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Battle of Waterloo
« on: January 13, 2004, 12:17:35 am »
I've been working on a research paper on this topic for the past week. Having used up my Internet resources, I checked out several books having to do with Waterloo or Napoleon from Nye Library at Fort Sill.

Today I began looking at Waterloo: Day of Battle by David Howarth. However, I soon became fixated and read through the entirety of the book.

It was very good.

The book read very much like a novel and follows the personal stories of several people, important and miniscule on both sides of the battle as well as the bigger action of what was happening throughout the battle. The book is organized chronologically and includes a number of maps, illustrations, and paintings.

The book is very fair in its portrayal of both sides and the people involved.   However, it's real power is in how personal and powerful it is, but perhaps that's because Howarth himself was immersed in WW II.

Anyone else particularly fond of military history or history in general?