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Change Log - By jsondag (various changes)
« on: November 15, 2005, 05:53:31 pm »
As stated in a previous post we need to start putting stuff under a Storyline conditional...we can use 7F0050 as our storyline checker
7F0050=0       Before the meeting with Ingrus and Sorin
7F0050=1       Magus's adventure
7F0050=2       After Magus wakes up
7F0050=3       Dalton hurts Elder
7F0050=4       Dalton obtains Silver Streak
7F0050=5       Magus confronts Dalton and loses
7F0050=6       After first Magus cutscene
7F0050=7       After second Magus cutscene
7F0050=8       Belthasar gives tour of Chronopolis
7F0050=9       Team talks about new future in Reactor room
7F0050=A       Almost beat by agent n/a
7F0050=B       Decides to go get Epoch Team visits Porre Camp
7F0050=C       Go to shut off generator Team talks to Montcrief/Go to Zenan Bridge
7F0050=D       Atropos dies Go to Telepod or Medina Gate/Chronopolis attack
7F0050=E/F      Belthasar asks you to go save Magus n/a
7F0050=10       Talked with Magus n/a
7F0050=11       Belthasar's warning once inside Ocean Palace Ruins Return from Ocean Palace Ruins
7F0050=12       Team sees Schala, King Zeal appears n/a
7F0050=13       Magus fights King Zeal n/a
7F0050=14       Belthasar's speech after King Zeal
7F0050=15       Glenn joins
7F0050=16       Go into Mystic Tunnel
7F0050=17       Fight Kasmir
7F0050=18       Side with one of the 3 Vanguard captains
7F0050=19       Return to Chronopolis with Glenn
7F0050=1A       Frog joins party n/a
7F0050=1B       Belthasar tells the Zeal night plan
7F0050=1C       Got Belthasar's notes
7F0050=1D       Rescue Ayla
7F0050=1E       After talking to Ayla
7F0050=1F       Marle arrives in 1 A.D.
7F0050=20       Crucial Decision n/a
7F0050=21       Who's Cedric cutscene
7F0050=22       Show Cedric's Mom in Cathedral n/a
7F0050=23       Cedric Gives Marle the task to find girl

7F0050=24       Cedric Gives Marle the Key
7F0050=25       Marle opens door to TT
7F0050=26       Humanity Dies
7F0050=27       Post CMG waking up
7F0050=28       Talk to Lazaa before contest
7F0050=29       Enter Contest
7F0050=2A       Win Strength Contest
7F0050=2B       Talk with Lazaa
7F0050=2C       Beat Zalaa
7F0050=2D       Finished 3 fight at top of TT
7F0050=2E       Defeat Time Sages

Storyline Points

7F0000=00       Prologue
7F0000=03       Marle wakes up crono and leaves the room
7F0000=04       Crono's mom conversation at bottom of stairs

7F0000=0C       Chapter 1 beginning
7F0000=0D       Go to Beast Forest
7F0000=0E       Go to Dalton's lair

7F0000=10       Chapter 2 beginning
7F0000=11       return to 1002 A.D.
7F0000=12       Chronopolis attack
7F0000=13       Belthasar explains Time Error
7F0000=14       SwitchParty screen
7F0000=15       Time before going to Ocean Palace
7F0000=16       End of Chapter 2

7F0000=27       Chapter 3 beginning
7F0000=28       Party mentions the gas in Ocean Palace
7F0000=29       King Zeal appears
7F0000=2A       Return to Chronopolis
7F0000=2B       Go see Schala in Infirmary
7F0000=2C       Belthasar gives speech about the Masamune's absence

7F0000=2D       Chapter 4 beginning
7F0000=2E       Glenn joins the party
7F0000=2F       Must side with one of the 3 Vanguard captains
7F0000=30       Return to Chronopolis

7F0000=33       Chapter 5 beginning
7F0000=34       Return to Chronopolis
7F0000=35       Frozen Flame/King Zeal explanation

7F0000=3C       Chapter 6 beginning
7F0000=3D       Just after sleeping in the Chronopolis Infirmary
7F0000=3E       Talked to Belthasar in Dispatch Chamber
7F0000=3F       Atash Kedah cutscene

7F0000=49       Chapter 7 beginning
7F0000=4A       Marle Opens Door to TT

7F0000=4E       Chapter 8 beginning (Crono/Magus/Glenn)
7F0000=4F       Reptite Contest Won
7F0000=50       Talked to Alzaa

7F0000=54       Chapter 9 beginning
7F0000=55       Woke up and talked to robots
7F0000=58       Terra Tower Entrance Open
7F0000=5A       Defeated Vision Serpant

7F0000=5D       Chapter 10 beginning
7F0000=5F       King Zeal Ran Away

7F0000=6C       Chapter 11 beginning
7F0000= 6D      Woke up and met cedric
7F0000=6E       Flashed window of cathedral
7F0000= 70      Antaeus Defeated

7F0000=78       Chapter 12 beginning
7F0000=79       Visit Crono/Janus/Glenn in infirmary
7F0000 = 7A     Talk to leader of Central Regime, sent to Rebel Base
7F0000 = 7B     Stop Missiles

