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I voted for the unpopular RPG Maker option.

Hacks are wonderful ways to make fan games, but Chrono Trigger is limited in how it can be hacked at this time. As wonderful as the existing tools are...they aren't exactly easy for a novice to work with. There needs to be a way to bring in people who have ideas but who faint at seeing raw hexadecimal. Hacks also limit fan games to the relative constraints of the original game.

A Chrono Cross hack would be even more difficult and divisive, given how much of the remaining Chrono fanbase holds mixed opinions of the game.

The only way to make a fan continuance is to make something that fans can recreate. RPG Maker is the best option of the four presented.

As far as the whole "make a new IP with the same gameplay" plan, that's not a bad idea, but it you want to make a lasting fan legacy, in my opinion a Chrono Engine, one designed to not only mimic the existing Chrono Trigger game but to expand on it, would be the best idea. People could then make their own fan games, tweak the engine if possible, then move from there

We also lack actual doers -- coders who can put the game together. We've seen a dozen projects fall because everyone wants to be an idea man but no one wants to really get their hands dirty with coding and assembly (and I blame myself for being guilty of this at times).

It is true the community lacks doers, but that's more of a lack of skill, not necessarily a lack of willingness to do the work. I'm not a coder and even though I have an idea for a very simple task and conceptually know what needs to be done, I am aware if I were to dedicate all of my free time to it, it would take months. Therefore it would not be an efficient use of my time to work on a tiny project, especially when it would take people days at worst.

Besides, unless you go the hacking route there isn't any need for assembly. (Bad joke, I know.).

I have done the leg work in uploading a large amount of sprites/maps into RPG Maker XP if it is ever needed for a future RM fan job.
General Discussion / Re: Stuff you LOVE, baby
« Last post by Mauron on Yesterday at 05:47:00 pm »
Not sure about Record Keeper, but some of the others I've played had a way to switch between phones, but they'll steal your premium currency if you go from Android to iPhone.

I've played a little Star Ocean Amnesis, but it burns through my battery and overheats my phone. I'll probably upgrade soon.

I mostly play Love Live! School Idol Festival and BanG Dream! Girls Band Party. Since they're rhythm games, the gatcha isn't as important as player skill. Gatchas are quite evil.
General Discussion / Re: Stuff you LOVE, baby
« Last post by Boo the Gentleman Caller on Yesterday at 05:35:53 pm »
Yeah, luckily the only mobile game I played let me sync it to a fake Facebook account and transfer it from mobile to mobile. That was Final Fantasy Record Keeper. I still play it occasionally.

I started playing Star Ocean Amnesis when it launched a month or so ago.

The only other phone game I've played was Fallout Shelter. I did everything one could do until they introduced adventuring, and at that point there was a huge difficulty spike. As soon as I logged in for the first time in several months my vault was overcome by deathclaws and I lost maybe 50% of my vault literally within five minutes of playing. I quit that day and haven't gone back.

All-in-all, I'm sort of sick of all these gatcha games. I rarely spend money on them, and when I do, it's a literally only a dollar here or there. I play enough to stay in the game, but not enough to do maybe the top 30% of content or so. I don't spend much time on them (maybe 20 minutes a day tops), but I could be using that time elsewhere and could save myself a fair bit of minor video game stress.

The older I get the less I like high difficulties in video games.
General Discussion / Re: Stuff you LOVE, baby
« Last post by Mauron on Yesterday at 05:12:45 pm »
I got a freebie iPhone for my first smartphone, and have traded up since.

I'd consider switching, but my dumb phone games will take away my premium currency if I switch OSes.
General Discussion / Re: Stuff you LOVE, baby
« Last post by PrincessNadia78 on Yesterday at 01:51:58 pm »
That was how I got onto Apple too; I studied graphic design in college and that was what we used.

Up until recently, I was a HUGE Apple fanboy (or fangirl, in this case. Ha ha!) I just really started to take a hard look at what they've been doing and I'm really not impressed anymore. I feel ever since Steve Jobs died, all innovation has gone out of Apple products and they rely on the brand that he built. It makes me sad to be honest because I loved Apple so much. I mean this phone I got for free and it already came with 32 GB of space and I added a 32 GB SD card that I have, and it supports up to 2TB. You really can't beat that, plus I can do more with it because it comes with a stylus. I'm excited to play with that!! So does anyone have any tips for a new Adroid user? I'm figuring it out pretty fast, but anything else cool I need to know! He he!

Ooooooo must emulate ALL THE GAMES! Ha ha!
General Discussion / Re: Stuff you LOVE, baby
« Last post by Boo the Gentleman Caller on Yesterday at 08:18:37 am »
I studied graphic design and marketing in college, and although not a fervent Apple fanboy, I did use Apple products and viewed them as the best path for all my graphic design software. Reliable and easy to use. I also used iPhones up until iPhone 5.

I've since moved on. I switched to Android; more cost affordable and much more control over my device (I can manually install .apk files, what what?!). I also PC game, so that's a no brainer.

Apple products aren't bad per se, but they definitely aren't innovative and are overpriced. They do so well due to branding and cult of personality, so to speak.

Not knocking on Apple, but I'm with you -- Android/PC market is just better for my needs at this point.

PS -- You can also emulate older systems on your Android! :)
General Discussion / Re: Stuff you LOVE, baby
« Last post by PrincessNadia78 on August 13, 2018, 07:04:25 pm »
Ok, so I just had to say something here...

Ever since I've had a smart phone I've been all about Apple. I was absolutely devoted to Apple. However, I've been feeling the last 6 months, I would say, that Apple hasn't been innovative. Hubby and I weren't happy with our carrier and we were looking to try and cut down our bill, so we switched and I got my first Android phone. OMG I LOVE IT!! I got one of their free phones (LG Stylos 4) and I can't get over how much more freedom I have! And I can play with an emulator on it! I'm so excited to play Radical Dreamers ON MY PHONE!!

Yes I'm excited and I needed to share. LOL
Fan Art / Re: Before the Fall (WIP)
« Last post by skylark on August 13, 2018, 04:53:05 pm »
Still doesn't show up when copying from image. Oh well.

Posted the updated 'colored characters' version. Still drawing a blank (literally) on an appropriate background though.
Dream Splash VI - Dream of Zeal [2018] / Re: The Rise of Zeal [2D Art]
« Last post by skylark on August 13, 2018, 04:29:38 pm »
.....give that teenage Janus sprite black clothing, red cloak, brown hair and eyes, and that would be an accurate depiction of my character for Reflections.



Like this? :D

Technically, it would be flashback Cain, as his post-Zeal look is totally different. Should've made that clearer, but YES! This is perfect! :D

Edit: Aww. Didn't quote the sprite page. Oh well.

Edit of Edit: That reminds me. I need to repost that Pre-Fall Cain and Schala pic. I colored the characters a while back.
For me it definitely did. Others kind of drop in and check things out, but don't always stay.

Temporal Flux is one of the better tools for hacking an RPG, so it's a little easier to get into. Major credit goes to Geiger for his awesome work.
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