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It's possible it might be a Source Code issue. From my understanding, many games source codes were lost during the 90's, in a combination of neglect or just plain happenstance. For FFVII they had to use the original PC version's from now on which is based from an almost but not quite final build of the original PSX one, same for FFVIII it was the original PC version they had to use. CC is supposedly among the ones missing their source code, which may be why they haven't done anything with the game yet.
There could be some credence to the idea. Specially since you can make an almost perfect match with Wuxing.

Mercury - Water - Blue Element
Mars - Fire - Red Element
Jupiter - Wood - Green Element
Saturn - Earth - Yellow Element

Only issue I'd see is how to match Venus (Metal) with the Black Element.
Kajar Laboratories / Re: The Chrono Vendian Project
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I have to beat Maggiekarp to this, butt anyways
Kajar Laboratories / Re: The Chrono Vendian Project
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Is there a article that describes the structure of the Arena of Ages and how its interquel workings?

Thanks in advance.
I always took the "five brother stars" to be the classical planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.
It'd be even better if they added CT and CC. They ported Legend of Mana and Final Fantasies 7-9, so why not?
They certainly aren't averse to porting the game, so perhaps we might see it on the Switch at some point. Nintendo keeps adding games to their VC service, so perhaps it's only a matter of time.
Are these the only named celestial bodies in the Chronoverse? I'm wondering if these two stars belong to the "five brother stars" told by Belthasar to represent the Dragons. Curiously, during the same concert, Nikki drops the line "Neptunian nymph", which suggests the presence of a Neptune in Chrono history as well, either as a mythological figure or a planet. Or it could just be a grammatical quirk.  :lol:

Neptune is also mentioned in the BlueWhale Summon description:

"Calls on Neptune's anger to create a tsunami"

I think it is a reference to Neptune/Poseidon. Unless BlueWhale is Neptune, considering things.
This has probably been asked before, but I figured, what the hell.

I'd LOVE to be able to play CT again, preferably the SNES version.
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