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Hats off.
« on: January 11, 2006, 12:04:19 am »
I discovered this site back in.. june or july, something like that. Well, this site was unquestionably the most resourceful, interesting site for chrono trigger I had ever seen. I was starstruck at how many other people shared the same deep feelings I held for this wonderful game (chrono trigger), and for once in a lifetime, I didn't feel like an idiot raving about something none of my other friends or family didn't know about. The amounts of information is mind-boggling to me, and the theories and debates discussed had thoroughly attracted me to this site nearly every day, and sometimes more than twice in the summer. Coming home from work, the first thing into my head was "CC! Can't wait to see what new topics are being discussed!". I may have read 1 full article, which left me feeling like a complete nimrod, and somewhat sad, maybe even hurt, that I didn't understand fully what was being analyzed about something that I enjoy more than anything else. I browsed through the encyclopedia once or twice, but I never had enough time to read through the majority of it's contents, even though I honestly wish I could. I find it ironic that the focus of my favourite video game in the world has hindered my ability to fully indulge in the pleasures of this site and discussion with other fans; time is a bitch.

    I soon started to realize I would never have enough time to even glance at all of the past and present features this site offered to me, let alone the additions it could offer tomorrow. It pains me that this is the case, because in my heart, whether or not I can join in on the technobabble of the time travelling theories and paradoxes approached in the article section, or debate about the marles descendants, I am still Chrono Triggers #1 fan, and always will be. I did not finish the game Chrono Cross, I believe I made it to the inside of Lynx's Mansion or something like that. At that point I was very disgusted with the way the game had progressed so far, even if I may have only been five hours into it, or however far I was, I dont remember. This was not the game I had waited for, and in my mind did not constitute an actual sequel to chrono trigger, which is what I wanted. (Please do not reply to this by bashing me about how good a game it is. I have heard this already and I have heard it is not) I have tried to restart this game three times since then; none of these times did I even make it to lynx's mansion again, due to a lack of interest, and again time.

    I became more and more of a reader than a poster, (I think I might have like 50-75 posts) and eventually I just stopped logging into this site. It has nothing to do with the quality or members -- I simply did not have the time. Being swamped with schoolwork constantly, working a part time job, playing for a basketball team, working an my album with my boy, and hanging out with friends on weekends or at parties took away from my free time consistently. So it has become clear to myself that I am able to visit this site once a month if I am lucky, and that is to only check the updates; mostly in foolish hope of news on CB. I was overwhelmed with joy when I discovered the chrono trigger mixtape. Being an active rap artist myself, I was mesmerized by the idea of incorporating hip hop lyrics (yes, I realize how corny those lyrics were) with chrono trigger scores over a kick and a snare. I'm still waiting for volume two! I notice the symphonic thingy has been released, and I will be sure to stop and graze on that field.

    I guess my main point is if I could stop time, to do all of the things I wanted to do that I just don't have the time to, this site would hold 100% of my interest. I would read every encyclopedia entry to further my knowledge of this game. I would read every forum post there is, and discuss and argue points made or unmade in the threads, and also make my own threads of topics about questions I have that are unanswered. I would read the articles over and over, and annoy the authors until I could finally comprehend what the hell some of them mean. (lol) I can see that there are names I recognize from when I visited regularly who still post on a daily basis. I envy these people completely and I wish I had the time they seemingly own to participate in this site's community.

    To Zeality, Graylensman, and Radical Dreamer (I believe these three run the site?), and to the members whose devotion hasn't wavered from this fantastic experience, my hat goes off. Thank you for developing and maintaining such an exceptional, informative place where one can not only teach, but undoubtedly learn about a game that has changed the way I look at life daily. I will be sure to stop in whenever I can, continue munching on the leaves, and hopefully find time to emerge from my knowledgable cocoon, and transform into a fluttering scholar.

P.S. -- If I ever hear news about Chrono Break, I'll have to drop everything and return as a regular. I hope it has nothing to do with Chrono Cross, but I know that his highly unlikely. If it does, I will make sure I get my ass on chrono cross before te release date and make myself determined to finish that game!

I'll see you all next month probably :)


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Hats off.
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2006, 12:05:48 am »
I guess the site logged me out while I was writing that :)