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Fan Art / Re: Artworks from Deviantart and others
« Last post by Mauron on Today at 04:24:46 am »

Nu Girl. Credit to Lifeless on GameFAQs.
Characters, Plot, and Themes / CT2 Techs (WIP)
« Last post by ThatGuy on Today at 02:12:18 am »
So, I decided to make up some tech lists for my CT2 characters (only one of which is even named) with a new way to balance them- so to hopefully prevent any characters from becoming obsolete by the end of the game (looking at you, Frog). Kudos to Oswego del Fuego who inspired Empatha's stuff. You'll notice that generally weaker physical attack people have stronger magic, and vice versa, except for the last one, which is something new and potentially very (I hope) interesting. Again, inspired by ODF, who had the idea like, 12 years ago.

Let me know what you think!

PS, I don't predict this ever happening unless someone else wants to do all the programming, etc., but it's still fun to think about.

Marle Jr.

Cyclone (area)
Heal (35% HP cap)
Spincut (one)
Ice 2
Heal 2 (60% HP cap)
Frenzy (akin to triple kick/confuse)

Crono Jr.
Throwing Knives

Knife Throw (2 enemies)
Dart (damage + poison)
Barrier (all)
Lightning 2
Life (25% HP)
Assassinate (instant death or miss)

Strong Guy

Dance (random chaos, slow, darkness)
Inspire (raise party's phys 25%)
Berserk (all, low HP = high damage)
Fire 2
Earthquake (huge phys damage, area)


Bulldoze (line)
Cure (50% HP cap)
Intimidate (stop)
Water 2
Cure 2 (75% HP cap)
Life 2 (65% HP)
Smash (ultimate phys damage one enemy)

Someone Else
Gun or (Cross?)Bow

Quick Shot (2 enemies)
Hypno Wave (sleep, one)
Dark Bomb (area)
Mug (steal)
Dark Mist
Vengeance (damage all if he falls, doesn't fall if wins)
Snipe (4x phys damage, one)
Dark Matter


1 Wisdom (ups one magic stat 25%)
2 Insight (ups one hit stat 25%)
3 Valor (ups one power stat 25%)
4 Haste (all)
5 Remedy (heals all status)
6 Perception (cut MP use 50%)
7 Ward (100% block magic attack, once)
8 Green Dream (auto-Life 2 all, one per battle)

Another idea: the katana would be 50% based on power stat, 50% based on hit stat (like hybrid of lucca/marle and everyone else)
Chrono Trigger Modification / Re: Disable Epoch time gauge?
« Last post by Mauron on Yesterday at 10:41:14 pm »
I do not have such a thing.
Chrono Trigger Modification / Re: Disable Epoch time gauge?
« Last post by Fauntleroy on Yesterday at 09:05:12 pm »
Works like an absolute dream.

Do you have a Patreon?  This isn't a joke.
Characters, Plot, and Themes / Re: Was Crono Supposed to Die?
« Last post by Random Factor on Yesterday at 04:55:14 pm »
I remember reading once that Kato planned to have Crono die for good. I finally found the source.

Originally, Chrono Trigger writer, Masato Kato, wanted to keep Crono dead. To continue the mission, the party would actually have to recruit a younger version of Crono. But Square deemed it too depressing and requested that the rest of the story be written in a way that he can still be saved.

Is there a source for that, however? Some interview with Kato that I'm missing where he addresses this?

Anyhow, I figure that, if true, this could be good justification as for why Crono appears to be dead in Radical Dreamers; i.e., it's how Masato Kato wanted it, and being a "spin-off" he didn't have Squaresoft looking over his shoulder as closely.

All great warriors have enemies that try to kill them off for good. It's a hard thing to do if the warriors fate is greater than those that attempt to kill them, even supposed creators of supposed fantasy realms.
yeah. Playable folk. Guess who showed up on EFNet IRC? on #psxdev.

Danetta. not sure if it's truly her. i gave her a Mirc key i bought in 2016. username: Chrono Cross. Better be her! hehe.
If you mean the PC Leena, etc. you might just be able to overwrite their weapon files with the Masamune's. (Or not--I've never tried.)

Most current version of Purple Cat Tools is attached to the second message in the "Chrono Cross Toolsets" thread in this forum (, or scroll down). No changes have been made since those were posted. Doesn't include additional scripts created by prizvel or others.
Crimson Echoes / Re: Dammit!
« Last post by Mauron on Yesterday at 02:14:34 pm »
If you made a state save, then made a normal in game save, loading the state save would remove the in game save because it didn't exist at the time of the state save.
Chrono Trigger Modification / Re: Disable Epoch time gauge?
« Last post by Mauron on Yesterday at 02:10:10 pm »
Excellent. At 0x244D7, put F4 7F.  This changes the destination of the jump to different code when you press the Y button aboard the Epoch.

At 0x27FF4, put AF 62 28 7E D0 03 4C C7 45 4C 09 45. This will check 7E2862, and if it's not 0, cancel opening the menu.

In your events, you'll want to write 0 or 1 to 7E2862 as a 2-byte value when enabling or disabling the Epoch's time gauge.
Crimson Echoes / Re: Dammit!
« Last post by ThatGuy on Yesterday at 01:25:37 pm »
Uh... what?

What happened here was, for some reason, the game save (like you'd normally see playing the SNES) didn't happen for all the progress I made, even though I saved like, 4, 5 times along the way, alternating the 3 different slots.
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