage.

{Glenn}: Cyrus...there would be no Guardia
without Cyrus.{null}

Robo woman:

I spoke to that {Robo} guy! What a gentle... He's polite.{null}

{Robo}: Thank you.{full break}
Wow, it's you! See?{null}


ELDER: I found Toma the other day and{line break}
forgave him. You see, little steps torwards{line break}
peace like that count. Do a good turn to{line break}
every person.

little girl:

That {Magus}! I read about him some more!
I wonder if he's really got such a bad attitude?{null}

{Glenn}: Little girl, you don't know the half of it.{null}


copy the nun's dialogue whole for this point in the story and add {full break} after it ends. after the full break, write "Soon, the time will come. I must prepare.{null}"


forget the inn and the cookery; dont' really need to change that.

entrance guard 1:

This business about the Mystics has the king
stirred up.{null}

entrance guard 2:

Welcome back, guys.{null}

well fuonded throneroom guy:

The Vanguard took a hit recently from the
scuffle in Dorino. Nonetheless, support runs

set up a defense guy:

A few Guardia soldiers hold the Vanguard in
contempt. Admittedly, the Vanguard seems a
little elitist since veterans have joined.{null}

Queen Leene:

LEENE: Hello, everyone! Things got a little out of{line break}
hand, but with the Vanguard, we're sure to{line break}
keep the peace.{null}

(if glenn is in)

LEENE: {Glenn}, take care on your journey! We'll
be waiting for you.{full break}
{Glenn}: Always, my queen.

king guardia:

GUARDIA: The Mystics were attacked, but{line break}
the insurgency came to get revenge on the{line break}
Porreans. Part of me wants to just let Porre duke{line break}
it out with those Mystic bandits...{null}

(if glenn is in)

GUARDIA: {Glenn}, the Knight-Captain will{line break}
watch the Vanguard while you're gone.{line break}
Good luck, old friend.{full break}
{Glenn}: For the glory of Guardia!{null}


setting up vanguard guy:

The Vanguard ranks are proving impressive.
More and more old veterans are signing up.
It's quickly turning into an elite unit.{null}



BANTA: Just when I was about to get some{line break}
focusing lenses from Medina, this stupid{line break}
conflict broke out. To summarize, Porre sucks.{null}

his wife:

That Banta! He should be more worried about
the baby on the way.{null}


i want to join vangaurd:

A couple Vanguard soldiers died.
I'm having second thoughts...
Wait, that's not the Guardia spirit!{null}

left troop:

Rumor has it an heir to Guardia is on the way.

right troop:

The proposed square has a name now.
It'll be called Leene Square, christened by
the best queen in Guardia's history.{null}

spring is sprung dude:

Toma was in here this morning. He mumbled
about "that damn mountain" and left. It's
sad to see him in a bad mood!{null}


VANGUARD (before fighting serran)

Have two purple soldiers and one teenage squire guy topside.

soldier 1:

I made a notch for each Mystic I killed during
the war. But now, the hilt of this sword will
be used for peace.

soldier 2:

{Glenn} set up the Vanguard recently. He secretly
told me that he wanted an organization outside the
castle to also look after Guardia's legacy and power.
Checks and balances, and all that.{null}


The knights of old are becoming professional
fighting men thanks to the Vanguard. I heard
the Viper clan in Porre might start their own
little organization. Pfft, what creampuffs!{null}

downstairs, put the Knight Captain in gold, one purple soldier and one maid.

Knight Captain

KNIGHT CAPTAIN: I volunteered straightaway{line break}
to serve here. It seems as if one day, the{line break}
defenders of Guardia will be the Vanguard,{line break}
with the castle force simply being security.{null}

purple soldiler:

The Knight Captain has been through much.
He still sort of feels that {Glenn} is better
suited for the job than he.{null}


No matter how strong they claim to be, the
Vanguard need a woman's touch to keep this
little post in order!{null}

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~after Serran Vanguard~~~~~~~~~~

put two purple soldiers topside.


That incident at the plains was horrible.
It wouldn't have been as bad if the
insurgency hadn't jumped out of that
hellspawned tunnel and caught us unready.{null}


Surprisingly, a few people enlisted right
after hearing about the Mystic conflict.
Hope they're here for the right reasons...{null}

downstairs, put the knight captain, one regular big guardia knight (blue and red) and the maid again

KNIGHT CAPTAIN: Serran is a villain to rival{line break}
any other. If not I, then {Glenn} will seal{line break}
his fate.{null}
KNIGHT CAPTAIN: {Glenn}...sorry to boast{line break}
about you openly.{full break}
{Glenn}: Hey, I'm right with you, buddy.{line break}
Serran is toast if there's to be any peace{line break}
in Zenan. Just keep an eye on things.{null}

big guartdia knight:

I've witnessed hordes of the undead
march with spears, singing haunting dirges
with bloody eyes. I've seen Zombor tower
above the bridge, hungry for human flesh.{full break}
And I say to the Mystics...bring it on!{null}


I was hoping the Vanguard would never
have to be put to use. Oh, well...
I guess that's why they're here. To stop
wars, and all...{null}
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Re: Dialogue Thread
« Reply #4 on: July 21, 2006, 03:20:02 am »

Also I took some creative liberty with some of the Belthasar First Real meeting Text:

BELTHASAR: Ahem...Let's move to more
pressing matters, shall we? So far,
we've established that the agent has
caused trouble in the present.{full break}
{Frog}:  Sorry, how do we know this?{full break}
BELTHASAR:  Ah, of course.  Well, {Frog},
someone managed to go back and fix the
dragon tank allowing Porre to attack
Guardia.{full break}
{PC2}:  But we know that was the Porre
Cyborg!{full break}
BELTHASAR:  Perhaps, but we mustn't
jump to conclusions.  The temporal
monitor has been picking up other

I added Frog asking how the agent changed the present and Belthasar answering him.



