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General Discussion / Re: Grey's How to draw thread. presented by toyota.
« on: February 03, 2011, 08:17:21 pm »
K gimme a week.

General Discussion / Re: Grey's How to draw thread. presented by toyota.
« on: February 02, 2011, 03:32:44 am »
anybody want a particular subject for me to do??

General Discussion / Re: Grey's How to draw thread. presented by toyota.
« on: January 29, 2011, 12:20:57 am »
Hey's a helpful little video of me drawing Rikku from Final Fantasy x-2 for you guy to look at.

part 1:

General Discussion / Re: Grey's How to draw thread. presented by toyota.
« on: January 29, 2011, 12:16:16 am »
And here's when I get through fixing the drawing with the rules I learned later on.

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I don't know what tutotrial to do next. Chest or Another head?

General Discussion / Re: Grey's How to draw thread. presented by toyota.
« on: January 26, 2011, 10:12:21 pm »
Not much left to do that isn't up to you anymore.

Add a nose. There's many different kinds of noses, but We're going cute, and I decided to use a simple swipe to give a cute little one. remember your guide lines if you don't know (and you really should know) where the nose goes: just under the box between the eyes.

The same goes with a mouth: it goes underneath the nose, and will and should vary. Again we're going for cute: cute in this case means a small mouth.
Adding the eyebrows will give you different expression with the same eyes. Let's go generic for now: simple arches. The width and thickness can vary depending on the subject matter, but that's for another tutorial.

Now just add her face paint and VOILA! you've drawn yourself Kid's adorable little face. Too bad the girl herself isn't as cute. Or is she? I guess that depends on who you're asking, isn't it? Enjoy the work you've done: you've earned a little pat on the back for doing a good job.

Next time, We'll do some body work.

till then:

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General Discussion / Re: Grey's How to draw thread. presented by toyota.
« on: January 26, 2011, 09:52:15 pm »
Congradulations kiddies, you're almost done. Let's work on the braid!
So the braid on Kid's head isn't actually a braid at all, its just bunches of hair held down at points with ribbon. Find where the braid should start and draw a little tube out. It doesn't have to be as long or thin as mine. A lot of people draw shorter, wider, thicker ones. I prefer bigger bows.

When drawing the tube itself remember that it's not a solid object in pratice: the ribbon moves, shuffles and overlaps. Drawing a "cardboard" tub is a no-no: stay away from straight lines.

The ribbon is allowed to be free at the ends, becoming a neat bow. When drawing bows, no matter how you decide to make the bow, remember that the folds should be coming from the tension point: the spot where the cloth is being pulled down and in. this is what's cause the bow to bend and gain its curvy shape.

And it's time to add kid's hair to the braid. Kid's hair is held down from it's natural volume because of the ribbon tying it down, so it should expand and contract according, much like the bow. not to the degree I show the sample; rather, according the tension you have in mind: the tighter the braid, the more visible the difference should be.

If you need to remember you can always use a guideline to help you determine where things should go. just remember to keep them light.
Define the rest of the braid as needed.

General Discussion / Re: Grey's How to draw thread. presented by toyota.
« on: January 26, 2011, 09:29:44 pm »
Right so part: we start on the eyes now. There's an easy way to do this: draw the bottom lid and use it as a guide for the top!

As you can see in the examples on the left, the top is wider and for the most part, more curved the the bottom. Use the bottom as a base and lead out till you reach your box guides you made earlier. From their, it's simply another arch: a big thick one to the top of the guide box and back down. It get's a bit tricker draw the eye from the side, as you need to again remember the curve of the face affecting the lines. but for the most part, the will pretty much work every time.
Whether or not you add the pivot point like I did is up to you. I did since it give a more feminine look without needy lashes.
Anyways. you've now made your lids. time to draw the eye itself. or, more specifically, the visible part of the iris.
There's basically only one rule to follow: the iris is never completely shown without some visual use (shock, fear, etc.) You can do it as a style thing, but I prefer not to.

Look at the examples to the left you can see what I mean. the iris is normally bigger then reach of the eyes lids, so for most part, they lids should cover sections. pupils are just openings to the back of the eyes, and therefore have no color, making them black. They should always be in the center of your iris.

Well, now that that's out of the way, let go on to making the hair, shall we? Of course, you probably already know there's a massive variety of hair, so let's skip all that and work with what Kid as: Loose bangs up front with a ponytail in the back.

