Author Topic: Chrono Trigger HD-2D remake rumors  (Read 4480 times)


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Re: Chrono Trigger HD-2D remake rumors
« Reply #15 on: December 08, 2023, 01:50:53 pm »
I mean at this point, nearing the end of the Switch lifecycle, maybe we're looking at a Switch 2 release. Assuming this project is real that is, which I honestly don't think it is considering Zippo's track record, where's the Kid Icarus Uprising Switch re-release bro?

He's hit and miss. He's certainly talked about some Kid Icarus and Donkey Kong games that never materialized, but he's been right about a bunch of stuff too.

- Said a new 2D Mario game was coming before Wonder was announced.
- Said a new 2D Sonic game was coming before Sonic Superstar was announced.
- Said a Paper Mario Thousand Year Door remake was coming before it was announced.
- Was correct about Persona 3/4/5 coming to Switch

Who knows. I'm not holding my breath, but I can't imagine it will be graphically intensive for any platform unless it ends up being a from-the-ground remake.

It could by multi-platform for current-gen and next-gen.

Correct. The rumor here is that it's an HD-2D styled remake. Every one of those in existence have easily ran on the current Switch. (Octopath Traveler 1+2, Triangle Strategy, Live a Live remake, etc)

What's the consensus on Super Mario RPG's soundtrack revamp? I don't think I kept a single tune from it. Somehow, they completely lost the rockabilly edge of "...And My Name Is Booster" with the choices. Between that and the Sonic Superstars debacle, it kind of leaves me worried, although I guess a CT remake would definitely feature Mitsuda coming back.

I know they brought back the original composer for it, and left the option to use the original soundtrack if desired, so I don't think we'd have anything to worry about if they followed that lead. (Though I don't believe any original staff returned for that one outside of the composer...)
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