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Re: Dialogue Thread
« Reply #5 on: July 21, 2006, 10:14:30 am »
Whoa, where in the world did my other post go? I had Chronopolis done all the way to Zeal, with the entire Schala / Magus / Glenn conversation. Guess I'll have to redo that...


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Re: Dialogue Thread
« Reply #6 on: July 21, 2006, 11:47:33 am »
BELTHASAR: This is our first real meeting!{line break}
Good to see you, {Glenn}!{full break}
{Glenn}: Yeah, cool place. Uh, I don't{line break}
see she okay?{full break}
BELTHASAR: Oh, of course! About to{line break}
birth a very important baby, in fact!{full break}
{Glenn}: {delay 03}...{delay 03}Oh. Well, okay. That's nice, I guess...{full break}
{Marle}: (Glenn, asking about Ayla? Juicy!){full break}
{Lucca}: (Whoa, {Glenn}'s got a soft spot...){full break}
{Glenn}: (Hey, I like her spirit, okay?){full break}
BELTHASAR: Well, there's someone else{line break}
in this facility who I'm sure would like to{line break}
see you, {Glenn}. Take a spin downstairs!{null}

{Magus}: Well, if it isn't you...{full break}
{Glenn}: Heh, long time no see.{line break}
You been keeping busy with magic tricks{line break}
and snide remarks? Why aren't you{line break}
with the others?{full break}
{Magus}: Listen, you stupid tadpole. I've{line break}
trying to help Schala recall her memories.{line break}
This is far more important than any diversion{line break}
of your doing.{full break}
{Glenn}: Schala! I don't believe it...{line break}
It is good to see you.{full break}
SCHALA: ...Yes. It has been a while...{line break}
I am slowly starting to remember what{line break}
happened after that fateful day.{full break}
{Glenn}: I've been in that position. Try --{full break}
{Magus}: Ugh, if you don't have anything{line break}
important to say , get out of here.{full break}
SCHALA: Janus! Let him speak!{ful break}
{Magus}: S...sor...{delay 03}{line break}

{Glenn}: Sheesh. I was going to say, try{line break}
remembering basic feelings and sensual{line break}
impressions you suffered while closing your{line break}
eyes. It might do the trick.{full break}
SCHALA: Thank you. I will try it...{full break}
{Magus}: ...{delay 03}{full break}
SCHALA: I remember...mother...she went{line break}
away, and the palace began quaking. But{line break}
after that, all I could see was white light...{line break}
It was cold and dark.{full break}
{Glenn}: Cold light...that's disturbing.{full break}
SCHALA: I was placed in some kind of{line break}
stasis...I could see out, but it was dreamlike.{line break}
A man came and went...with an object.{line break}
It glowed...I think. I powerless...{full break}
{Magus}: Schala...{full break}
{Glenn}: Who was that guy, anyway?{full break}
{Magus}: ...{delay 03}It is not your business.{full break}
{Glenn}: Whoa, to have {Magus} talking like{line break}
that...he must be something special. Something{line break}
that might require a little friendly help, you know?{null}

{Magus}: No.{full break}
{Glenn}: What? Is the great Mystic leader a{line break}
chicken?{full break}
{Magus}: I can turn you into one...{full break}
SCHALA: {Magus}, you should go. They{line break}
will find him one way or the other, and they{line break}
need your help. From what I have seen, you{line break}
are a formidable fighter.{full break}
{Magus}: Schala...I can't leave you!{full break}
SCHALA: The others will look after me{line break}
here. I am safe.{full break}
{Glenn}: Yeah, between Melchior's blades{line break}
and Belthasar's time thingies, no one can{line break}
touch this place, I bet.{full break}
{Magus}: ...{full break}
SCHALA: Go ahead. I'll be right here.{full break}
{Glenn}: Come on. You'll never forgive{line break}
yourself if we find something cool. And{line break}
of course, I won't forgive you, either.{full break}
{Magus}: ...{delay 03}Fine. Just once, perhaps.{null}

ding dong

BELTHASAR: Stay there! I have new info!{line break}
Really important stuff! I'm coming down.{null}

BELTHASAR: Okay! So far, we've established{line break}
that the Porre agent has caused trouble in the{line break}
present.{full break}
{Glenn}:  Sorry, how do we know this?{full break}
BELTHASAR:  Ah, of course.  Well, {Glenn},{line break}
someone managed to go back and fix the Dragon{line break}
Tank, allowing Porre to attack Guardia.{full break}
{PC2}:  But we know that was the Porre agent!{full break}
BELTHASAR:  Perhaps, but we mustn't jump to{line break}
conclusions.  The temporal monitor has been{line break}
picking up other anomalies. Either the agent{line break}
has effected some kind of ripple effect in time, or...{full break}
{Robo}: Do you mean to say a second time{line break}
bandit exists? Impossible...{full break}
BELTHASAR: Not impossible...not if it's{line break}
being done under the right conditions.{full break}
{Lucca}: Meaning?{full break}
BELTHASAR: Gates, distortions, Epochs, dispatch{line break}
chambers -- those are the many ways to gallavant{line break}
around this planet's history. And it seems I've left{line break}
my research on one particular avenue of time in Zeal.{full break}
   I need it, and fast.{full break}
{PC2}: But Zeal's history!
BELTHASAR: Think fourth-dimensionally, for{line break}
crying out loud! I can send you straight to 12001 B.C.{line break}
Around this time, a lot of researchers -- including{line break}
the Gurus -- were off on an expedition, meaning{full break}
you'll be free to visit my secret labs without{line break}
causing too much historical digression.{full break}
BELTHASAR: Need a recap?{line break}
   Yes{line break}