7F0000  = 7E     Chapter 13 beginning (set went Central Regime commander congratulates)
7F0000  = 7F     Talk to Glenn he rejoins party
7F0000  = 80     Visit Ayla Frog catching Challenge is made
7F0000  = 81     Finish Frog Catching Challenge
7F0000  = 82     Finish Frog Catching Challenge

7F0000 =  80     Visited Schala learned about reptite
7F0000  = 81     Visited Reptite
7F0000  = 82     Visited Schala after reptite, challenge made
7F0000 =  83     Frog Catching Started
7F0000 =  85     Frog Catching Over
7F0000 =  87      Party Over

7F0000  = 88     Chapter 14 beginning (set when belthsar says his plan)
7F0000  = 89     Ozzie attacks Illusion o Kasmir
7F0000  = 8B     Obtained the Masamune

7F0000  = 8D  Chapter 15 Begins (Set When Crono and gang arrive after Ozzie gets booted) Set when masmamune is dropped off
7F0000  = 8E:  Arrived Back Marle goes in party Talked to Guardia with marle in party
7F0000  = 8F:  Hear somehting upstairs
7F0000  = 90: Set before watching the fall scenes watch scenes
7F0000 =  91:  Set Before watching King Guardia escape kitchen
7F0000  = 92:  Set when King Zeal Kills Guardia
7F0000  = 92:  Talk to Ozzie Get Masamune

7F0000 = 93:  Chapter 16 Begins (Set when you leave Masamune in the wilderness) Set when marle gives power to chancellor
7F0000 = 94:  Visit Forest Ruins in Present find Toma Missing
7F0000 = 95:  Get Toma From the Past
7F0000 = 96:  Past Toma Portals to the present
7F0000 = 97:  Past Toma Portals Finds Ruin door in the present
7F0000 = 98:  Two Tomas cutscene after the Porre Lab

7F0000 = 9F  Chapter 17 Starts (set at Mammon machine scene)
7F0000 = A2  Belthasar Explanation
7F0000 = A5  Party Sleeps

7F0000 = AB Chapter 18 Begins (set at Attack flame in Mammon Machine)

7F0000 = AD PC 1 Started
7F0000 = AE PC 2  Started
7F0000 = AF PC 3 Started

7F0000 = B1 Chapter 19 Begins (Must Be Set at end of Chapter 18 somewhere)
7F0000 = B2 Waitress Tells you about King Zeals Attack

7F0000 = BA:  Chapter 20 Begins (set when you get gaspare from Dream Time
7F0000 = BB:  Gaspar tells you to search for Zeal in 11,998

7F0000 = BD:  Chapter 21 Begins (Set during Dalton Fight)
7F0000 = BF:  Talk to Guru's at Commons
7F0000 = C1:  Talk to Zeal at North Cape
7F0000 = C3:  Talk to Guru's after North Cape (optional)
7F0000 = C5:  Sleep in hut, Frog Speech
7F0000 = C6:  Talk to Guru's at Sargon after sleeping try to activate sun stone

7F0000 = CF:  Chapter 22 Begins

7F0000 = D5:  Chapter 23 Begins
7F0000 = D7:  Kasmir Fight after spell on Magus and Glenn
7F0000 = DA:  Zeal defeated
7F0000 = DC:  Lucca/Crono Talk
7F0000 = DE:  Massacre over

DDK: I had a talk with jsondag on AIM, and we decided this would be the new changelog since he and I are the primary event coders for now. This is so we can both edit the first post to add stuff. The storyline variables and other changes will be kept seperate from each other for slight clarity.

Here's the other stuff from the changelog, in Z's post.


NPC E8 is now an orange soldier from Choras.
NPC E9 is now the Vanguard soldier.
NPC EA is now General Montcrief of Porre.

Rusted Robo Palette is now Frozen Flame palette
NPC 83 Leaves is now frozen Flame

Enemy B3 is Fate nageette enemy
Enemy B4 is Fate Nagaette enemy

Enemy D1 is now Guard Sentry (Antaeus)
Enemy D2 is now Azala
Enemy D3 is now Azala
Enemy D4 is now Kasmir (final fight)

Enemy C2 is kasmir summon 1
Enemy C3 is kasmir summon 2
Enemy C4 is kasmir summon 3
Enemy C5 is kasmir summon 4

Enemy C5 is kasmir Slash Boss

//i'm not sure the below is true....

ENEMY DC is now non-rusted Dragon Tank
ENEMY DD is now non-rusted Dragon Tank Grinder
ENEMY DE is now non-rusted Dragon Tank Head

Note that these are placeholders for when GFX editing becomes feasible.


