Author Topic: 2023 Update! Mathew Valente's Chrono Trigger and Radical Dreamers Restoration!  (Read 2011 times)


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We kick things off with the realization that Mathew Valente (or as you may know him, tssf from the Chrono Trigger Resurrection progress) finished his Synthetic Origins restoration of Chrono Trigger and Radical Dreamers music! Restorations involve tracking down the original high-quality source samples that companies downsized for use in games, with a loss of fidelity. This restoration sounds just incredible. Check out the FF4, FF5, and FF6 restorations too! You can find them all right now right here. The Compendium will keep a backup of these.

Welcome to the 2023 update! We've got a bitter pill to lead this one off, as we've got a new article by me soapboxing about the problems with Chrono Cross's story. This effort was motivated by one last round of Q&A with Masato Kato on Square's Twitter (see links below the jump). If you want to check out the article immediately, hit this mysterious thumbnail!

[INTERVIEWS]  First up is a Chrono Cross remake interview with Hiromichi Sakamoto, Yasunori Mitsuda, and Masato Kato, brought to us by Trig! Check it out here. Though it's mostly about music, Kato confirms that he wrote Radical Dreamers completely as an original story, before declaring that it linked to Chrono Trigger at the end of the process. Which...sigh...  [2]  The much-maligned Kato/Mitsuda Q&A by Square on Twitter had one final update, which further evidenced that Cross's creative team truly did not plan the plot in detail. Brand new problems from this interview include: 1) Kid apparently remembers Serge saving her at the orphanage when they first meet in 1020 A.D., which...of course, hasn't happened yet! 2) The question of how the Masamune came to be corrupted was once again totally dodged; I'm ready to assume there's simply no story for this. 3) It's confirmed that Serge loses his memories of Chrono Cross after it's done, and that Kid is searching for him across timelines, which...he's right there in Arni, in 1020 A.D.! Go look him up!! 4) The Kingdom of Guardia receiving Schala's pendant, despite her being sucked into the DBT from the Ocean Palace, is explained by speculating that Serge, Kid, and other Cross party members visited Zenan early in Marle's life to give her the pendant. Predestination paradoxes galore.

[HACKS]  wakkoswami has released a revision of the original KWhazit translation, building on the prior work by DoctorL and LethargicOwl; check it out here! Thanks to everyone who spent time getting this up to speed as the definitive SNES retranslation.  [2]  The Turkish Chrono Trigger translation project has released another incremental update; they are now on version 0.8. Let's cheer as they get closer to the finish line! Grab this update here[3]  You're well-acquainted with it already, but I still wanted to note that Chrono Trigger Soundtrack Expansion v3.2 finally has the correct accoutrement on the Modification page as written by PowerPanda; grab it here if you haven't already as it's an amazing piece of work!  [4]  In case you prefer listening to your own tunes while playing Chrono Trigger, you can grab the No Music Patch by Readmit and Pseudoarc.  [5]  Last but not least (and long overdue), Reld's fork of Temporal Flux, 3.04 R1, has been made the recommended download on the Modification section for TF as well. Again, if you haven't already, swipe it here.

[PLUGINS and GUIDES]  Mauron has updated Warrior Workshop; grab it here. Mauron also made some fixes to Hi-Tech, the tech editor; grab it here.  [2]  TheMage has written an awesome field map tile editing guide; check it out here[3]  Mauron has made a available a spreadsheet indexing overworld graphic packets across the NA, JP, and Prerelease versions of the game; find it here.

[OCREMIX]  [ 'A Battle across Time' by jnWake, Gamer of the Winds, Ivan Hakštok, Lucas Guimaraes ][ Treasure Beyond Dreams' by AzureKevin ][ 'Tyrano's Stash' by Lucas Guimaraes, Brandon Harnish, Cory Johnson, ImAFutureGuitarHero, ThisIsJayC ][DWELLING OF DUELS][ 'Donkey! Bobonga!' by cacomistle, The Beauty of Grind ][ 'Yet Another Time's Scar Cover' by Cyril the Wolf ][ 'Goodnight, Dear Friends' by valence ][ 'Eh?!' by Triple B Music ][ 'Longing of the Wind' by Nemo, Michelle Dreyband ][ 'Tyrano's Stash' by Lucas Guimaraes, Cory Johnson, ImAFutureGuitarHero, Brandon Harnish, ThisIsJay ][ 'Chicken Sauce' by bjkmenu ][ 'Finding the Frozen Flame' by Ivan Hakštok ][ 'A Battle across Time' by jnWake, Ivan Hakštok, Lucas Guimaraes, GameroftheWinds ][ 'Chronossienne' by EndlessRepeat ][ 'Corridors of Time - Enhasa Theme' by Ian Martyn, TriacFox ][ '書っかでも着けどこ' by Ian Martyn ][ 'Gods? There Are None.' by Lucas Guimaraes ][ 'The Black Wind Howls at the Showdown with Magus' by The Rocket Knights, Travis Snowberger ][ 'The Revolution Will Be Dooted' by donut, lobby ]  [COMPENDIUM]  [ Arni Village Trigger Style by Maguzar ][ Radical Dreamers English Version 2.0 by Maguzar ][RESTORATIONS]  [ Corridors of Time by Jammin' Sam Miller ]

[FAN ART & FICTION]  [ Lucca and Robo by Ema ][ Zeal Ascendancy by KSera ][ Asocksual: Ayla - Frog - Frog 2 ]