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Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / The acronym FATE
« on: February 01, 2006, 10:21:05 pm »
Look at FATE's Wikipedia entry: (permanent link)

It claims that FATE stands for "Future Altering Time Entity". Where the hell did the guy find this? It's nowhere in the script and it gives nothing in Google besides Wikipedia clones. Someone probably made up an acronym (backronym?) and spread it in wikis... That's why I'm not posting this in Analysis by the way, though I'm still posting it in the forum, because I think Future Altering Time Entity is kinda... cool, and ironical considering how FATE's purpose became the exact opposite after the Time Crash.

Crimson Echoes Plot Construction / Discrepancies with Chrono Cross?
« on: December 21, 2005, 08:59:23 am »
There's a ghost in Chronopolis who says:
FATE is a large-scale
prototype, completed
in the year 2300.
It integrated the old
Mother Brain computer
circuitry into a more
powerful super-computer.

Does this contradict the current CT:CE storyline? As far as I know, there's no FATE in CE althought the future era is 2,302AD.

History, Locations, and Artifacts / The Time Crash: 7,600 B.C.?
« on: September 06, 2005, 07:41:09 am »
It's commonly accepted that during the Time Crash, Chronopolis was pulled back from 2,400 AD to 7,600 BC (10,000 years into the past). I think that Chronopolis was brought to another era though.

   Originally, El Nido was
   nothing but ocean.
   The El Nido Archipelago
   is purely artificial,
   created by FATE.
   It was a remodeling plan that
   took place 10,000 years ago.
   A plan to include islands, blessed
   with nature, in the sea of El Nido.
   The main island of El Nido,
   Earth Dragon Isle, Water Dragon Isle,
   Black Dragon Isle...
   And for over 10,000 years,
   FATE has been watching over and
   guiding the descendants of the
   staff who left this research center.
   Everything was in pefect harmony.
   That is, until 14 years ago,
   when a boy came into contact with
   the Flame on the night of the storm.

According to this ghost, the El Nido archipelago was created "10,000 years ago". The ghosts in Chronopolis seem to be from different eras (some are from before the Time Crash and the others are from the present). This one seems to be from 1,020 AD since the night of the storm is "14 years ago" for him.

So I'm inclined to believe that "10,000 years ago" from the present is either -8,980 BC (if counting from 1,020 AD) or 10,000 BC (if counting from 1 AD). The Ultimania Guide says it's 10,000 BC but as it's a flawed guide I'll try to consider other arguments.

Anyway, it can't really be -7,600 BC as the ghost says FATE has been watching for over 10,000 years (the ghost's mind is in 1,020 AD not 2,400 AD).

Quote from: Lucca's ghost
  Princess Schala traveled ten
   thousand years in time to try
   and make contact with this
   This caused a raging magnetic
   storm that resulted in FATE's
   system malfunction, which led
   Serge to the Frozen Flame.

According to Lucca, Schala traveled 10,000 years in time (whatever that means). Schala was in 12,000 BC and the storm is in 1,006 AD, so we can take the "10,000 years" for an approximation of "13,006 years". Or simply speaking, it should mean that the characters actually refers to 12,000 BC when they say things like "10,000 years ago".

Kid does say Schala had waited for "10,000 years":
   C'mon Serge, me mate!
   You don't wanna keep the
   girl waiting any longer...
   She's been waitin' for you,
   and only you!
   And for over ten thousand
   years, I might add!

And if you speak to the Frozen Flame atop Terra Tower with Kid as the leader, Lavos (or just the Flame?) claims that the fall of Zeal happened 10,000 years ago:
   An ancient magical kingdom...?
   That you destroyed
   ten thousand years ago...?
   What are ya talkin' about?

Because of those quotes, I tend to believe that "10,000 years ago" means 12,000 BC (instead of 8,980 BC or 10,000 BC).

3. Finally, I think there are also some details to consider in the Polis War picture (thanks to Zaperking for the screenshot!):

There are icebergs. Some pretty big icebergs. It's surprising because El Nido is supposed to be a tropical paradize. It's less surprising if the Time Crash did indeed bring Chronopolis to 12,000 BC, because we saw in Chrono Trigger that the whole planet was cold and filled with icebergs in that era, even at the equator and the tropics.

After the fall of Zeal in CT, the survivors claimed that the weather was beginning to get less cold. So if the ice began to melt as early as in 12,000 BC, it would be hard to think that there would still be those huge icebergs in the tropics in 7,600 BC.

Now with all those stuff, I believe that the Time Crash brought Chronopolis and Dinopolis to 12,000 BC (or maybe 10,000 BC) and not in 7,600 BC.

4. Finally:
Quote from: Kid
  Chronopolis was hurled ten
   thousand years back in time.
   Perhaps it was the awakenin'
   Lavos who pulled the Frozen
   Flame back through time to it.
   Maybe so that Lavos, who saw
   the possibility that some young
   adventurers might destroy it,
   could create a backup plan.

I don't know what is Lavos's backup plan (considering he's supposed to be already dead...), but if it has "pulled the Frozen Flame to it", it would make more sense for it to have actually brought the Flame to it (Lavos came out of its pocket dimension in 12,000 BC) and not to 7,600 BC when it was probably sleeping deep inside the earth core with nothing really interesting happening.

