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Schala Entity and Sequel
« on: July 20, 2017, 12:59:04 am »
So, two things stood out to me from the campfire scene.

First, Frog says, and I quote...

Lavos playeth an integral role in the fortunes of this Entity...

Then Robo says...

Our journey may come to an end when we finally discover the identity of this Entity.

So, starting with Frog's little statement. He really had no way of knowing this. Could this have been the programmer's little clue? Could the theory that Schala is the entity (I can't find the post that proposed this, someone help me out) be true? It fits Frog's strange statement.

So, maybe Schala's spirit or whatever was, in fact, the Entity Robo hypothesizes, and she somehow was able to influence Marle's pendant once it was in the vicinity of Lucca's telepod, to create the time gate(s). In whatever state she was in, she understood the timelines and potential timelines and knew certain ways that Lavos could be defeated. She seized upon the one opportunity she had (via Marle's, formerly her, pendant) to create one of those timelines.

Now, with Robo's statement, that could lead perfectly into a direct CT sequel. After all, they haven't discovered the identity of this Entity! Their journey hasn't come to an end yet!


... You know, as a kid, I always thought that was some kind of silliness that referred to the game player being the "entity," but now that I've been exposed to the theory that it was Schala from the original timeline, or even the new one (or both?), I really like the theory. And I think it totally works. And would work perfectly into the sequel we all want and need.

Someone should call square...
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