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Ok so I know now that a lot of people here are fans of Floyd and Zeppelin so I have decided to post a track of a piano cover of one of the songs of my all time favorite band The Mars Volta. The guy who did this was really talented, he really made the song his own. The song is called Eriatarka and this version of it really reminded me of a few games. I likened it to  sounding almost like a mix of Chrono Trigger, Castlevania:SOTN, and a little Final Fantasy added in.

It you like it I highly suggest you check out The Mars Volta's album
'Deloused In The Comatorium'. They're pretty popular right now but in case you haven't heard too much of them, the whole album is similar to Floyd concept albums as it has a central story to it and Storm Thorgerson (Pink Floyd) even did the artwork for it! Flea of The Red Hot Chili Peppers also plays bass on it! It's about a real life friend of the band members named Julio Venegas who went into a coma and after he came out of it, commited suicide. The whole album is a fictional story of the dreams he has while in the coma, and he wrestles his good and bad subconsciousness and then decides to die at the end. It's my favorite album by anyone ever. This band is like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Yes and Bjork combined. Their live shows are also literally amazing, the amount of energy is unequaled!

They also have a new album that came out this year called Frances The Mute but I recommend you buy Deloused first if you haven't heard them. The new album is also based on a story and Storm Thorgerson has again done the cover. This story is based on a diary that one of their members named Jeremy Ward  found in a repo truck. The diary was about someone trying to find their biological parents. Jeremy related to it because he also never knew his parents. Unfortunately he died of an over-dose 2 years ago and this album is inspired by him as a result.

So what I'm saying is go and buy Deloused In The Comatorium by The Mars Volta. Anyone who hasn't heard it yet definitely needs to hear it.
You won't be disappointed. And if you are then at least you can say you
heard it.

I've often imagined of naming a daughter Schala or Rinoa as I really really love those names. Am I on crack? Have I finally lost it? Or am I on to something? I'm still undecided, I don't want my kids to have an average name. That is if I even have kids one day.
Anyways..share your feelings whether you would or wouldn't and what names you would consider. Or maybe even what name you would want for yourself.

General Discussion / "Hello My Animal Friends Peace Be With You."
« on: September 17, 2005, 11:08:55 pm »
Hi everyone I'm a noob here and I decided to introduce myself.
Chrono Trigger is favorite game so I really dig this place, some of my other favorite games are Marvel Vs Capcom 2, Zelda: Link To The Past,
Final Fantasy 6, Crono Cross, Super Metroid, Super Mario All-Stars, Halo 1 and 2, Counter Strike, Secret of Mana, Ocarina of Time, Starcraft,
and Front Mission 3. I also really love music my favorite band is
The Mars Volta or At the Drive-In and I listen to lots of other things like The Blood Brothers, Pink Floyd, Sigur Ros, Bjork, Radiohead, The Sugarcubes, King Crimson, Bright Eyes and many others.. Anyone like any of that music?
I also  love The Simpsons, Seinfeld, Family Guy, Adult Swim, and Douglas Adams.

Anyways enough of that, it's time for the hazing and friendly ribbing to begin.. I understand. I'm new. I know how it goes...
Go ahead, have your way with me. Full fill your sick pleasures.

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