Author Topic: The article introducing CT to Brazil in 1995  (Read 1165 times)


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The article introducing CT to Brazil in 1995
« on: November 22, 2021, 12:31:13 am »
Another lurker sent this in via e-mail:


"Crono Trigger" is the most praised RPG in video games history.  It leads the Top-50 lists from American specialized magazines.  It's breaking all retails and rental records. In short, it is mind-blowing gamers around the world.

This the story:  Crono, the hero, goes back in time to hunt Lavos, a villain who plans to kill every terrestrial life form.  His mission is to prevent the douche-bag from fulfilling his plan.

Our hero is not alone on this adventure.  He's aided by an inventor, a frog (?!), a neanderthal woman, a little robot and a princess.

The game features nothing less than ten different endings.  Developed by Square, the same company that developed "Final fantasy" and "Secret of Mana" - two spine-tingling RPGs - "Crono Trigger" mixes fast paced action and dialogs.  The level of detail is startling:  you're gonna hear even the sounds of the animals in the forest.

Jokes are a good addition too: almost every dialog has a bit of humor.  Finally, pay attention on special effects:  they are blockbusters.  You cannot let "Crono trigger" pass you by.  Play it using a bib.

He mentioned that this article (appeared 10/22/1995 in Planeta Globo) exposed a ton of gamers to Chrono Trigger and kickstarted the fandom there.