New Locations

{1D7} Debug Room
{10F} Chapter changes and SwitchParty screens

{176} New Cathedral Back Room
{177} New Cathedral Arboretum
{1BA} New Cathedral Chapel
{1BB} New Cathedral Foyer

{152} Medina Ticket Office
{1C1} Medina Auxillary
{1B4} Fiona's Forest

{015} Guardia Throne Room (code)
{018} Guardia Kitchen (code)
{0A1} Denadoro Mt. 1002
{127} {8F} {F4} Ayla/Glenn/Magus cutscenes

Chapter 1:
{1A8} Last Village Commons (code)
{1AB} Last Village Residence (code)
{1BD} Sargon's House
{0D2} Mist Village

{197} {196} {195} Beast Forest
{143-145} Dalton's Lair
{148} {0B5} {14D} Magus Flashbacks

Chapter 2:
{1C8} Chronopolis Time Dispatch Chamber
{1C9} Chronopolis Basement
{1CA} Chronopolis Elevator
{1CB} Chronopolis Reactor Room
{1DC} Chronopolis Temporal Catch
{0E3} Chronopolis Save Point
{0D0} Chronopolis Infirmary
{0CF} Chronopolis Melchior's Room

{01D} Porre Square
{118} Porre Camp
{0D6} Porre Camp (inside)

Chapter 3:
{19C-19F} Ocean Palace Ruins
{0FE} Belthasar explains TDC mechanism
{1EB} Chronopolis Basement with party members (a different event slot)

Chapter 4:
{1B3} Dark Ages Ferry

{1C2} Vanguard Post 1002
{157} Vanguard Basement 1002
{1BC} Vanguard Patio
{1C3} Vanguard Study

{0CA} Vanguard Post 602
{0C9} Vanguard Basement 602

{02F} Dorino Field
{31} {11B} Mystic Tunnel
{013} {014} {09F} Mystic Den

Chapter 5:
{1ED} Arrival in Zeal
{1BE} Enhasa Dreamer's Wing
{1EE} Optional Janus/Schala flashback
{06C} Belthasar explains King Zeal's story

Chapter 6:
{11B} Survivors' Cave
{188} Singing Mt.
{189} Singing Mt. (inside)
{18A} Singing Mt. (inside)
{18B} Singing Mt. Boss Room
{10E} Used to swap the 3 active characters with the 3 inactive ones
{11A} Dragon Tooth Forest
{133} Lavos Crater (expanded slightly)

Chapter 7:
{F7} Astur Hill Gate
{F5} Astur Hill
{0D2} Human Refuge
{0C6} Manoria Sanctuary (Cedric cutscene)

{0F6} Snaking Forest
{106} {107} Snaking Forest Dead Ends
{12B} Terra Tower Entrance
{12E} Terra Tower 1F
{12C} Terra Tower 2F
{12D} Terra Tower 3F
{12A} Terra Tower Prison
{130} Terra Tower Top Marle
{117} Terra Tower Top Rest

Chapter 8:
{172} Robot Base Guest Room
{171} Robot Base Corridor/Controller Room
{170} Robot Base Rooms
{0F8} Reptite Factory Entrance
{0F9} RF Power Room
{0FA} RF Switch Room
{100} RF Main Hall
{101} RF Treasure Room
{102} RF Superviser Room
{103} RF Assembly
{10B} RF Hall to Superviser
{10C} RF Boss Room
{10D} RF Conveyor Belt Room

Chapter 9:
{0D9} Reptite Contest
{0DA} Reptite Residence
{0DB} Crossroads
{0DC} Reptite Forest Ruins
{17C} {17D} Reptite "Truce" Canyon

Chapter 12:
{048} -- Central Regime (Not in Rom Yet)
{0DD} -- Rebels Roof (Not in Rom Yet)
{0DE} -- Rebels inside (Not in Rom Yet)
{0DF} -- More Rebels inside(Not in Rom Yet)

Chapter 13:
{123} -- Frog Hunting Forest (Not in Rom Yet)

Chapter 14: The Glare of Midnight...
{0B1-0B5, 0AA, 0AB} Kasmir Fortress  (Not in Rom Yet)

Chapter 16: Stop the Porre Lab
{083} -- Porre Lab Entrance  (Not in Rom Yet)
{047} -- Porre Lab               (Not in Rom Yet)

Chapter 18: Born in Sin, Die in Sin
{060} {061}{063}-- Robo's Flame Dungeon (Not in Rom Yet)

Chapter 19:  the DreamTime
{0ED}  - Dream Time Landing area (Not in Rom Yet)
{097}  - Dream Time AReas  (Not in Rom Yet)
{096}  - Dream Time AReas  (Not in Rom Yet)
{094}  - Dream Time AReas  (Not in Rom Yet)

Chapter 20:  Dalton's Last Stand
{0B6} - New Zeal Outside (Not in Rom Yet)
{0C3} - New Zeal Inside   (Not in Rom Yet)
{0C4} - New Zeal Climb    (Not in Rom Yet)
{0C5} - New Zeal Charge Chamber (Not in Rom Yet)

Chapter 23: Where Dreams go to Die
{0AE} Entrance (Not in Rom Yet)
{0AC} Dino Reptite Timeline Room (Not in Rom Yet)
{B0}   Paths Seperate (Not in Rom Yet)
{13A} - {13C}  - Jumbled Timelines (Not in Rom Yet)
{C6} - Red Path (Not in Rom Yet)
{E4} - Blue Path (Not in Rom Yet)
{E5} - Blue Path new event packet (Not in Rom Yet)
{EC} - Teleport to MashUP more red path (Not in Rom Yet)

All Chapters:
{093} {095}: -> Casino, Shooting, Auction House (Not in Rom Yet)

Not used yet:

{07D} Zelda Spoof Map
{083} Cathedral Hallway to Epoch  -- I actually think this is {082}
{0A0} Medina 602
{0D3} Toma Shrine
{119} Hidden Epoch room



81 - DreamTime Landing area
6F - DreamTime Left
6E - DreamTime Top and Ending

80 - Teleport to Mashup, more redpath
7C - Final Dungeon Blue Path rooms
67 - Final Dungeon Red Path rooms
60 - Final Dungeon Paths Split
08 -  Final Dungeon Jumbled Timelines
0B - Mashup of Time 2
5B - Final Dungeon Entrance
5C - Final Dungoen prehistoric

6A - Casino/Shooting Gallery/ Auction House

29 - New zeal Charge Chamber
28 - New Zeal Climb
27 - New Zeal Inside
8B - New Zeal Outside

8E - Dark age ferry
B5 - Robo Flame Dungeon
C - Robo Flame Dungeon
E - Robo Flame Dungeon

9F - Frog Hunting Forest

66 - Porre Lab Entrance
4A - Porre Lab

4B - Central Regime

96 - Future Rebels Main area
7E - Future Rebels Upper Area
77 - Future Rebels Roof

A7- Future Robot locations
9B Terra Tower
9C Terra Tower
9D Terra Tower
3   Terra Tower
7D Robot Factory
85 Robot Factory
86 Robot Factory
7D Robot Factory
51 -right side is Medina Village a la 600 AD
7 is new Porre encampment
78 is now the NorthEast Village of 12000 BC
17 is now the Medina Auxiliary and Medina Station Station.
3B contains the new Cathedral.
48 is now the Porre Square.
5B is the Singing Mountain Summit.
82 contains conference room for the new Cathedral.
AD is the Beast Forest
9 is Zeal/Dalton Dungeon
A8 is Sargon's House/Schala's new room
12 is Chronopolis Time Chamber
9E is Chronopolis Elevator
BA is Singing Mountain outside
BB is Singing Mountain Inside
65 is the hallway to the epoch
98 is the porre encapment
78 is north east village
97-cave villages for 65 MIL
B5-Ocean Palace Ruins
AE-Ocean Palace Ruins
B2-Ocean Palace Ruins
B7-Ocean Palace Ruins
B6-Ocean Palace Ruins
59-San Dorino Plains
38- Mystic Tunnel
5E-Kasmir Fort
25- Kasmir Fort

Mem Addresses - Save changes; used in various chapters

7F0000     Storyline counter
7F0050     Other storyline counter
7F0052     Silver Points (can be used for coliseum later)
7F0054     Treasure chests in Beast Forest: 1/2/4/8/10/1/2/4/8 (corpses to loot in Mystic Den)/ 20(Sargon)/40 (healing square)

7F0056 :  At some point before chapter 9 bit 1 of this has been you know where this could be chrono 99?

7F005A     Museum: 1 (talk to curator)/ 2 (Mag/Cyr)/ 4 (Cyr)/ 8 (gold Coins)/ 10 (get Rocks) / 20 received bowl / 40 gave bowl away to curator/ 80 received reward
7F005B     Used for Mystic Mt. Gate (same as in CT)
7F005C    1 OP door fight / 2 OP save point / 4 Marle reptite received item for helping dad / 8 Speed Tab at holy lake
7F005E     1 (talked to Melchior) /2 (talked to Melchior with Lucca)2 (first time you enter 1002 Vanguard Post)/4 (help Mystics)/8 (help Porre)/10 (help no one)/20 (rescued girl)/40 (rescue spy in TT) / 80 (crashed picnic cutscene)
7F0071     1 (kills the lone Lasher in Dalton's Dungeon)/ 2 and 4 (Porre agent cutscene in Chronopolis)/ 8 Entered Daltons Dungeon first fight / 10 (first trip in Prehistory)/ 20 (talked to Prehistoric guy who mentions Singing Mt.)
7F0072     1 Magus has talked to Last Village Mayor/ 2 Agent cutscene in Porre Camp
7F0072     1 King Guardia dialogue after Zenan Battle (kind of a hack)/ 4 Used to fix an ExploreModeOff bug in Zenan Bridge/ 8 intro scene for Daltons dungeons / 10 Gift from old man
7F0074     Used to remember PC2 when Magus or Glenn replaces the party/ Bit 1 is also used for TDC warp sequences/ Bit 2 for SwitchParty screens/ Bit 4 for SwithParty if you exit 602 in Chapter 4/ Bit 8 for blue Gate warp sequences
7F0075     Used to remember PC3 when Magus or Glenn replaces the party
7F0076     Used to remember PC2 when Glenn replaces the party in Dorino Field/ Also used for Chronopolis Basement replacement
7F00A9     Various things: 1 (Epoch speech)1 (optional cutscene about Gate Key in Lucca's room)/ 2 (600 AD guards)/4 (Glenn speech)/8 (Roget speech)8 (optional cutscene if you return to Dalton's Lair)/10 (Magus and Schala speech)/ 20 (need to get uniforms)/ 40 (optional Glass Rose cutscene)
7F00D3     Tabs: 1 (Porre Ticket Office)/ 2  (fiona's  forest) / 4 (Porre Soldier's Housing) / 8 Masamune beast forest / 10 Robot base / 20 elemental forest / 40 sng mntn kilwala / 80 Lost Woords

