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So I have some CTP related questions. Is there any information on what Robot Village supposed to be? Given it's coliseum-like appearance and antiquity-themed names of some robots (Atropos, Prometeus) could it be that robots built a new society that has an ancient greek/roman theme?

Also I first thought about the coliseum and the Battle 2 music track that was used in Arena in DS rerelease. But it's occurence on the OST list suggests that the track was most likely used for the R-series battle given it's drama of Robo getting kicked and trashed, and that a player was unlikely to reach an unconnected Robo Village island by foot at the time. So I don't think that Robot Village was supposed to be some battle arena.

Another interesting topic is Singing Mountain. According to Mitsuda, it was cut for being a generic useless dungeon. But I just can't stop speculating on that - the name "Singing Mountain" does not sound generic - in fact I believe some major event should have been occurred at this location. Not only the name but also the fact that it uses a signature theme track that doesn't really sound like anything from 65000000 BC suggests that it's no generic pre-historic dungeon.

What are your thoughts on this?

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