BELTHASAR: I'm sending you to Zeal{line break}
one year before it fell to pick up some time travel{line break}
information at one of my secret laboratories.{null}

{PC2}: Wow, we're going to Zeal...{line break}
BELTHASAR: Yes. Shame I can't tag along.{line break}
We really knew hot to party. Just head to my lab{line break}
in Kajar, and try to avoid significant interaction.{line break}
You'll arrive at night; the only threat will be the{full break}
night patrol, led by Dalton. Just stay out of his{line break}
way. You don't need to enter Zeal Palace, but I{line break}
suppose of you wants to visit...{full break}
{Magus}: ...{full break}
SCHALA: ...You would encounter my brother and{line break}
I fast asleep. How see a{line break}
different version of oneself...{full break}
BELTHASAR: I can understand if you'd rather{line break}
not go.{full break}
{Magus}: ...{full break}
BELTHASAR: Well, that settles it. I'll insert you{line break}
near Enhasa. Call me on the KRS when you're done,{line break}
and the Epoch will remotely arrive while tracking{line break}
your signal. My lab might have a security Nu{full break}
active, but you should be able to dodge it.{line break}
Now, go swiftly!{null}

(if you talk to him)

BELTHASAR: Step into the chamber!{null}
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Re: Dialogue Thread
« Reply #7 on: July 21, 2006, 04:38:14 pm »

just go down in order...if Marle is in, say this, then if lucca is in, she syas, et.c so maximum 3 people speak

{Marle}:'s amazing...{line break}
Beautiful, just as I remembered it.{null}
{Lucca}: This place...{line break}
I forgot how breathtaking it is.{null}
{Robo}: It is eerie to return here.{line break}
Zeal is truly the beginning of time.{null}
{Glenn}: What a vision...{line break}
At night, no less...Zeal is simply unreal.{null}
{Magus}: ...{delay 03}My home...{line break}
We are here...Peaceful night...{null}

{PC2}: It's tempting to dawdle.{line break}
But let's find Belthasar's notes.{line break}
Time could still change.{null}


Woman on the bottom right:

I took flight in my dream last night...
Soaring over the hushed evening air,
feeling the cool breeze upon my face,
I could only become lost in the moment...{null}

Upper right woman:

...{delay 03}
A big thing is happening...
The...Gurus, gone with Kajar to find...

guy next to her:

The Sun Stone is losing its luster.
But if not through it, the dream of Zeal
will soar through another medium of
energy. It is our destiny...Zzz...{null}

girl by wing openinG:

Beyond this doorway is the Dreamer's
Wing of Enhasa. Through magic and
intensive research, dreamers there can
almost live out their imagination...{full break}
Once I achieve lucidity, I will join them.
When one has conquered the land...
the sea...and the sky, where else can
one explore, but the realm of dreams?{null}

guy in upper left

Life has been rough for Queen Zeal
since she lost her husband last year.
She seems to be holding it together,
enchanted with the idea of this new power{full break}
source discovered by the Gurus. Her
sadness has strained the family, sadly.
Janus is more morose than over...{null}

(if glenn is in the party)

{Glenn}: ( gets worse.)

put a scientist in the lower left corner:

Travelers? are not from
the Earthbound dwelling. I am not aware
of any other settlements. Ah well, something
I'll have to research...{full break}
Tragedy befell Zeal recently. A
miraculous power source was discovered,
but somehow, our King Zeal was lost
on the preliminary expedition.{full break}
The Gurus and several scientists are
in the process of studying it right now.
I just don't like the sound of it...
Keeps me up at night.{null}

put a blue dress lady standing overlooking the rail to the right at the bottom right:

What a pleasure it is...To wake
from a dream, only to find a vision
more pleasant than the last. There
differs little between Zeal and dreams...


just darken it a little, change the music to Strong Wind and put a couple guards and one zeal man:

Guard 1:

You don't look familiar...
We're on the lookout for all sorts
since King Zeal bit the bullet...{null}

guard 2:

Our leader, Dalton, is making his
rounds. Stay out of his way if you
don't want trouble!{null}


Travelers? Do you know the origin of Zeal?
We call it such because these few islands
represent the dreams and nobility of man
actualized to reality.



guy in bottom right:

So far, I've heard that we have found
a great store of energy beneath the sea.
To harness this energy, we need a
mighty engine. To build one, we are{line break}
planning PROJECT MAMMON...{delay 03}
The Earthbound think this energy is
one "Lavos", a being spoken of in oral
tradition. Time will tell if Lavos exists.{null}

put a guy in the upper right near books:

I was present at the original discovery.
King Zeal ran off without thing
we observed, a flash of light flooded the
submersible, and he disappeared.{full break}
Was it exposure to raw energy that
vaporized him, or something else?{null}

upper left guy:

True scientists never sleep!{delay 02}
Actually, I slept all day in Enhasa.
I'm about to analyze some samples
from the discovery venture.{null}

in the upper right laboratory, put a guy n ear the table:

I just finished storing some journals
and research books in those shelves.
Wouldn't want any unworthy eyes to
see those!

the riddle nu; we'll use a memory on this one:

Memory 0

STRANGE CREATURE: Hello! You look{line break}
like you need to find the laboratory.{line break}
Well, the wise one has boarded it shut{line break}
here while he's off on the expedition.{null}

ding dong

BELTHASAR: That's right...I closed{line break}
the Kajar laboratory. No matter.{line break}
The notes should be in Enhasa as{line break}

Memory 1

STRANGE CREATURE: So, you need{line break}
access to the Enhasa laboratory? Hm...{line break}
Just to make sure you're the right guys,{line break}
let me give you this riddle.{full break}
I have stared at the darkness.
I have felt the wind of descent.
I have bathed in its fire.
Who am I?{null}

(naming screen; answer is Azala)

   Incorrect! Heh...{null}

   Correct! The way is opened in Enhasa.{null}

(if you talk to him again)

STRANGE CREATURE: Well, go to Enhasa, then!{line break}
Nothing to see here but tired scientists.{null}

bookcases from left to right; can you make little sparklies too so people will know:

Kajar Journal, Vol CLXXI

The discovery trip revealed an immense power
source beneath the sea. A glowing artifact{full break}
was found near, shaped like a Flame. Contact
by King Zeal caused his vaporization.
The expedition withdrew with samples and
returned to Zeal with news of the King's{full break}
death. Queen Zeal grieved, but supported
further research.{null}

Kajar Journal, Vol CLXXII

A second expedition is under way. Gaspar,
Belthasar, and Melchior are all in attendance.{full break}
Messengers confirmed theory of large being
dwelling beneath the ocean floor.
Gaspar has suggested this being
could be "Lavos", an ancient destroyer{full break}
of worlds passed in Earthbound oral
tradition. Melchior suggests that the
artifact would then be the Frozen
Flame, a part of the Lavos legend that{full break}
is rumored to be the source of all
magic. Gurus proceeding with skepticism.{null}

Kajar Journal, Vol. CLXXIII

PROJECT MAMMON has begun. Scientists
are now working to to construct a machine{full break}
capable of absorbing newfound energy.
Work is slow, as it is expected that the
Gurus will have to assist in construction.
Belthasar has suggested that the Frozen{full break}
Flame artifact may be key in extracting
energy. Melchior's initial plans call for
a Dreamstone apparatus controlled by a
single pendant. Belthasar proposes that{full break}
this pendant holder could also apply
magic to the Frozen Flame to coax energy.
Gaspar suggests much discretion to
prevent an accident similar to King Zeal's.{null}

found frozen flame notes:

Found the Frozen Flame notes!{full break}
   "The Frozen Flame seems to be the mythical{line break}
item described by lore. This is immensely{line break}
exciting. Who knows what power it holds?{line break}
Perhaps it can commune with Lavos."{null}


{PC2}: ...This is serious stuff. Nonetheless, it{line break}
is all pretty simple...Belthasar, why did you{line break}
need this, again?{full break}
BELTHASAR: Read a little further!{page break}
I have begun researching its emanations{line break}
and will send output data back to Zeal.{line break}
{line break}0001: 5901 6791 3812 4407{line break}
{line break}0002: 4104 5498 7887 4355{full break}
{PC2}: It goes on for the rest of the document.{full break}
BELTHASAR: Precisely! I'll explain later. Find{line break}
a Chronopolis operative on the land bridge.{line break}
He'll activate the Epoch and take you here.{null}

after the security battle, they stpo again (save the goodbye zeal text for land bridge):

{PC2}: What's that sound?{null}

(start some footsteps, make them louder)

{PC2}: Someone's coming!

(Dalton and two guards enter)

DALTON: Why is this door open? Belthasar{line break}
is a dope, but he's not stupid enough to{line break}
leave his lab open.{full break}
GUARD: Well, stuff's been getting loose{line break}
lately. Maybe an animal triggered the latch.{null}

(start some checks here in this order..only person without something is lucca...after two lines it goes back to a common ending)

GUARD: Those cats of Meldar's escaped{line break}
last night, you know.{full break}
{Marle}: ...m...m...mew?{null}

GUARD: The test frogs are on the loose.{line break}
Got away from the lab last night, in fact.{full break}
{Glenn}: ...(sigh)...{delay 03}{line break}RIBBIT!!{null}

GUARD: Zeal flew through a fairly huge{line break}
flock of birds yesterday. Some may have{line break}
been caught.{full break}
{Robo}: ...(where is it...aha!{line break}
...Pleasant Sounds of Nature. Copyright 1995 A.D.){delay 03}{line break}
Tweet tweet! Chirp!{null}

GUARD: Could be magic byproducts, too.{line break}
Heard they were testing some heavy{line break}
shadow stuff yesterday. Might have{line break}
affected the spell on this place.{full break}
{Magus}: ...(zudi sors imma nis)...{null} (sound effect of dark matter or something)


DALTON: Hmph. Well, take care of it then.{line break}
We'll wait outside.{null}

(he goes over and they knock him out)

{PC2}: Let's scram.


OPERATIVE: Hey, guys! I've been waiting.{line break}
Ready to go back to Chronopolis?{line break}{line break}
Yes{line break}{line break}

and if the story memory is still "being in Zeal"...

