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General Discussion / Re: Stuff you hate
« on: January 17, 2010, 06:17:30 am »
I hate whats going on now! I have this girl friend at school. She is a really shy girl but now she became really talkative. After we got to know each other I started to have feelings for her. However, everytime I tried to tell her she ran away. So then she realized with me classic tactic of "show them with out words".
In the end she never gave me an answer and now we are farther apart than ever...
I hate that I didn't just keep her as a friend. Now I lost her both ways =/

I also hate my bed I wake up with such a pain in my back and neck every damn morning... DAMN!
I've been cracking my neck since then! I might go to a chiropractor.

Oh, plus apart from all that my parents are divorcing now... and is the most horrible thing ever. My mum divorced my biological dad when i was like 2 so I have never went through such a thing. This happening again now that I am 18 is such a freaking pain.
If this happens I might have to go back to Argentina because the guy is such a fucking asshole. I nearly beat him down last time becasue he didn't want to sign the papers to receive the Youth allowance.

So only money i get is from my grandparents.



Well... I guess I took that out! I haven't talk to any friends about it... so I just yell it out load here... DAMN IT!

 :picardno :picardno :picardno :picardno :picardno :picardno :picardno :picardno :picardno :picardno :picardno :picardno

General Discussion / Re: Video Game Discussion Thread
« on: January 15, 2010, 04:11:22 am »
Don't worry I only managed to figure out half of the things myself! XD
So the stardust and all that stuff might be useful. Also yeah i noticed that the only way to level up its with bosses. So I try to avoid the random encounters but since it's kind of timed it's hard to do so. Otherwise I love the game it's just the encounters can be annoying.

Also I always in most RPG have one mage and 2 warriors. So mage I use it for magic and healing then one balance warrior and a fully offensive one. It's just the best strategy I have for any rpg dunno if it will apply in this one since I haven't got any magician characters. So far I use Rose, Dart and Lavintz. Just now Shana got SICK!! NOOOO!!! (reminds me when Kid got sick in cross :() XD

Anyways thanks for the info I will be sure to check out the stuff while playing the game and as soon as I get there.

BTW you should play Jade Cocoon. I always recommend that game because it's epic. Between this (LoD), Jade Cocoon, chrono cross, are my top 3 games for PSone. After those its Digimon world 3.

The game, it's weird feels like a crossover between Zelda and Pokemon with a very dark atmosphere. Just get yours hands on it. Although the sequel for Ps2 was the one which received all the praise, it doesn't even touch its toes of the first one.

It's like the third time I mention the game on this topic lol....

General Discussion / Re: Can Videogames be considered as art?
« on: January 15, 2010, 01:57:14 am »
Yes... video games will always be art... you cannot deny that they are not.
From the engaging stories,
To the beautiful graphics,
even little parts that makes us laugh,
and those that makes us cry.

The video games are expression of feelings, music, sound, video, story, images, etc.
Every piece of art are in one package.
Every piece of a videogame is art!

General Discussion / Re: Video Game Discussion Thread
« on: January 15, 2010, 01:51:26 am »
Arkham Asylum is consistently amazing. I don't think anything in this game has disappointed me so far.

Yeah, i am nearly finishing it but my computer is running it slow i should have bought i for Ps3. So far a friend spoiled me the ending... lol and it seems its a bit disappointing.

What about Plants vs. Zombies?

I haven't even played that yet even thought some friends asked me to.

Wow, kudos on sticking with that...I had to give up after a couple days. To think they could get so much right with the series and then flush it all away again...

Yeah... i was as disappointed on that game as everyone else. It was like Resident Evil 4 all over again told in a different way. And other thing Jill wasn't blond that pissed me off... :P

I still can't get into fucking all seems very...samey...

Same, I still haven't finished any of the campaigns not to mention that i quit every time because i get bored. It's only good to release anger and chop heads off with your "ninja Sword" or baseball bat!

BTW So far Legend Of Dragoon is amazing and I still wonder if Shana gets the powers fast because Lavintz its kinda useless!
3 bosses in a row and I didn't have any more Health Potions... I killed them all... The game it's getting real hard...

Thanks, Dapifer for the info about LoD.
 And you are right since all the net expanded to consoles... The overall gaming experience changed dramatically. It's for either good or bad. However, it's nice to see some dev's that have the balance between the Single Player campaign and the multiplayer.
Games like the old medal of honor's are the ones I used to love now not many are about the fun and single player experience. It's kinda sad....

General Discussion / Re: Video Game Discussion Thread
« on: January 13, 2010, 05:10:06 am »
Today I started to play Legend Of Dragoon and I must admit that game it's awesome.
I have never played it before, and it's just stunning.
The graphics are beautiful, when I saw the water I was like. Is this PS1?
The gameplay is really cool too but it took me a while to push the button right when the square reaches the center.

I am also trying to finish .//hack part 4 Quarantine which I have never finished yet.
I got the first 2 back in 2005 when i first got my PS2 and the last 2 where hard to find.
So I got them not long ago and started over. I still forgot how frustrating it is to get the damn Virus Cores... >___>

Well, I am also playing Siren: Blood Curse and i must admit that is the first creepy game I found on this console generation.
Now everything with zombies or necromorphs(dead space) is considered Survival Horror.
So far 2 games Dead space and Siren that's indeed sad.
Resident Evil 5 was a mess...
 I finished it once and that's it...
It's only good to play with friends.

