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Submissions / Re: Chrono Trigger Live Stream
« on: March 04, 2019, 04:00:18 pm »
We are live once again! Come say hi! (Link is in the first post)

Submissions / Chrono Trigger Live Stream
« on: March 03, 2019, 09:03:57 pm »
Not sure if this is where this belongs, but I've decided to try and start a regularly scheduled Chrono Trigger stream. I will attempt to dedicate every Sunday and Monday to playing CT, and I also might try to fit in other days during the week as well.

My plan is to simply create Chrono Trigger content. I'm starting with just a casual run through of the game today, but eventually I want to break out and do Challenge runs, speed runs, etc. If you're not doing anything, come say hi! Thanks in advance for checking me out! (If this type of content isn't allowed here, I apologize.)

Submissions / Re: Chrono Trigger Let's Play
« on: May 24, 2013, 01:02:26 pm »
Indeed it has. I just tend to forget this place exists >_>. It's nice to be back though, I always liked it here  :D

Submissions / Chrono Trigger Let's Play
« on: May 23, 2013, 04:07:26 am »
Hey all. I've started a Chrono Trigger Let's Play on youtube, and I figured the best place to get some viewership would be the largest Chrono Community I could think of, which just so happened to be you guys! =D.

I'm very open to criticism and what not, and really just want some feedback. so please, if you wouldn't mind rating, and commenting on my videos, and even subscribing if you like what I'm doing, I would really appreciate it.

Yes...  Yes I have...  most of them are very clever abd cool...   :D<---But that one frightens me terribly.... :fuk <-----That one brings back terrible, terrible memories...

Jeeze, it's been like...  2 years since I was here last.  I don't know why I stopped coming here...  I always enjoyed chatting with y'all.  But I'm back now :).  A certain fan game, which shall remain unnamed, reminded me of the sleepless nights I used to spend here, so I figured I'd come back xD.  So yeah...  Hiya!  :D <---That scares me...

Wonderful.  I have no idea why, but I got really emotional when that Crimson Echoes Picture at the end of the credits came up (Box art maybe? =o).  This has been a beatiful Journey you guys.  I am now more determined than ever to make a videogame of my own someday.  The dream of Zeal is Alive.  Probably the greatest line in that whole game.

Either that or Frogs "I'm gonna go Medieval on you" xD. Oh I'm a mood ruiner XP

you make very valid points ordeal...  But I just have to say, I love that you have Shishio Makoto as your avatar xD

I hope square watches these videos...  I hope they watch them and see what the destroyed.  They sent this world to the Darkness Beyond Time, where it is doomed to never escape from.  I hope they watch the video's and feel disgust in themselves for what they did.  Most importantly, I hope they regret everything.  Every blow off, every automated message, and most importantly the C&D itself.  I hope they see these videos...  I really, REALLY hope they do...  Once again, Beautiful job you guys.  Absolutely Beatiful.

*Stands up and claps*

Thank you CE team for providing me with one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever witnessed.  Thanks A12, Zeality, and C99 for making such an amazing game, and thank you FW for recording it.  This was true beauty.  I was almost in tears during the credits, and at that point I just wanted to freak out at square...  But I knew it would change absolutely nothing.  This was an incredible experience.  I thank you.  Thank you so much...

*Begins clapping again*

Holy crap....  That was phenomenal...  I love that final dungeon.  the atmosphere of the whole thing was amazing.  I am glad this will finally be over tomorrow.  Not for the reasons you think though.  I'm not sick of the video's or anything.  I am just tired of being left on cliff hangers, or just being abruptly put to a halt by the video just stopping.  I want some closure.  I want that screen to go black, The End to come up, and the video to end.  That will be when I am complete.  I will then proceed to watch the whole thing, beginning to end.  This has truly been a masterpiece, and I thank all of you for sharing it with us.  Tomorrow is going to be a fantastic day.

Just letting everyone know that the videos are out, Z just has not updated the main page yet.

There's a link to anyone who is eager and can't wait for Zeality to do the same thing on the news page >_>

Site Updates / Re: The Month That Could Have Been -- Chapter 17
« on: June 18, 2009, 02:58:09 am »
I'm not gonna lie, I have it too >_>...  Though I'm trying to keep it on the DL <_<....  shhh....  But it doesn't matter, that just means they hadn't gotten around to implementing Schala yet...  IT WILL HAPPEN!!!...  Also, earlier were you saying that you BEAT the Alpha?  What about the game stopping glitches I've heard about?

Site Updates / Re: The Month That Could Have Been -- Chapter 17
« on: June 18, 2009, 02:42:25 am »
Great, now you got my hopes all up and high.  This boss better be phenomenal...  I predict that it will be Schala Holding the frozen flame.  Just because apparently it is a different boss from the Alpha.  I assume in the Alpha the decision had not been made to put Ayla back in as a playable character, as they would still be planning to put Schala in.  However, when they decided to put Ayla back in as a PC, they couldn't just get rid of Schala.  They decided that they would tie up the loose ends and show us how she merged with the DD to create the TD we all know and love.  She's already been sent to the DBT, and that is where You know who, and you know what forced theirway into...  I'm calling it now.  Schala and the frozen flame.

What a great chapter.  I loved the Guru scene, and especially liked how you made Gaspar the head guru of sorts.  One problem though, you had Belthasar say something along the lines of "It's no different than how YOU used them".  But it is, is it not?  Belthasar called the people to him to fix the mistake he himself had made.  Gaspar had them flung upon him, and he merely gave them choices to make.

I couldn't tell if YOU were implying that they were the same situation, or if Belthasar is being delusional.  Whatever the case, the dialogue was fantastic.  King Zeal at the start ended amazingly.  Also, it's true what FW said all the way back in may.  The dream of Zeal is Alive.  This videos have proved that without a shadow of a doubt.  Bravo CE, Bravo.

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