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Kajar Laboratories / Re: The Chrono Vendian Project
« Last post by dclem on Yesterday at 09:02:01 pm »
Will you be having any unique character or enemy models?

Yes! It is not complete without all types of foes. To name a few who'll be encounterable:

  • Lavos Spawn
  • Mammon Machine
  • Mother Brain
  • Steel, Alabaster, and Crimson Shades
  • Red Ghaj
  • Deathcreeper
  • Searcher
  • Iron Maiden

And much more.

Are you utilizing existing FFXII maps and story events (sort of just swapping out dialogue and characters in the existing FFXII story to make it turn into a Chrono story)?

No. The game starts on its own course and FFXII's original story events are completely removed, allowing such space for custom event triggers. In short, the whole world is open to explore, gain exp/tp, do side quests, all the like.
*i.e. the game's original script has been wiped to allow a custom one instead.

A lot of post-locations have been redone, reconstructed and the have new events triggers. The choice is up to the player once they select 'New Game':

  • Explore the open world.
  • Go on with the story exploring all new locations.

So effectively, none of FFXII's story events exist. Effectively making the world free to explore or heading straight into the Chrono story ahead.

Making old 'Trial Mode' into a mode more interesting. Officially dubbed: The Celestial Tower), to do on the side, that effectively rewards the player for reaching its end, and allowing them to save that data and carry it into the main game, doable at anytime during the game and good for preparing for superbosses.

For now, only a portion of FFXII maps have been reserved for new locations, as we still encounter some issues with other maps. FFXII's capacity for maps per zone is quite large, which allows us to effectively have new locations in a single zone, and transport (move instantly) character positions via the script traversing from one location to the next—all to compensate with the limit there, without having to cut content.

With abilities, it's interesting how well we can manipulate FFXII's abilities and create new ones parallel to CT Techs. While it's nice to introduce limit breaks to the party, the main goal is to make Techs close to the original as possible while remaining fresh and action-based.

I am more than happy to get you a workshop space set up. Would you like it public or private?

I would love that, public yes.
Chrono Cross HD Edition / Re: Goals, Progress, & Discussion
« Last post by Grobycftw on Yesterday at 10:22:35 am »
Amazing work you guys are doing!
Just want to mention a classic old Bug to Fix.

When you get Serge back in party (just before starting CD2) head to Termina (Home World) with Viper in your party, in the Bar's backstore/secret room you can get Viper's Lv.7 Signature Element (FlagBearer) and Dragoon's Glory, the Bug is you can exit->reenter the room and spam infinite FlagBearer/Dragoon's Glory

Recently I manage to edit the Fieldscript in the room and fixed it! But I'm not sure how to share it
So I'll just post the Raw Hex data, you can simply use a HexEditor (I use HxD) , open your iso/img , open the corresponding .txt and just copy-paste it in your iso! (Make sure to use the corresponding .txt files) and Voila!

Location on a regular CD1 iso/format 2352 (Sector 25473)
from offset : 03923148 to 0392D8AF (Length = A768)

Location on a regular CD2 iso/format 2352 (Sector 24658)
from offset : 0374F178 - 037598DF (Length = A768)


Location on a CD1 iso/format 2048
from offset : 031C0800 - 031C9A0F

Location on a CD2 iso/format 2048
from offset : 03029000 - 0303220F

*I know it was done in the Single-Disk Project
*All data from disk2 added to disk1.
*fix Viper tech bug in Termina
*fix Dario battel logic
*fix Criosphinx battel logic

but just in case it can help!

Kajar Laboratories / Re: The Chrono Vendian Project
« Last post by Boo the Gentleman Caller on Yesterday at 10:14:36 am »
Hey hey! I've seen this on Reddit a while back!

So glad to see you made if over here to the Compendium! This is an exciting project for sure. Beyond the tech and job grid changes, I do have a few questions. We experimented with a Magil/Magus hack for Chrono Cross ages ago, so I always love seeing these sort of hacks.

Will you be having any unique character or enemy models?

Are you utilizing existing FFXII maps and story events (sort of just swapping out dialogue and characters in the existing FFXII story to make it turn into a Chrono story)?

I am more than happy to get you a workshop space set up. Would you like it public or private?
Chrono Cross Modification / Re: CC Enemyedit: Max HP Possible?
« Last post by glennxserge on November 24, 2020, 08:15:51 pm »
So I tested a little bit more.  The next time in the game you have a solo character is as Lynx in the Temporal Vortex, but you recruit Sprigg before any battles, so that was a bust. 

