Author Topic: Xenogears vs. Chrono Cross, Connections  (Read 1366 times)


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Xenogears vs. Chrono Cross, Connections
« on: November 26, 2021, 02:37:36 am »
Someone already covered this pretty well:

Now that we've got positive proof that Xenogears initially started out as Chrono Trigger 2, what plot conventions were shared or re-used between them?

Philosopher1701 7 years ago#1
Have you ever noticed these similarities between Xenogears and Chrono Cross?

Fei - The Contact, the person who made contact with the Zohar, which is part of the Deus System.
Elly - Part of the "will" of the Wave Existence, created to help free itself from the Deus system.
Wave Existence - A being from a higher universe that is trapped within the Deus system.
Deus - A sentient weapon that contains the Wave Existence and is considered a "god".

Now Chrono Cross:

Serge - The Arbiter, the person who made contact with the Frozen Flame, a piece of Lavos.
Kid - Part of Schala, created to help free herself from the Time Devourer.
Schala - A powerful human who has unwillingly merged with Lavos to become the Time Devourer.
Time Devourer - A fusion of Schala and Lavos that threatens to devour all space-time (god-like).

There are also obvious links between Xenogears and Chrono Trigger, like Lavos and Deus and their "creation" of humanity, the theme of defying fate, etc.

Edit: Even the save points are important to the story. In Xenogears, they are Memory Cubes that were created by Solaris, the country that controls the world. In Chrono Cross, they are Records of Fate that were created by FATE, the computer system that controls El Nido.


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Re: Xenogears vs. Chrono Cross, Connections
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2022, 01:16:39 am »
Hmm I donít understand either story 100% but from what I think they are about:

-The Zohar and Frozen Flame are both powerful objects beyond human comprehension and both are carried in space at some point

-Miang and Harle, are both female and something something DNA and God

-Grahf and Lynx, both are a percentage of the protagonistsí father and both transform into something else. Grahf/Khan, Lynx/Wazuki... the new forms are not human anymore.

-Alice and Leena- both are female characters that are interested in the protagonist met in the beginning starting village, and both do not end with the main character.  Both get neglected really hard in the plot.

-chuchu and Starky- both philosophical mascot goofy little critters from space that can become giants.

-The Elements and 4 Acacia Devas- theres like two generations of them in each game, and there are four of them. First generation of Elements: Jessie, Sigurd, Citan, Ramsus, with a second generation of those Sailor Moon Girls, and then for Cross, we get Viper, Garai, Radius, and Zappa, with a second generation of Karsh, ZOAH, Dario, and Marcy.  We also get a Fifth person in the second generation who have potential to be part of them but just aren't (Elly and Glenn).

-Zeboim ruins and Chronopolis- Something something Science gone wrong

-Gazel Ministry and Mother Brain- Super computers... not from the current area, like the Gazel Ministry is up in space while Mother Brain is in the future.

-Both are about the mind, the unconscious in Xenogears and dreams in Chrono Cross

-Both games have cutscenes where the main character gets butt naked!

-Xenogears is a convoluted epic story about a love that transcends time and reincarnated lives, while Chrono Cross is also a convoluted epic story about a love that transcends parallel worlds ..

(-Not really a plot thing, but both games have Chapter titles as well as two other party members following behind)

Idk ill probably add more if I think about it more, and i really want people to clarify and correct me and stuff!
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Re: Xenogears vs. Chrono Cross, Connections
« Reply #2 on: April 25, 2022, 05:42:04 pm »
There's a bit in Radical Dreamers where Kid and Serge can chose to eat from a pot they find in the kitchen. Magil declines, and shortly thereafter, it's revealed that there's an unsavory ingredient in the food.

Not a major connection, but it was still interesting to see the theme appear in Kato's earlier work before getting further elaborated on in Xenogears.