Author Topic: What Should I be working on?  (Read 596 times)

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What Should I be working on?
« on: June 13, 2006, 11:07:47 am »
Based on everyone's strengths I thought I'd make this little topic:

JP:  I'll be cleaning up what we have and working on Terra Tower until Zeal and Dinopolis get finished

Zeality:  Work on text until were ready to add the Zeality Touch to the game

DDK:  Finish Crimson Echoefying Zeal and then we'll work on getting you some Dinopolis Locations to code

JossiRossi:  Get a Dinopolis Overworld for us and then clean up maps in the map thread

Exodus:  Clean up maps in the map thread

Chrono 99':  Hm.....your to useful to put anywhere specific.  Priority right now is finishing up the Terra Tower sprite and then after that would probably be maps.  But feel free to pull out one of your surprises.

JLukas:  Wait for us to screw up again.....If you get bored help me figure out how they made Black Omen look good in multiple time periods.  I keep having pallette issues.  I'll also probably be asking more questions about the dactyls in 1999 soon.

Chickenlump:  A King Zeal Enemy AI would be most useful.  Honestly he probably works fine except for Hallation makes it blatantly obvious that we just overwrote the queen....replacing that attack would probably suffice but if you wanna use him as a test subject go ahead..  And of course you got 1000 other uses if you feel like doing a cool CL trick (that awesome looking menu/making a great Singing Mountain Vista/etc)

Shinrin:  Once we get some Dinopolis Locations you can help add NPC's and code to them.

CyberSnarkany:  Once I get Zeal, I'll finish coding up to Dinopolis and give you the ROM to beta.

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