{Marle}: Goodbye, Zeal. What a place...{null}
{Lucca}: ...I'll never forget this place.{null}
{Glenn}: It hurts to know the fate of this place.{null}
{Robo}: This has been an experience. Farewell,{line break}
{Magus}: ...Sleep well...{line break}
...Let the past remain buried...{null}


MASA: Hiya! I'm Masa. It's great to{line break}
be alive! I was born really recently.{line break}
Thanks to Mr. Melchior!{line break}
I like the wind.{null}

MUNE: We are beings of dreams.{line break}
Melchior aims for us to embody{line break}
a mighty sword...he has yet to finish{line break}
the blade, however.{null}

stick a random zeal woman in there:

Zeal Palace is mostly abandoned at this hour.
The Queen is gone with the expedition...
I felt a familiar aura a minute ago, but I know
that King Zeal is long dead. Strange...{null}


in order of priority. play these messages as long as the memory is still "going to zeal to get flame notes"

{Magus}: ...There's a light at the end of{line break}
this dark night, Schala. Stay strong...{full break}
SCHALA: ...Zzz...{null}

{Glenn}: ...Schala...{delay 03}{line break}
It's haunting to see her as we knew her...{line break}
She's a mere pawn of her mother...{full break}
SCHALA: ...Zzz...{null}

{Marle}: Miss Schala...{line break}
Even asleep, she's beautiful. She's{line break}
a true princess...{full break}
SCHALA: ...Zzz...{null}

{Robo}: Schala. She is sleeping.{line break}
It is comforting to know that in the end,{line break}
we saved her.{full break}
SCHALA: ...Zzz...{null}


in order of priority. play these messages as long as the memory is still "going to zeal to get flame notes"

{Magus}: ...I am...{delay 03}He is sleeping...{full break}
JANUS: ...father...{full break} (magus kneels)
{Magus}: ...Don't worry. You have much ahead{line break}
of you. Take care of Schala...{line break}
{delay 03}...{null}

{Glenn}: It's Janus. He seems to be disturbed.{line break}
...Wish I could tell him about the future...{line break}{delay 03}
He'd better get some sleep.{null}

{Lucca}: ...It would be difficult in his shoes.{line break}
Even with magic, and the science of Zeal...{line break}
I could almost pity him.{null}

{Robo}: If only he knew the troubles that{line break}
awaited him. But he will survive. If anything...{line break}
Magus is an example of determination.{null}


and this goes after that story memoryu\ passes, since i want you to still be able to visit Zeal

JANUS: ...Come here...{line break}
I see you...Zzz...{line break} are the one...{null}

SCHALA: ...Janus...don't be...{line break}'s cry over...{line break}
Oh, Janus...{null}
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Re: Dialogue Thread
« Reply #8 on: July 21, 2006, 06:17:48 pm »

BELTHASAR: Aha, thanks for the information.{full break}
{PC2}: Belthasar, what was all that business{line break}
about King Zeal? And what is the Frozen Flame?{line break}
We want to know...before we go any further.{full break}
BELTHASAR: Yes, it's time for an explanation.{null}

(black screen)

Long ago, Zeal was founded by magic-using
humans who had located the Sun Stone, a massive
source of energy. But how did humans come
to learn magic?{null}

(frozen flame and dreamstone appear)

From the onset of Zeal, we alwyas knew from
ancient lore that man had been gifted with
magic by contacting a magnificent, red stone.
We assumed this was Dreamstone, and kept{full break}
it in huge supply. Dreamstone conducted
magic well through certain properties, but
it is not the root of magic. You see...magic
is the ability to change the external world{full break}
by manipulating the fundamental forces
of the universe -- light, shadow, fire, and
water. It is just as Spekkio related before.
This ability is biological in nature.{full break}
There is no machinery active when one
of you chants a fire spell and fire appears.
Rather, your mind and body are working
in subtle, magnificent ways to manipulate{full break}
these forces. Dreamstone conducts magic,
but it does not give you the ability itself.{null}

(dreamstone disappears)

That biological ability is evolved, like a
genetic trait. Ayla and the people of prehistory
are pre-magic peoples, and cannot use it.
On the other hand, certain people in Zeal{full break}
have the dominant trait, allowing them to
use magic at will. In the middle are people
like you -- those with a recessive trait who
can nonetheless use magic if it is unlocked{full break}
in some fashion. Spekkio did this for you
on your quest to stop Lavos. You have the
trait. But where did the trait come from? How
did humans evolve to have it? Therein is the rub.{full break}

(on left of Frozen Flame, an Ioka man appears, on right, a Zealian man)

Remember that Lavos wanted life on this
planet to evolve so that he could absorb
our stronger traits into his own genetic code.
Brace for it...{delay 03}Lavos brought us magic!{full break}
But Lavos did not create magic. He merely
gave humans the genetic ability to use it.
Lavos thought that if humans were to have magic,
they would evolve in new and unusual ways,{full break}
and he could reap the DNA and rewards
by observing their evolution. This happened
3 million years ago, roughly. A human found
the Frozen Flame, and through it, Lavos spread{full break}
magic ability to the human genome. In
Zeal, we called it a red rock, and hardly any
scientists had learned its true identity before
our magnificent civilization fell.{null}

(people sprites disappear, lavos final form sprite appears next to flame)

Lavos gave humans magic through the Flame.
We used it to create Zeal, harnessing huge
quantities of power and taking humanity farther
than it had ever dreamed. It was only a{full break}
matter of time before we would find Lavos
once more, and abandon the Sun Stone
to try and use Lavos energy as our power.
This happened one unfortunate day in{full break}
12002 B.C. While surveying the ocean
floor, we detected the energy of Lavos and
found the Frozen Flame. Without warning,
something dire happened, however.{null}

