Author Topic: Finally, vtubing as an OC "Schala"  (Read 118 times)

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Finally, vtubing as an OC "Schala"
« on: March 16, 2024, 08:47:21 pm »
So, a good portion of you might know I've vtubed as... myself, full Toriyama design and all.. However, because of C&D always being a possibility, and me wanting to do some fundraising, etc, and flex my creativity without restraint, I spent about 5-6 months making a "reboot" -- original character, original backstory I'm still trying to figure out, but with the same name with 'Zeal' dropped.

What I have so far is that Schala is an elf sorceress thrown forward thousands of years in time. She is originally the princess of an ancient magic elven kingdom, Lemuria, worshippers of an entity named Som. At a young age, Schala was discovered to be a magical prodigy, being able to weave dreams into reality. Yet her gift was squandered and abused by her mother, Queen Samelle, and she was sedated and plugged into a machine that would siphon her dream energy and use it to subjugate everyone, while simultaneously attempting to bring forth Som. Disaster struck one day, and she was awoken by an anonymous rescuer, who, in finding escape was futile, threw her into a time rift, before facing their fate.

Chrono Trigger Schala was the "foundational" inspiration, of course, but I've drawn on other design and character development inspirations. Her cold visage hides beneath it the loving, caring little girl she once was. She has a fascination with technology, yet has a fragile psyche and might sometimes lash out. My goal with her was to project a lot of how I differ from the game character, into her. This way, I can build upon her as I learn and grow myself. I wanted to make her an antihero. I wanted her to come across as someone who can be sympathised with, even in their misguidance.

Her weapon is the Masamune -- a different one of course, which is conjured using her inner mana into solid steel (think Tenchi Muyo weaponry) and it can also split into 2 blades for each hand.
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