Because Kid's hair is like that, we need to use two different methods when drawing it. The first is to use a starting point for the hair. using this point, we're going to simply extended the hair out and make it look like we want in the most basic shapes for guides. like so.

And now that we have them, we can begin to define the hair. The hair closest to the viewer, again, should be defined first.
As you can see, the hair follows the two guides setup earlier: all the parts start from the starting point and follow the path of the guide lines. Keep going till you have the look you want. Once you're done with the front, work backwards.
You may have noticed I left the close part of the bangs alone. don't worry, you don't have to do that last or anything. Kid's hair can flow the bangs in the back, so I just elected to draw the back first.

You can also add hightlights by drawings squiggles, or draw dark tones with short lines.  

Time to draw the back of the head. This part's easy. Simply draw the top of the circle, OR, draw a little bigger. Hair adds volume, remember, and even tied down hair is thicker then a bald head.The bottom of the ear is a good guide how the curve should go.
Right so, hair's done.

General Discussion / Grey's How to draw thread. presented by toyota.
« on: January 26, 2011, 07:52:05 pm »
So you got a itch to draw something from chrono? How about Crono himself? Well, okay, that's great. but you have no clue how to draw without it look like a pile of shit.

Old Grey's here to help.

What yer gonna need: Paper, and a pencil. doesn't fucking matter the type of pencil or paper. Really. just get something. binder paper, I don't care. as long as you can see your goddamn lines. Goddamn.

The second thing you're going to need is patience. It took me forever to learn how to not suck, it's gonna take you forever too. But you'll learn kids.

Alright while you guys are using paper and pencil, ole' grey here is gonna use photoshop. Why? because it's like 400 dollars and I'm going to get mileage out of this damn thing.

alright so my setup is at 2.5 x 3.5 inches at 300 pixel per square inch. It's small, but I like drawing small.

Uploaded with

Fiddle with the controls on your own time, let's get started drawing heads.
And since this is the Chrono Compendium, Let's draw my girl Kid's head. :D

Right so you got your paper and pencil ready and you're like, crap, where do I even start, the whole thing is complicated. Well, start with a circle. No really. Draw a circle. Doesn't have to be pretty, you're a beginner. Just remember to make it light enough to draw darker lines over it. Make sure you have room to add other things, too: Kid isn't just a circle after all.  When you're done, it should look like this:

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Got the circle? good. now draw down the middle, and pull it out a little past half a circle outside said circle. This will be the guide for the chin and jaw. When you're finished, draw lines from the bottom point of the line, and pull them out to the till they reach the circle. They should end up looking like a V. they shouldn't reach to the middle of the circle: that means you've gone narrow. The wider the V the more childlike the face is, and Kid's face is childish in design. It should look like this when you're done.

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My picture is off center, so it's a little different, no worries.
Alright so we have our guides set. Good job. Time to start defining! the cheek and chin are easy to define: it's all about hard and soft triangles. what do I mean? well let's look.

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Notice it yet? Using the guides, draw an arch from one end to the other. The sharpness of the arch and it's placement and the length of the guide determine the chin. a sharper chin can be made with high, sharper arches, or even straight lines. for now, just draw very basic one using the guides. We'll get to a sharper chin some other time.

You may have noticed I darked a piece of the circle, that because I'm using the off center view, and so, need to define the forehead a little. Basically, simply darken the side of the head and attach it to the chin. No sharp lines here.

So now that we have our chin done. Go ahead and add some ears. Start at the top of the chin, and draw 2/3 of a oval. Once your down, draw the same thing on the other side, make sure their roughly the same size: you'll be using these as guides shortly. If you're doing an angel, on your head, use the lead ear and from the connecting points, draw a guide following the curve of the head.

Alright using the ears, make the guides for your eyes across the face. the cent of the face is for the nose, so make a box for it. on either side of the box, add another like, so you have 3 of them side by side. If it's at an angle like line, make sure the side closer to the front is appropriately wider then the rear.

Got them down? Don't worry, it'll take a little prating to visual the curve of the face.

General Discussion / Translation request: schala kid tranformation comic
« on: January 26, 2011, 02:17:12 pm »
anybody know what their saying? I found it on gelbooru

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Fan Art / Re: The return of yours truly.
« on: January 24, 2011, 06:16:57 pm »

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Fan Art / Re: The return of yours truly.
« on: January 09, 2011, 08:48:09 am »
Any other requests? I've been keep myself busy by doing things in between poker sessions

Fan Art / Re: The return of yours truly.
« on: January 08, 2011, 12:42:10 am »
I'm have to work on it.