(lavos final form disappears; king zeal appears, moves towards flame, and disappears with a breaking sound)

King Zeal touched the Frozen Flame, and
it seemingly vaporized him in an instant.
We were fazed considerably, but as you
know, we continued with our project and{full break}
soon built the Mammon Machine. We
assumed King Zeal to be dead. Erstwhile,
Queen Zeal went insane, and we activated
the Mammon Machine. To conduct wild{full break}
amounts of energy, we placed the Frozen
Flame in it. But it would not work! The
Frozen Flame remained dormant.{null}

(schala appears and moves to the flame)

Queen Zeal immediately demanded Schala{full break}
touch the Flame and try to activate it; upon
doing so, we learned that it could commune
with Lavos. Schala reported that it was like
speaking with basic, strong emotion, and{full break}
that contact could affect one's well-being.
Regardless, Queen Zeal pushed Schala,
and she spent hours coaxing the nergy from
Lavos. The death of another Zeal man{full break}
confirmed that only Schala could touch
the Frozen Flame. She a manner of
speaking, its Arbiter. But you know the
rest of the story. We built the Ocean{full break}
Palace, and tired of our draining energy,
Lavos surfaced and destroyed the kingdom
of Zeal in a flash. The Frozen Flame lay
dormant for years on the bottom of the{full break}
sea. The progenitors of Guardia found
it eventually, and used it to carve an empire.
But with time, it was lost again, passing
into history as the future came into being.{null}

(frozen flame and schala fade out, King zeal fades in)

But, as we have observed...
King Zeal did not pass into history as we
originally thought. He seems to be alive and
well...and if I am not mistaken, in control of{full break}
the Frozen Flame. I know not how it
happened. Perhaps when King Zeal first
touched the Frozen Flame in 12002 B.C.,
Lavos judged his magical power and strength,{full break}
and tucked him away for future use.
It is clear that the recent temporal
anomalies are his doing. It is unknown how
he found the Frozen Flame, or why he lay{full break}
dormant for so long. But the power of the
Frozen Flame is undeniable. Even if
Lavos is dead, the Frozen Flame will have
immeasurable power stored within it.{full break}
Power that can be applied to travel
through time and accomplish miraculous
feats of magical strength. And of course...
There is the possibility that Lavos lives.{full break}
You defeated Lavos, but Lavos is a
complex being, perhaps capable of cheating
death through temporal guiles. The
thought is frightening, but valid.{full break}

(frozen flame appears next to king zeal)

By taking King Zeal up at that point in time...
Perhaps Lavos meant to make a backup
plan. King Zeal is a mighty magic warrior,
certainly capable of posing a threat to you.{full break}
It is possible that King Zeal is under Lavos's
control via the Frozen Flame, whether knowingly
or unknowingly. His motives are unclear.
Now that Lavos is seemingly defeated,{full break}
this backup plan is released. That is one
theory behind his disruption of time.
If this scenario is true, King Zeal must be
stopped at all costs. He is a top danger.{null}

(fades back in to chronopolis)

{PC2}: This is...inconceivable. You are{line break}
saying that King Zeal is an agent of{line break}
Lavos? And that with the Frozen Flame,{line break}
he can travel through time at will?{full break}
BELTHASAR: Exactly. Capable of finding{line break}
any era and wreaking havoc. And his{line break}
magic power approaches the upper{line break}
limits of human ability.{full break}
{PC2}: How was this allowed to happen?{full break}
BELTHASAR: I could call it{line break}
another unchecked excess of Zeal. I{line break}
built Chronopolis to guard against things{line break}
such as, we must fight.{full break}
{PC2}: Jeez...{full break}
BELTHASAR: What? What's wrong?{full break}
{PC3}: All of this is so sudden. It's like{line break}
we're called right out of our normal lives{line break}
to hurtle through time.{full break}
BELTHASAR: It was sudden before.{line break}
We had little time to prepare, and only{line break}
with the planet's help were we able to{line break}
stop Lavos. Now, it is our turn to safeguard{full break}
   this world's timeline.{full break}
{PC2}: ...{full break}
BELTHASAR: Listen up, everyone!{line break}
Run a full diagnostic with these coordinates{line break}
as they are given to you! We're going to{line break}
search for the signature of the{full break}
   emanations given off by the Frozen Flame!{line break}
Here we go!{null}

BELTHASAR: Please move. It's showtime!{null}

BELTHASAR: I'm entering the coordinates!{line break}
Begin tracking them! Full temporal sweep of{line break}
planet-defined eras and temporal hotspots!{line break}
Focus level 8, with modulation at 64%. Go!{full break}
{PC2}: We're going to find King Zeal!?{full break}
BELTHASAR: You got it!{null}

BELTHASAR: {Robo}, give me an analysis!{full break}
{Robo}: This is quite a lot of data. I will{line break}
require two seconds to process.{null}

{Robo}: Analysis done...{line break}
Active presence in time confirmed!{line break}
93% probability of Frozen Flame's signature!{full break}
BELTHASAR: Whoa, he's out there right{line break}
now? Where is he in time? Coordinates!!{null}

{Robo}: Source reads prehistoric age...{line break}
64999998 B.C. Coordinates 73, 94.{line break}
Curious...that's Lavos ground zero!{line break}
What could he be doing there?{full break}
BELTHASAR: Something vile, at any rate!{line break}
It could be a bid for power. It may have{line break}
something to do with Lavos. But by messing{line break}
up that point in history, everything could change!{full break}
BELTHASAR: Go to the prehistoric era at once!{null}