So... your thoughts?

History, Locations, and Artifacts / "Moon Isle"?
« on: September 04, 2005, 12:50:35 pm »
I was searching details about the second moon in the CC script, and I found something else:
   I'm sorry all this happened
   because of us...
   are you really going?

   Please take care of
   Please bury her on Moon Isle...
   so that she may forever watch
   over us from above...
   I am leaving this
   island for a while.
   But I will return some day.
   Until then, goodbye...

What is this Moon Isle Razzly is talking about?

Okay, I wrote a hell of a long post then the computer crashed, I have to rewrite it... I'll get to the point : in the series, the main character always falls victim to some spectacular and totally original coup de theatre. In CT Crono died and became an optional character, in CC Serge got pulled into Lynx's body and actually got reborn into a new human body. That's why I believe something heavy like this would also happen in a new episode.

I once came up with the idea that the main character in Chrono Break should at some point change sex and became a girl temporarily (or not)... I think it was never done yet in any RPG. The problem is that it doesn't really fit with CT:CE's story in particular.

Another idea I like is that the main character would become unable to understand the human languages and only able to communicate with animals and vegetals. It would be a nice take on the ''humanity vs. planet'' theme that is central to the Chrono series. The problem here is that it's not new at all (Terranigma and Soleil did it, and Dragon Quest 6 too I think).

So I made this topic to discuss about it. Something big should really happen to the hero (in this case it's Crono again, poor boy...) but it's kinda hard to find a place to put those sort of events in the scenario since it's already near-finished.

General Discussion / Chrono Trigger Unglued
« on: July 20, 2005, 05:47:09 pm »
This is a series of Flash sprite movies retelling Crono's adventure in a (very) humorous way. The dialogues are totally awesome (Crono's sarcasm is hilarious!). Check it :wink:

So far 10 episodes were made (up to Crono's imprisonment) but it seems the guy will follow all the game's story.

Time, Space, and Dimensions / Dimensional split and time travel
« on: July 06, 2005, 02:39:09 pm »
Just a random question. If someone lives past the dimensional split of 1,010 AD there would be 2 versions of them right? Now what would happen if both of them time-travel back before 1,010 AD, can both of them do that?

Time, Space, and Dimensions / The Bend of Time
« on: December 29, 2003, 07:13:40 am »
I'm sure you'll say we can't fully trust Toriyama's interpretation of Chrono's world in Nuumamonjaa; but, well at the beginning of the "OAV", we can see a weird aura of energy appearing around Leene Square, letting monsters going in the fair...
Among these monsters, there are those fancy winged apes from the prehistory, and even Johnny "the Man", from the future.

So, I guess Toriyama didn't really care about these thingies. But later, when Square made CC, maybe they created the Bend of Time to justify that phenomena, the BoT that monsters (and robots) uses to travel through dimensions?

mmhh well, don't you remember, in CT, Schala was very gentle, altruist and sympathizing for people's misery...
In RD, her reincarnation Kid felt very very guilty for what she did with the Mammon Machine, like she thought that she killed the gurus and all...

And in CC? I was a bit shocked to see that at the ending, Schala goes to seek Serge in many many timelines/dimensions (she searches for him at Square HQ in Tokyo!!), whereas Magus, her own (step-)brother was since the start looking  :( desesperatly :(  for her in -72000BC, all alone! and she doesn't go meet him!!

Plus, Kid looks very much like she married Serge, like she doesn't give a ... about Leena's love for him!

Schala, at he end of CC, seems very >selfish<, it appears that the Time Devourer has really changed her mind...

Being a fan of greek mythology, I was surprised to read somewhere that the Giants weren't just giant humans, but tailed humans with serpents on their head... kinda like dinosaurs... or Reptites?

Whatsmore, the term Giant/Gegantes in greek means something like "born from Ge" (Ge/Gaia is the goddess of Earth).

So, I began to compare the greek cosmogony with CT and I've found that it matches in some ways CT AND CC storyline.

Gaia asks Cronos to kill Uranus
The Entity (Earth) guides Crono to make him kill Lavos
Cronos didn't kill Uranus, he just castrated him
Crono didn't kill Lavos, he just sent it into the DoT
The blood of Uranus shed on Gaia created the Giants
The non-destruction of the future by Lavos made the Dragonians in contact with this world
Cronos became the king of universe
Crono became the prince of Guardia
Cronos devoured his children
Crono, by erasing the original future, sort of "killed" the "children" of the present people
Cronos ate a rock instead of Zeus
Lynx/FATE killed Serge in Another World but not in Home World
Zeus beat Cronos and became the new king of universe
Errr... Serge is the Arbiter of Time eh?
Gaia sent the Giants to defeat Zeus and his folks
The Planet wanted to defeat Serge and the humans
Zeus even defeated the Gaia's champion, Typhon
Serge defeated the Dragon God

Note : In the mythology there's also often a confusion between the names Cronos (with a kappa)and Chronos (with a khi).
The Titan Cronos is the just the father of Zeus, while Chronos is the representation of Time (with the sand glass and the scythe...)

Since it's very hard to remember every myths all at once, this comparison isn't complete and fully detailled... yet...

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