7F01CF:       bit 10 = new game+
7F01F0 [7E1BA7 OW]     2 (1002 Vanguard Post appears)/ 4 and 8 (Truce-Medina Ferry)/ 10 (Dark Ages Ferry)/ 80 (1002 Zenan Bridge is blocked)
7F01F1 [7E1BA8 OW]     4 (Chronopolis Epoch Selection Screen)

7F01F4  [7E1BAB OW]    1 turns off happy music for truce if they choose neither/  4 E.oT. Epoch Selection Screen/20 (changes peaceful Medina overworld music to brooding)
7F01F5     40 (Atash Kedah cutscene!)
7F01F7  [7E1BAE OW]    2 (block overworld entrances to Present Denadoro Mts and Dalton's Dungeon)
7F01F8 [7E1BAF OW]     2 Loads New Village in 1 AD set in {0F7}/ 4 Epilogue OW edits /8 and 10 medina choras ferry/20 Guardia has fallen OW
7F01FF [7E1BB6 OW]     1 Makes Kasmir's Fort appear in 605 AD

7F0200     This is the perm memory you use to use the {item} string

Mem Addresses - Save changes; but used in (more or less) only one chapter

7F0068     Kasmir Fortress: 1 (initial talk to Ozzie)/ 2 (initial talk to Kasmir)/ 4 (Ozzie teleport)/ 10 (slash fights)/20 (flea fireball)/ 40 (Slash teleports)/ 80 (Flea teleports)

7F0070     1/2 Cake and Postcard delivery /4 fionas forest night / 8 fionas forest slept / 10 fionas forest talked to get tonic /20 ended delivery sidequest/40 started sidequest
7F00F2     1 Medina Elder's House cutscene
7F00F5     1 Imp battle in the Medina Auxiliary/ 2 talk to evil eldar / 4 talk to mitch in square

7F01F6     1 (shows "?" in the 11999 BC overworld era box)

7F0073     4 (Robo leaves Temporal Catch, appears in TDC room)

7F0077     Used to remember PC1 or PC2 when Glenn replaces the party
7F0058     1 (Diablos talking in Mystic Tunnel)/ 2/4/8 (talked to Renault, Luther, and Roget before decision)/ 10 (used for RenameFrog screen)  / 20 power tab / 40 helped soldier/80 Atropos Met Glenn

7F0059   1/2 items on tunnel enemies / 4 soldier dies in planes only once / 8 Diablos fight in planes only once

7F0064     1 (talk to Nu)1 (used to fix an ExploreMode bug in {169})/ 2 (solved the Nu's riddle)/ 4 (got Belthasar's notes)

7F0040     1/2/4/8 (Drumming puzzle)/ 10 (removes inactive party from Chronopolis) / 20 Saved Ayla during Atash Kedah  / 40 ayla joined
7F0041     1 (Dead Reptite near the lava)

7F0042     Porre Lab:  1 Got in lab / 2 Get pliers / 4 cut power  / 8 Fought super mutant / 10 Deactivated macine / 20 Toma Scene telporting to chronopolis/40 Told Luccia to escape!/ 80 Got NuMote

7F0043 Porre Lab2:  1 cutscene with hutch / 2 shut off monster jail / 4 monster got free/ 8 calkuhula comes to Chronopolis starts/ 10 calkhula comes to chronopolis ends

7F0044 Store what second self destruct was activated on / Frog catching started
7F0045  Minutes till Porre Lab explodes                           / minutes left for frogs

7F0046:  Future Rebels Base 1 Jumped From Rafters/ 2 Deactivate Water Cooling/ 4 Deactivate Backup System / 8 Fight in backup area/ 10 Save Point Fiight / 20 Boss/ 40 stop missiles / 80 One Time Right Side Fight

7F0047:  Used to figure out outcome due to questions

7F0048:  Frog Catching: 1 tree frog/ 2 lake frog /4 trig frog / 8 dance frog / 10 ledge frog/ 20 flower frog/ 40 upper left frog/ 80 lower left frog
7F0049: Frog Catching 1 talk to Kong/ 2 ran out of time/ 4 frog post game scene over / 8 talked to reptite the second time / 10 talked to crono/robo/20 talked to lucca frog/40 talked to marle/mague / 80 ayla introduced

7F0056 :  80 gave jade orb away

7F0056     Treasure chests in Singing Mountain: 1/2/4/8/10/20/40/80

7F0060     Reptite Forest memory /also title screen memory
7F0061    Saves Created
7F0062     Terra Tower: 1 reset (left switch)/ 1 set (right switch)/ 2 (Marle pushed rocks into hole)/ 4 (defeated enemy upstairs for Key)/ 8 (Crono, Glenn, Magus hit their switch)/ 10 got Key/ 20 found marles body/ 40 fought secret enemy
7F0063: Title Screen
7F0066     Robot Factory: 1/2/4/10/20/40 (are all switches)/ 80 (Robot fight)  NOTE: this is also used for porre lab switches