Good games were the old ones.
It seems that now everything is online multiplayer.
The experience of multiplayer can only be defined when you play with someone next to you and you can get the satisfaction of beating your friends.
Left 4 Dead 2 is good but I would be awesome if it had offline multiplayer. That would be just awesome.

BTW, I hope Needlemouse is going to be good as the old school Sonics. The new ones are just bad!
Oh yeah, the new Prince Of Persia is gonna be on the Sands of Time trilogy so no more crappy story for kids like the old one. HAHA!

WOW, I suck... This is like my longest post lol

General Discussion / Re: Video Game Discussion Thread
« on: December 30, 2009, 05:57:32 pm »
I'm playing Arkham Asylum too.

I got my PS3 today (with the aforementioned Batman, plus Mirror's Edge). I want a good game for online play, but MW2 looks so... gritty. I dunno... I'd like to play it online though, I did really enjoy a CoD game online once... Help me out here. D:

Just played Mirror's Edge, what a piece of shit. It's a nice concept but I'm finding it near-impossible to make it through the second level.

Just get Killzone 2 or Resistance 2. Both have awesome multiplayer, specially Resistance2 64 players brawl is mind blowing.
Uncharted 2 is awesome too but if you haven't played the first one, I would still recommend it.

Just check some of the exclusives since you got a PS3 now. It's worth it.

General Discussion / Re: Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG
« on: December 29, 2009, 08:54:37 pm »
I used to play Joey the Passion online with a friend using a program called hamachi. It's a lan emulator, so we play as if our computers where linked through lan.
But before I used to play a lot with real cards. It's been years since I don't play, I should start practicing again. 

General Discussion / Re: Video Game Discussion Thread
« on: December 29, 2009, 08:49:28 pm »
BTW I always hated Genesis...

Genesis the character from FFVII Crisis Core... :P

I started playing DragonBall Raging Blast and BatmanAA.

Also Eternal Sonata was really good. I have yet to finish Encore mode but it's extremely hard.  I want to see the game real ending but I heard the 360 ending it's really different.
I am going to get DragonAge soon.
I really need to catch up with the new games!

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Re: Chrono Movies: Fleabane Trilogy
« on: December 29, 2009, 08:17:01 pm »
Oh man, if I could only speak English like a native speaker... But since it's not my first language I don't think I could be of any help. You don't have any Spanish speaker character by any chance?  :roll:   :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

LOL... Man try it out. I am Spanish native speaker too. Just give it a shot.

Fijate y sera facil. Solo pronuncia lo mejor que puedas :P

Good luck!

@Tushantin: Video limit on you tube is exactly 10:59, remember that. If you get past to 11 it won't work.

General Discussion / Re: Video Game Discussion Thread
« on: December 23, 2009, 05:40:53 am »
I always liked X better... The whole thing about Tidus being a dream was really intriguing. FF9 was wierd... didn't like the story much from the beginning. 

That's the order I have for the FF, I actually got to play. The others I've never finished them.

Oh and Jade Cocoon, it's a mixture of Pokemon and Final Fantasy... and it's even better. There is unlimited number of "Minions" due to a merging system.

BTW I always hated Genesis...

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Re: Is Magus really all that cool?
« on: December 22, 2009, 09:24:35 pm »
Yeah Magus has the best story... but he had something missing and was any cool skills with his scythe...
I was always wondering when he will use some physical attack... ended up having the best and strogest magic in the game.
But still... i was dissapointed LOL

General Discussion / Re: Video Game Discussion Thread
« on: December 22, 2009, 09:11:50 pm »
Oh, gods...the Yellow Devil. I remember that brute.

Nine is good, but it is as hard as crap. I played the first level and I don't know how many times I died. Me and a close buddy tried it out, taking turns playing it.

Edit: I'd really like a remake of Chrono Cross on the Wii...or at least put on the VC. That would be great. They remade Chrono Trigger, didn't they? *laughs*

That will probably be released on PSOne classics on the Playstation Network...
It's weird that it isn't there yet... O.o
They should release Chrono Brake  as PS3 exclusive...
Since PS3 has zero piracy and the game is long awaited it will sell like pancakes...
Probably as much as Final Fantasy XIII did....

@Jutty: You should try Jade Cocoon on the PSP. It's one of the best RPG's on PSone together with Cross of course...XD

General Discussion / Re: Video Game Discussion Thread
« on: December 19, 2009, 07:01:20 am »
I want to start another playthrough of Eternal Sonata...
I got the PS3 version and it seems the ending is different and to get the original ending you need to finish the game once more on the other harder setting... >___>
As if the game wasn't hard already LOL!

OH!!! Final Fantasy XIII sold over 1 million copies in japan 1st day... damn... O.O
Now i want the game more than ever XD

Polling / Re: Who is a worthy match for Crono?
« on: December 14, 2009, 08:40:43 pm »
Maybe a Prinny! Would destroy Crono when it explodes lol  :picardno

Polling / Re: Favorite Cross Character
« on: December 14, 2009, 12:20:43 am »
Love my new Buster Sword!! LOL It,s so cool!

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