Author Topic: "V-Jump Maps" and Chrono Trigger cartography  (Read 4188 times)


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"V-Jump Maps" and Chrono Trigger cartography
« on: November 26, 2013, 12:43:18 pm »
I have always loved the "3D" maps present in the "Official Chrono Trigger Nintendo Player's Guide". As I have explored some of the Japanese Chrono Trigger strategy guides, I have seen these used a few times, mostly in the older publications, beginning with the V-Jump guide published in April 1995. The V Jump guide is sort of an extended strategy guide, in that it does not contain a full walkthough of the game, and keeps many secrets to itself. As a result, some crucial information is missing, and for whatever reason, Araki's two "realistic" maps of 12,000 BC were not included.

I was curious if anyone had any insight on the artist, identified as Gentaro Araki (荒木元太郎). Despite his artwork being quasi-official, there is little information available on him in the guides. If this Araki is the same one who runs "Alchemiclabo" (, then Araki eventually became a sculptor of figurines for popular series (Masked Rider, Sailor Moon, Godzilla, etc.) and dolls, some life-size and possibly for erotic use (see This Araki released at least three catalogs of his work from 1999-2005, and contributed to a Japanese magazine called "Dollybird" for at least one issue in 2009.

Meanwhile, the maps newly drawn for BradyGame's Final Fantasy Chronicles (Chrono Trigger + FFIV) guide were designed by "Idea Design Works LLC", which I supposed is actually "Idea and Design Works, LLC", who "...  provides artwork and graphic design services for various entertainment companies in the United States". Idea and Design Works is the parent company of IDW Publishing, known for some series like the 30 Days of Night comics. Interestingly enough, IDW, like Araki, also worked with the Godzilla franchise.

Hope this answers/raises some questions for the fans of maps among us.