Author Topic: A new, heartbreaking theory regarding Schala  (Read 7547 times)


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Re: A new, heartbreaking theory regarding Schala
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Her intentions of sacrificing herself might not be accurate (I’ll talk about that in the end of this comment).
But, considering how Zeal was going power-hungry and mad. It’s safe to assume that Schala actually decided on thwarting her (Maybe not directly).  Maybe with the assistance of the Guru’s too.
But one thing i don’t understand.
They had never seen Lavos and were never prepared for what was to come. It would be a hell of a gamble by Schala and the Guru’s if they actually hinged their plan on something that was vague.
Also, her failed attempt at saving Zeal and instead it being destroyed may have triggered a strong depressive wave of guilt. Because that guilt can be justified if her people died due to her fault.
Maybe, just maybe.

With respect to Schala planning to martyr herself.
No. She was not.
If she really wanted to die and be off with it.
She would not have initiated the whole Chrono Cross thing. Yes in the Dream Devourers sequence, she resists. But ultimately she set things in motion which free her sooooo.

(My memory grows weak on CT & CC matters so pardon me if i’ve missed something).
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