7F0067     1 (RF Boss fought)/ 2 (RF barrel in hole) / 4 Supervisor Fight / 8 Robot Factory Scared programmer fight / 10 empty room fight / 20 helped robot/ received robot prize

7F006A Dalton's Last Stand 1 intro/2 Dalton through door/ 4 Dalton reading / 8 bookcase fight/ 10 6 thrasher/basher fight done / 20 final sorcer fight / 40 Final fight with dalton/80 Zeal leaves gurus
7F006B Future Relbels one time fights:  1 Central computer/  2 metal grate/ 4 top of ladder/ 8 dropping fight

7F0078 Final Dungeon Party 1 PC0  AND Flame Dungeon PC0
7F0079 Final Dungeon Party 1 PC1  AND Flame Dungeon PC1
7F007A Final Dungeon Party 1 PC2 AND Flame Dungeon PC2

7F007B Final Dungeon Party 2 PC0 AND Second Party For Dragon tooth
7F007C Final Dungeon Party 2 PC1 AND Second Party For Dragon tooth
7F007D Final Dungeon Party 2 PC1 AND Second Party For Dragon tooth

7F007E Party 1 X
7F007F Party 1 Y

7F0080 Party 2 X
7F0081 Party 2 Y

7F0082 Location of "Opposite" party

7F0084 bit 1:  Current Party is party 1 / 2: Current Party is party 2/ 4 Set Parties / 8 Old Man following /10 old man crossed bridge / 20 Dual Dungeon Bridge open

7F0086:  The DreamTime: bit 1:  Talked/Fought Speekio/ bit 2 Arrived In Dreamtime / bit 4 Optionally see Gaspar/ bit 8 Get Gaspar / bit 10 Robo and Atropos Optional Scene/ 20 fight base before gaspar once

7F0088 More Kasmir Fortress bit 1:  Ozzie Game over/ bit 2 Teleported up once / 4 Kasmir Slash reveals Porres trap/ 8 Crono Sees Dead Porre/bit 10 Ozzie and Gang Get booted out / 20: Flew Mystic Den cutscene/ 40 Slash MD cutscene/ 80 Ozzie MD cutscene

7F0089:  More Kasmir 1 for Kasmir! fight/ 2 Guardia met magus / 4 renault met magus/ 8 flea met magus/10 slash met magus/20 slash met frog/ 40 Where to place masamune hint

7F008A: Coliseum bit 1:  Easy Dificulty/ 2: Medium Difficulty/ 4: Hard Difficulty/ 8: Fighting Alone

7F008C: Chapter 15 bit 1:  Allowed in meeting/ 2: King Guardia Dead/ 4 Saved Queens Chamber/ 8 Swipe screen kings chamber/10 Chancellor tries to stop Marle from leaving /20 Belth talks to marle about Saving King Guardia (optional scene) / 40 Scene at denandoror when arriving/ 80 received item for saving queens chamber

7F008D: Chapter 15 continued: bit 1: Masa/mune save day / 2 talked to belth once befor emeeting/ 4 guard at front of castle

7F008E:  Chapter 17 1 arrive at Ocean Palace/

7F0090:  Chapter 20 1 Epoch Room opens/ 2 View Epoch CutScene /  4 chapter 23 Entered Final Dungeon/ 8 robo fate cut scene/ 10 watched belth rescue zeal scene/ 20 reacted to belth rescues zeal / 40 belth apologizes

7F0092:  Porre Camp Marle responses  1/2/4

7F0094:  Flame Dungeon Marle 1/2/4/8/10/20/40/80

7F0096: Flame Dungeon Lucca 1/2/4/8/10

7F0098: Flame Dungeon Magus 1/2/4/8

7F009A: Flame Dungeon Frog  1/2/4/8

7F009C: Flame Dungeon Frog  1/2/4/8

7F004A:  Robo Flame Dungeon: 1/ 2 / 4

7F009E: Chapter 7 Memory 1 (intro)/2 (meet cedric)/4 Terra Tower Lock/ 8 received item from spy / 10 first time in terra tower

7F00A0: Chapter 8 Memory   1(intro) / 2 Talked About context / 4 entered contest   / 8 Defeated Lazaa / 10 defeated three fight / 20 Defeated *Za's in top room / 40 spoke to smithy/ 80 First elemental beast defeated

7F00A1 1 second elemental fight /2 final elemental fight/ 4 received elemental Armor / 8 joined cyborg / 10 beat draycannon / 20 received draycannon award /40 do sleeping scene / 80 sleep scene done

7F00A2 Chapter 9 Memory:  1 talked to Robot Leader / 2 opened skull to TT / 4 opened first door at factory / 8 Tab in elemental forest / 10 tab in rebels base

7F00A4 Chapter 10/11 Memory: 1 Crono yelled at belth  /2 Marle got guardia surname / 4 fixes bug with unable to use epoch in chapter 22

7f00A8:  Choras Forest Sidequest

7F00AA:  Frog trains knights sidequest:  1 initial speech/ 2 Met with Danny / 4 met with Samuel / 8 met with tata/ 10 they got knighted

7F00AB:  More Chroas Forest SQ:  1 First random battle/ 2 Boss Battle is over

7f00ac: Data Cube sidequest: 1 talk to dad/2 talk to datacube/4 talk to reptite/ 8 talk to data cube/ 10 talk to belth/ 20 talk to datacube