Fan Fiction / Re: Payback Mate
« on: January 07, 2011, 05:09:06 am »
there's a part 2, but uh.... not for kiddies.

Fan Fiction / Payback Mate
« on: January 07, 2011, 05:05:19 am »
I wrote this on my smart phone.

Well, that was first, Kid completely speechless, Orlha noted. Then again, considering what Serge had just done in front of so many people, one couldn't blame her. Orlha herself was also in a bit of shock.
In front of so many people to.
"Ten gold she wallops him." Orlha heard Fargo say. No doubt to Karsh.
"...I say she cries." Yep. Those too; unbelievable. She sighed, hoping Kid had heard them.
Kid looked away, face at full flush, shaking in embarassment. Serge stood still, beat red himself, still deep in Kid's striking range. "Kid?" he asked softly, wanting to break the tension.
"What the bloody hell was that mate?..." she whispered. "I was enjoying myself... Then you... Then you..."
"I told you." he said, voice still low but firmer now.
"I'm not!" She snapped harshly.
"That wasn't fair, mate. THAT'S NOT FAIR!" Her head shot up, brows furrowed, eyes in a death gaze. Serge was a brave man, but even he worried about his decision to stay so close to her. "You can't just up and do that to me! It's against the rules!"
"Since when does a thief care about the rules?" he snapped with a bold smirk. That was the final straw. With the speed of a master thief, she'd close the distance between her and Serge, grabbed the collar of his black shirt, and pulled him face to face. The look in her eyes... Serge shivered a little at what she planned to here.
"You got a lot of balls, mate... But yer gonna pay for this one. Big time. No one does that to me in front of this many people." She barked. She pulled him in closer. He could feel her breath against his cheeks. More of the group found themselves peeking over.

Glenn, bless his soul, had tried his hardest to keep his nose out of it, but found himself eying them both through his mug. Leene was looking away best she could, but her eyes also managed to reach around just enough for a peek.

"Kid." Serge whispered.

That was enough. She moved. He was silenced.

Hands still full of collar, body hunched to meet hers. She'd gotten her vengeance; a rough, deep, passionate kiss.

Somehow her hands worked their way up to his face, no longer gripping his distorted shirt, but cupping his face. Serge didn't stand still either, leaning in, hungrier for more of her, hands wrapping around her waist and drawing her closer still.

Her chest smashed against his. She'd rested her arms around her neck. They stood among their friends, froze, in the second kiss they'd had.

At least, Orlha mused, in front of the group.

Kid & Serge were tied, special to each other, they'd all realize, save for the two. Kid's background made her hide her emotions well, and Serge was gentle and kind to almost everybody, but even Korcha had managed to figure out those two never separated by choice.

A few times, Kid had grabbed his arm and pulled him along, stopping whenever one of them made a crack about it.

The scene now was quite the public display: they were, after all, in the middle of a concert held by Nikki and his girlfriend Miki, for their ragtag little army. Korcha had gotten wasted at the thought's of unrequited love, leaving poor Glenn to deal with him while Norris, Karsh, and Fargo Swapped stories. Viper elected to keep a low profile, and was off in the corner with his daughter, chatting with the young and energetic Leah about Gaea's Navel.

And then it happened.

Serge was talking per usual with Kid about nothing. When Serge had let it go. Maybe it was beer, maybe it was him making a realization and acting on it. Maybe he was tired of beating around the bush with the obvious.

"Kid... I love you." He said, not realizing the reaction it would cause. Nikki stopped playing. Miki's face was in full flush. Korcha dropped his mug. Glenn held his to face, but didn't take a sip. The whole room had turned to Serge and Kid, who were, appropriately enough, dead center of the room.

"...What?" Kid's face was 3 shades redder, her mouth open slightly, trying to say something back.

"I... I'm going to kiss you." He whispered. "Stop me."

"Don't..." she whispered back. "Stop it mate."

And he did. Gently, oh so gently, he leaned in. She protested a last, silent time. "Don't mate..." She had closed her eyes. She'd felt his lips brush against his.

And for a good minute, Serge had gained control of Kid.

And nobody controlled Kid like this. For this, he would have to pay.

Fan Art / The return of yours truly.
« on: January 07, 2011, 04:41:09 am »

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