The only other scenario I could think of is in Lucca's orphanage since your party gradually decreases as you work your way through the house.  This is what I found there:
Lava-boys (and girls) - these have a random sex, so they'll get +/- 5% HP depending on Male or Female.  My calculations account for the bonus in order to better match the stat block on disc.
  • 1 char - 780 HP (Male 819, Female 741)
  • 2 char - 780 HP (Male 819, Female 741)
  • 3 char - 780 HP (Male 819, Female 741)
That's the regular value on disc for that encounter, so I don't think scaling is used after you recruit your first character, regardless how many are actually in your current party, and it seems like it has nothing to do with star level.  At zero stars if you recruit Poshul, enemy HP will be normal. 

There is another factor though, that you noticed Grobycftw, NG+ enemies will have 2x HP.  It looks like this is a separate scaling factor that is applied alongside the early game difficulty scaling.  I tested this in a NG+ game and enemies had the normal HP, until I recruited a character, and then they had 2x. 

Here's my hunch about the way it's calculated, order of operations :
Code: [Select]
HP is multiplied by 2 if it is a NG+
HP is then divided by 2 if it's early game
5% is then +/- from HP depending on Male/Female
The order of operations does seem to matter here, since a shift down or divide with integers could clear the low bit before shifting back up (in the case of NG+ and early game).  However it doesn't seem to matter since no enemies in the beginning have stat blocks with odd values.  The 5% definitely happens after the scaling though, as it is testable (male Beach Bums have 67 HP, not 66 in NG+).

I'm tempted to try and dump emu states before and after recruiting Poshul to see if I can find where that value gets set, but feeling a bit lazy at the moment.

Can anyone think of any other points in the game where there is a solo character with enemy encounters?  I'm willing to test a bit more.
Hi :) If anyone can update the Chrono Cross Fieldscript Notes
I found what the Command :  FE 6D - Unknown     does!

FE 6D - Recover Stars to max !

If you look in the decompiled script, let's say

you can find
0x037E: HEAL_GROUP(249)
0x0382: opFE6D()

it is always with the Heal Group/Cure Ailement function!

*It is possible to prevent the opFE6D() if you set it to 0C0C you will not recover star's when you go at the inn/serge's bed !
But I've encounter a little issue, when decompiling/recompile Termina's Inn (Home)
using PurpleCat Tools   :(
The room is corrupt, everything is fine until you try to sleep at the Inn, control's stopped and you're stuck forever :/  but all the other Inns work!
Chrono Trigger Modification / Re: Temporal Flux tutorial videos.
« Last post by inuksuk on November 24, 2020, 05:43:46 am »
Ah, thank you! That's exciting. I've been able to edit the effect data and the changes come up in TF. I'm so impressed with Temporal Flux and your plugins.
Chrono Cross Modification / Re: CC Enemyedit: Max HP Possible?
« Last post by Grobycftw on November 24, 2020, 04:40:02 am »
Nice finding glennxserge , that sure will be useful to know when scaling the difficulty for a hack!
Let us know what you find with Lynx!
We don’t know exactly when Dalton started changing the timeline or when he militarized Porre and attacked Guardia. All we know is it most likely happened some time after Trigger and some time before Cross. It’s likely he didn’t initiate his plan until after Crono & co defeated Lavos in 1999, and so the 1999 we see in Trigger does not reflect those changes yet. After all, he needed time to get his bearings, master whatever temporal control he had, and study the new time period he was planning to travel to.
Kajar Laboratories / The Chrono Vendian Project
« Last post by dclem on November 23, 2020, 03:39:07 pm »
I have been working on a project as of late, Chrono Vendian. It is a pseudo 3D remake of CT, telling a new story in an alternate timeline before the events of the fall of Zeal. Arriving at time period, Valendian 800, acts before the last rift in time's fabric; introducing the Tech Grid, a new character development system; along with the music featuring countless orchestrated scores courtesy of Malcolm Robinson Music.

The project is a mod under FFXII.

I know the lot may wonder why the project wasn't just made from scratch in Unreal Engine or Unity, etc. and while it initially was to be, it was better to be safe than sorry—going an indirect route to avoid potential C&D from SQEX, as we all know their track history with shutting down fan remake projects, particularly with Chrono. Also cheaper without needing to hire extra members to program functionalities and mechanics that are already there. FFXII was chosen mainly of its (gameplay) similarities to Chrono Trigger, such as:
  • Interchangeable party members (active/reserve).
  • Max of three party allies.
  • Party allies that follow the leader.
  • Exp and tp earned to party allies on the reserve.
  • Removal of random-battle transitions for battles.
  • The ability to manipulate abilities to pseudo CT's tech/abilities.
  • AoE (Area of Effect) range
  • Weapon types such as: Katanas, Bowguns, Bows, Guns, Unarmed, Greatswords and the ability to create new weapons such as Scythes.
To add, FFXII has been unlocked widely in the modding scene so much that pretty much anything is possible with the game:
  • Actions
  • Scripts
  • LUA support
  • Logic
  • 3D models
  • Maps
  • Voiceovers
  • Music
  • Sound effects
  • Sfxs
  • Textures
  • shaders
  • Custom Font
  • gameplay mechanics etc. the list goes on.
It really lifts the workload of the latter from otherwise creating such functionalities from scratch.