7F00AE:   Mall Side Quest 1/2/4 feed imp / 8 sidequest started / 10 sidequest ended

7F00B0:   Speekio SideQuest:  1 speekio left/ 2 Kasmir/ 4 BeastForest/8 singing mountain/ 10 holy lake/ 20 it's finished

7F00B2:  Subjucation Sidequest:  1 initial talk to cedric/ 2 saved Cambyses/ 4 killed Cambyses /8 talk with cedric after boat/ 10 quest over / 20 agree to assassinate / 40 assassinated

7F00B4:  Orphanage SQ:  1 Talked to kid at fair / 2 found kid in forest / 4 kid gave lucca item

7F00B6:  Ayla Flame Dungeon 1 intro/ 2 reptite fight/ 4 futuer intro/ 8 reptite truce/ 10 over

7F00B8:  Casino Counter
7F00B9:  High Rollers Counter
7F00BA:  Casino Memory 1 UNUSED destroyed game, used for blackbird to hide items / 2 high rollers room is open / Got Galaxy Ticket

7F00BC: Even MORE for chapter 8 memory:  1 trigger future scene/ 2 future scene done

7F00BE: Developers: 1 dan krispin/ 2 Nightmare / 4 zeality / 8 Cyber / 10 JP

7F0130/7F0131/7F0132/7F0133/7F0134/7F0135  All used by Johnny's Racing Game

7F0152:  used for inns
7F0154:  used for Johnnys Race Game

7F00FF: bit1 bugfix in {172} Robot Base Guest Room / bit2 Vision Serpent bugfix / bit4 Lucca/Robo closed Gate cutscene / bit8 Reptite Smithy bug

7F00FE: used in {10D} Conveyor belt puzzle + also bit1/2/3 Astur Hill chests (Human 1 A.D.)

7F00FD: bit1/2/4/8/10/20 Battles in 1 A.D. Battlefield / bit40 Kilwala in 1 A.D. Battlefield / bit80 Dead Guard Tonic in 1 A.D. Battlefield

7F00FC: bit1/2/4 Cedric vs. Antaeus cutscene

7F00FB bit1/2/4/8 Frozen Flame emanations

7F00FA holds the "real" storyline value during the party split (final dungeon)

7F00F9 ending black screen navigator + used to trigger Gaspar/Crono/Marle scene

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Change Log - By jsondag and DDK (various changes)
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2005, 11:06:48 pm »
Question - Is there a reason this is seperated from the changelog? I know it becomes easier to find, but it also adds a tiny bit to the clutter of the board. This isn't an order to move it or anything, just an honest question.

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Change Log - By jsondag and DDK (various changes)
« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2005, 11:46:53 pm »
I think it would make the Changelog really really cluttered.  That changelog first topic is eventually gunna become huge and were gunna need quick access to the storyline quite a few times when we are doing debugging.



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Re: Change Log - By jsondag and DDK (various changes)
« Reply #3 on: October 17, 2006, 08:27:45 am »
I've updated the changelog with the new stuff.


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Re: Change Log - By jsondag and DDK (various changes)
« Reply #4 on: October 17, 2006, 08:15:57 pm »
This is my new changelog. The old stuff is listed at the bottom.

7F0050=0       before the meeting with porre agents
7F0050=1       Magus's adventure
7F0050=2       After Magus Wakes up
7F0050=3       Dalton kills elder
7f0050=4        Dalton gets to amplifier before Magus
7f0050=5        Magus confronts Dalton, loses, gets rescued
7f0050=6        After first magus cut scene
7f0050=7        after second magus cutscene
7f0050=8        belthasar gives tour of chronopolis
7f0050=9        Team talks about new future
7f0050=A        Talked to Porre base guards; they won't let you in
7F0050=B        Talked to King Guardia; base lets you in
7F0050=C        Talked to the Sergeant
7F0050=D        Talked with Montcrief
7F0050=E        War is declared!


7F0050=F        Rescue Ayla
7F0050=10     After talking to Ayla
7f0050=11     Place DragonTooth in generator
7F0050=12:   After magus senses schala scene
7F0050=13:   Belthasar's warning once inside Ocean Palace Ruins
7F0050=14:   Team sees schala, king Zeal appears
7F0050=15:   Magus Fights King Zeal
7F0050=16   Belthasar's speech after King Zeal
7F0050=17:  Recruit Frog
7F0050=18:  Jump into Tunnel
7F0050=19:  Fight Serran
7F0050=1A:  Make Decision in Mystic Forest
7F0050=1B:  Frog goes to repent
7F0050=1C:  Frog decides to join
7F0050=1D:  Belthasar asks if you're ready to go back to Zeal
7F0050=1E:  They get the Notes
7F0050=1F:  Past the scene finding the flame
7F0050=20:  Crucial Decision
7F0050=21:  Lucca explains who Cedric of Guardia
7F0050=22:  Show Cedric's Mom in Cathedral
7F0050=23:  Cedric Gives Marle the task to find girl
7F0050=24:  Cedric Gives Marle the Key
7F0050=25:  Marle opens door to TT
7F0050=26:  Humanity Dies
7F0050=27:  Post CMG waking up
7F0050=28:  Talk to Lazaa before contest
7F0050=29:  Enter Contest
7F0050=2A:  Win Strength Contest
7F0050=2B:  Talk with Lazaa
7F0050=2C:  Beat Zalaa
7F0050=2D:  Finished 3 fight at top of TT
7F0050=2E:  Defeat Time Sages
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Re: Change Log - By jsondag and DDK (various changes)
« Reply #5 on: May 16, 2007, 05:23:49 am »
I just wanted to say thanks to Chrono 99 for keeping me updated.  That's great news about the Storyline.  IIRC the reason I didn't use it was cause of the free Overworld changes that it gave us by setting it to max.  I assume you probably figured out how to fix those (Magus continent being sunk and Zenan Bridge being built are the two that come to mind). 


