Author Topic: What happens if you collect all Skelly's parts before getting the Heavy Skull?  (Read 2482 times)

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I've been wanting to try this out in a fresh playthrough (maybe RD Edition), but I wonder. Normally you'd pick up the Heavy Skull first, and then every time you collect a part Skelly has some dialogue. But what if you decline Skelly's request to take his skull, then collect it later when you have all the other parts? Does it just skip immediately to the dialogue of him piecing himself together? Is there a time limit where you can't collect the Heavy Skull anymore? I'm 99% sure you can always go back and take it anyway after declining him first...


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It's not included in this site's game script for some reason, not even as an "unconfirmed" line, but there should be a unique message for it, right after you receive the Heavy Skull.

Oh man...
You guys are too much...!
You found all my body parts!

Thanks, man.

I'm sure we'll meet again,
somewhere, someday...
One of these days,
I'll return the favor.
(I took this from the decompiled event logic for that area.)

It's one of the "secrets" listed in the Ultimania.
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Got it added to the script. Not sure why it's missing, either. Might have been my copy/paste error, since I doubt the Terminus tools missed it.