(if you talk to him)

BELTHASAR: What are you waiting for?{line break}
Get to it! I'll watch from here!{null}

mother brain advice:

MOTHER BRAIN: There are some situations{line break}
in which there is no clear better choice.{line break}
You must have faith in your decision.{null}
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Re: Dialogue Thread
« Reply #9 on: July 21, 2006, 06:41:46 pm »
music for the big explanation

brink of time up until the dreamstone disappears, then confusing melody

when the people appear, use silent light

when the lavos sprite appears, use ocean palace

when schala appears, use her theme

when king zeal fades back in, use confusing melody again

until frozen flame appears next to him once more, then lavos theme

then back to brink of time since thats chronopolis main theme


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Re: Dialogue Thread
« Reply #10 on: July 22, 2006, 11:32:13 pm »
okay for the confrontation, play Confusing Melody until he messes with Ayla, then Lavos's Theme...then the moment you step up to challenge him, play Great Battle (Boss battle 2)

Schala before going to confront King Zeal:

SCHALA: ...{line break}
I do not envy your position at the moment...{null}


KING ZEAL: Keno cino seat nume...{line break}
Neuga ziena, zieber, zom...{null}
{Magus}: ...Can it be?{null}
{PC2}: An incantation! Is it...{null}
KING ZEAL: Lavos...{line break}
Stipendium igni Zeal mors est...{line break}
Igne natura renovatur integra!{null}

and priority in this order:

{Magus}: !!{line break}
It is not even possible! Why is he{line break}
doing this!? Fool! Stand down!{null}
{Marle}: Zeal? Lavos!?{line break}
This sounds really heavy!{null}
{Lucca}: Those words don't sound{line break}
very friendly!{null}
{Glenn}: I've heard this crap before!{line break}
We're in for something!{null}
{Ayla}: Much danger! Planet...{line break}
unhappy! Violent anger!{full break}
{PC2}: {Ayla}!? And there...{line break}
That's the Frozen Flame!{full break}
{PC2}: Belthasar, what's going on?{null}


BELTHASAR: You are correct in your{line break}
assumption! It's the spell used by Magus{line break}
to summon, Lavos, but heavily modified...{line break}
It wouldn't work anyway! Lavos is dead!{full break}
The rest of the incantation...{line break}
Seems to be something Fire related!{line break}
Perhaps even the Atash Kedah...{line break}
The ultimate fire --{null}

screen flashes white and you hear a breaking sound

KING ZEAL: Sorry. That gets on my{line break}
last nerves. So you've come to the{line break} honored guests.{line break}
I knew you'd find your way here.{full break}
KING ZEAL: I've been watching you...{line break}
It is interesting how you cavort across{line break}
time with such free spirits. You may{line break}
have Earthbound bodies, but your{full break}
minds and souls are of Zeal.{full break}


{Robo}: You have been...watching us?{line break}
Have you not also been changing time?{null}
{Magus}: You have done more than{line break}
simply watching us....{null}
{Marle}: You're responsible for a lot{line break}
more than that, you know!{null}
{Glenn}: Ugh...cut to the chase. What{line break}
you mean to say is that you've been{line break}
screwing with us.{null}

KING ZEAL: It is true! I've been{line break}
placing roadblocks in your path,{line break}
and goading you for my own amusement.{line break}
I apologize for any harm. But it is time I{full break}
   got down to business. I am going to kill{line break}
Lavos.{full break}
{PC2}: But Lavos is dead!{full break}
KING ZEAL: Not true. I just returned{line break}
from my home era, where I witnessed{line break}
this tyrant destroy my people.{line break}
I will kill him now, and pre-empt this.{null}


{Robo}: You are mistaken. Even now{line break}
that Lavos is dead, he will still always{line break}
erupt at that point in time.{null}
{Lucca}: ...Wrong. We killed Lavos.{line break}
But the rules of time dictate that he{line break}
will still emerge in 12000 B.C....{null}
{Magus}: Idiot! You have no concept{line break}
of time. Lavos will always appear in{line break}
that time frame to destroy our home...{null}
{Glenn}: Wake up, stupid! Lavos is{line break}
dead, but time stuff still means he'll{line break}
appear in 12000 B.C.! Always!{null}

KING ZEAL: I will not have you lecture{line break}
me on a subject you cannot possibly{line break}
comprehend. You use blunt tools, like{line break}
that Epoch. I use a subtle intelligence.{full break}
   When I summon Lavos upon this spot,{line break}
the very fires of hell will await him.{line break}
The Atash Kedah...the progenitors of{line break}
Zeal accidentally released this firey{full break}
   spell while testing the Sun Stone.{line break}
It set our civilization back hundreds{line break}
of years. But they remembered it...{line break}
The fires are burning in my hands...{full break}
   I will bring Lavos here and unleash{line break}
the full power of the sun upon him.{full break}
{Ayla}: No! Fire too big! Hurt planet!{line break}
Hurt history! Planet kill! Everyone!{line break}

she lashes out


{Glenn}: {Ayla}!! This is...{line break}
unforgivable! I will not lose{line break}
another beloved one!{null}
{Marle}: {Ayla}! You sick{line break}
freak, stop it!{null}
{Lucca}: {Ayla}! You bastard!{null}
{Magus}: ...A holding spell?{null}