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Re: Change Log - By jsondag and DDK (various changes)
« Reply #6 on: June 03, 2007, 02:09:12 pm »
Chrono 99-

The 7F0040 / 7F0041 Memory addresses.  For 40 I only see 1/2/4/8 and for 41 I only see bit 1 is that all that has been used?



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Re: Change Log - By jsondag and DDK (various changes)
« Reply #7 on: June 04, 2007, 08:55:18 am »
Yes, I think. The drumming puzzle ended up using less bits than expected, and 7F0041 is just a random joke to "reward" players for talking to the dead reptite twice and being naughty about him (*push into the lava*). 7F0041 doesn't affect storyline at all, although we could maybe bring it up later and make it affect something, like how the Millennial Fair events affected Crono's Trial in CT.

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Re: Change Log - By jsondag and DDK (various changes)
« Reply #8 on: January 28, 2008, 03:37:41 pm »
In location {0A3} the map is screwed up for map 8E, I'm assuming we are using this map in another location, don't suppose anyone knows what map that is?



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Re: Change Log - By jsondag and DDK (various changes)
« Reply #9 on: January 29, 2008, 07:45:33 am »
Map 8E is used in location {1B3} for the Dark Age Ferry.

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Re: Change Log - By jsondag and DDK (various changes)
« Reply #10 on: February 13, 2008, 10:50:55 pm »
Hey I just wanted to say that {11A} Dragon Tooth Forest I thought you were just showing clips of the forest Maze but when I was moving the change log over into the CE wiki i realized that's a totally redone map, and I have to say it's pretty amazing.

I've moved Chapters 1-6 into the Wiki though I still haven't moved over any memory yet.

Just by glancing you can see that we still have ALOT of free locations, while maps is getting filled up (I haven't brought in some chapters and the change log only showed locations where we edited the map so some things like residents homes aren't accounted for).    So we are definately well on our way of modifying more than a significant chunk of the game.  I don't think there's a map for all FF possible....does anyone know the last map used?

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Re: Change Log - By jsondag and DDK (various changes)
« Reply #11 on: February 18, 2008, 09:37:10 pm »
A reminder for myself:

7D Robot Factory
AD is the Beast Forest
9 is Zeal/Dalton Dungeon
65 is the hallway to the epoch

I have added everything on the changelog for locations and maps to the Crimson Echoes Wiki:

Except for the maps listed above, I'm assuming their location is not specified.  Note that just cause a map doesn't have a link associated with it that does not mean that it is not used (shops/town places for example were not added to the change log but we still use them in CE).  Getting those things will be my next task, Followed by memory, and then maybe text?

I dont know if every map number has a map associated with it but there's definately a lot of map numbers left.


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Re: Change Log - By jsondag and DDK (various changes)
« Reply #12 on: February 19, 2008, 07:37:02 pm »
k, finished adding all the maps/locations here onto the wiki.  Just a quick count and it shows us having...112 maps left,.....even if half those maps we actually are using that's still quite a few maps that we got to play with.


I'm also starting a location by location overview of the maps/locations used and am compling a list of of Unused maps and locations:

So if you do get a sudden need to be creative grab an unused location and an unused Map, update the wiki do your stuff and let me know.

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Re: Change Log - By jsondag and DDK (various changes)
« Reply #13 on: February 23, 2008, 08:20:20 pm »
I finished the wiki Maps/Locations portion of the change log.  I counted 53 maps that we are not using, a majority of those maps are one room maps, there's also some maps that I didn't see at all. 

If for some reason you do want to see my work go ahead and check out these links:

Full list of locations:  (the blue ones are location in crimson echoes)

Full list of maps: (again blue means it's in CE)

Maps not in CE:

locations not in CE:

theres ALOT of locations we haven't used, but the majority of these location in CT were for endings or...well garbage locationns with nothing in them.



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Re: Change Log - By jsondag and DDK (various changes)
« Reply #14 on: June 08, 2008, 06:52:04 pm »
Hey I just wanted to say that {11A} Dragon Tooth Forest I thought you were just showing clips of the forest Maze but when I was moving the change log over into the CE wiki i realized that's a totally redone map, and I have to say it's pretty amazing.

Yeah, I originally tried to make that part playable but I scrapped it (for pace I guess). I still finished the map so that it could possibly be used for the Prehistoric side-quest.