The game can modded to the point of starting and feeling as a new game inside of another preset game engine, which is exactly what CV does. Most of these unlocked features and capabilities are courtesy of the Zodiac Engine 3.0, which aims to remove a bunch of limitations the game engine had on character models, animations and environments.

It's compatibility in environments are bigger now without the need to split and compensate maps to fit within old limitations. Even so, some other limitations still exist, albeit updated to eventually remove these in the future, it is part of the reason only selected assets are remade from CT for now.

In CV, there are two gameplay modes:
  • 'Original'
  • 'Tech Grid'
Anyone who knows FFXII knows its character development system situates on the License Board and Job system, where characters must pick a board and use that to achieve the use of equipment, armor and abilities. In Chrono Vendian, this is no longer the case.

In original mode, which is default, character's are predefined with their own abilities that do not require (omits/effectively removing) the use of the License Board, allowing the player to simply buy and/or find new techs/abilities and have it readily available at their disposal.
This is same for weapons:
  • Crono uses Katanas.
  • Marle uses Bowguns/Bows.
  • Lucca uses Guns, a hammer and Hand-Bombs.
Tech Grid is a new character development system created specifically for the project. With the Tech Grid, character stats and HP do not grow with each level up. Instead, their entire growth is situated on the Tech Grid. The tech Grid is one large field divided into three main quadrants, where each character begins are is situated there based on their strengths in battle.
  • Crono is situated at the north quadrant of the grid, where strength nodes lie, excelling him in physical-based combat.
  • Marle is situated at the Southwest quadrant of the Tech Grid, where magic and defense magics nodes lie, excelling her in magic-based/defensive combat.
  • Lucca is situated at the Southeast quadrant of the Tech Grid, where offense magic nodes lie, excelling her in offense-magic based combat.
  • Crono's quadrant connects to the Northeast quadrant, where HP and Celerity nodes mostly lie, excelling Crono in HP and speed.
Stats that still grow with Level Ups are:
  • MP
  • Vitality
  • Speed
A current limit with the game, (no speed point nodes, MP or Vitality nodes exist yet).

The Tech Grid was inspired by the sphere Grid from FFX.

The Tech Grid is versatile, allowing a player to grow their character however they please after getting through their section on the Tech Grid.

For abilities/techs:
  • Crono gains only lighting-based magic.
  • Marle gains only Ice/Water-based magic.
  • Lucca gains only Fire-based magic.
Special Techs:
  • Marle/Lucca gain Antipode
  • Crono/Marle/Lucca gain Delta Force
Special Techs compensate for Double and Triple-techs from the original. Special techs can have a double or triple tech executed as a cinematic ability or a normal ability with special features, such as Megaton Bomb execute a sfx when Lucca fires her gun, or throws a hand-bomb. i.e. Lucca can either fire a Megaton Bomb or throw it via a hand bomb; the spell animation changes based on Lucca's current equipment.

The project is ~40% complete and can be found here when completed:

I'll use this thread to bring about updates and screenshots.

If possible I'd also like to request Project Forum in Guru Workshop, if applicable.
Chrono Cross Modification / Re: CC Enemyedit: Max HP Possible?
« Last post by glennxserge on November 23, 2020, 02:16:29 pm »
Oh, that's really interesting, Grobycftw.  I hadn't thought to check HP based on party size.  The tests I did I think were with just Serge (seeing half HP at the beginning of the game), I wonder if it scales cleanly at 25% reduction per missing character:
1 char: 50%
2 char: 75%
3 char: 100%

Gonna go test this now.

EDIT: Checked this over my lunch break.  Here's what I found testing Beach Bums at Cape Howl. 
  • With one character, they had 16 HP (50%)
  • With two characters, they had 33 HP (100%+1HP, which is maybe probably just the bonus 5% given to male enemies when rounded down)
  • With three characters, they also have 33 HP.

So I think the scaling is only present when there are less than 2 characters on your team.  I'll have to test this later, when you become solo Lynx to see if this widely the case for the game, or just how they handle difficulty at the very beginning.
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