KING ZEAL: Quiet yourselves.{line break}
I will not allow interference.{line break}
Regardless of the effect...{line break}
I will burn Lavos to death.{full break}
   This is my second advent...{line break}
My most powerful reign yet...{null}


{Robo}: No...Ayla is correct.{line break}
If a myth is true, such a fireball{line break}
would be adverse to this stage of{line break}
history. Feedback loops would occur.{full break}
   And the Ice Age would become much{line break}
milder. History would be compromised.{null}
{Lucca}: Ayla had something there...{line break}
If the Atash Kedah were released at{line break}
this point in time, it would cause a{line break}
chain reaction, warming the planet...{full break}
   and causing a milder Ice Age. The{line break}
effect on history would be cataclysmic.{null}
{Glenn}: Ayla is right, you know...{line break}
That kind of pure heat blown sky{line break}
high in this era could cause major{line break}
problems down the line. Maybe a{full break}
   hotter Ice Age...who knows what{line break}
the effect would be on the timeline.{null}
{Magus}: The Atash Kedash...{line break}
Unleashing it here would ruin the{line break}
changing climate. The land would{line break}
warm...the Ice Age would still{full break}
   happen, but it would be much{line break}
warmer. Disastrous repercussions...{null}

{PC2}: King Zeal, Lavos is dead.{line break}
We can show you --{full break}
KING ZEAL: I have spoken to Lavos.{line break}
He is a whisper in my black dreams,{line break}
a murmur in the haunting wind{line break}
of the grave. He is very much alive.{full break}
   And I'm going to kill him.{delay 03}{full break}
A caelo usque ad caelo...{line break}
My revenge...{full break}
{PC2}: We've got to stop him! But...{line break}


if you challenge him:

KING ZEAL: You would fight me?{delay 03}{line break}
I have seen the whitest light.{line break}
I have breathed the darkest night.{full break}
   I have touched the hottest fire.{line break}
I have heard the crashing water's desire.{line break}
I have tasted the realm of time.{line break}
I am its master.{null}

everyone gets one of these. ill list them in order of crono marle lucca glenn robo magus.

Spiller of blood and devourer of life...{null}

Tattered princess of crude and stupid realm...{null}

Blind, poor alchemist of a futile trade...{null}

Soulless knight and worthless friend...{null}

Heartless device without passion or love...{null}

{Magus}...{delay 03}
...Cruel...manipulator and villain...{delay 03}
...{delay 02}

KING ZEAL: I will snuff out the{line break}
flicker of your lives, and your{line break}
ashes will be carried to hell by{line break}
the Black Wind...{full break}
   {delay 03}For {delay 03}interfering {delay03}with...{delay 04}us.{line break}
{delay 03}Join me...{null}

if you speak to the flame:

{PC2}: What is this...darkness...{line break}
I feel faint just looking at it...{null}

if you help ayla:

KING ZEAL: Good, cower with her{line break}
in the corner. You probably won't{line break}
survive the fire.{null}

now, this plays in all scenarios when he's ready:

{PC2}: There's no stopping him!{full break}
KING ZEAL: The Frozen Flame...{line break}
Speak to me...{delay 03}{line break}
I see. It will be most amusing...{full break}
KING ZEAL: Now, friends.{line break}
Let us see how you survive in this{line break}
new world he is sculpting...{line break}
Across time...scatter!{full break}
KING ZEAL: Hahaha!{line break}
Now, bring me that bright glow!{line break}
Scorch this planet!{null}
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Re: Dialogue Thread
« Reply #11 on: July 24, 2006, 12:55:38 am »
Ha caught up......*dies*.

just kidding, I did forget to put in the music though, I'll get it later.



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Re: Dialogue Thread
« Reply #12 on: July 25, 2006, 07:24:03 am »
Belthasar's big explanation is quite reminiscent of the big plot dump at Opassa Beach near the end of CC... I guess it's necessary... but I think it will be really hard to grasp at once and to remember for casual players who didn't read the whole Compendium before playing the game.

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Re: Dialogue Thread
« Reply #13 on: July 26, 2006, 01:59:02 am »
I concur. The plot doesn't tie together well, and pays for it at the end with all of these twists and dips. In addition, the game looks like it has flow problems. All of these different scenes with Belthasar begin to run together, and the philosophy of Chronopolis as a base of operations does little to help the feelings of forward progress and leaving old things behind that would help bolster the game's credentials as a would-be epic.

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Re: Dialogue Thread
« Reply #14 on: July 26, 2006, 04:09:09 pm »
Well there's no denying that it is Belthasar heavy.  I really don't know how else to do it though.  We have to have the Frozen Flame be explained.  I had it as "optional books" in Zeal but I agree with Zeality's decision that it can't be optional it's simply far to important to the plot. 

In our defense the REALLY long Belthasar speech here will be almost fun to watch.  It'll show off our fancy new Frozen Flame Sprite and have nice musical transitions.  If your judging solely by reading this thread try playing the game.  It came out nice.

I'll try to hit all your points Lord J.....obviously I'm going to be bias so if I come off as a bit defensive I apologize.

Chronopolis won't be the base of operations for quite a long time while they are in the Reptite timeline.  During this time the pace of the game should slow down dramatically post crucial decision.  The "main" plot will have to go to the sidelines while they escape the reptite timeline and even afterwards while they fix all the trouble King Zeal causes in the individual timelines and even longer if they do sidequests before going to the final dungeon.

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by twists and dips though?  Do you mean having it be King Zeal be the bad guy instead of the Porre Assassain.....or even bigger twist having it be Belthasar who brough King Zeal back?  Or something else?