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What we know:

It is stated in Chrono Cross that the human mind developed three times  faster than it normally would have, because of contact with Lavos, probably through the Frozen Flame, and it was through the power of the Frozen Flame that the Zeal dynasty created their kingdom. And then, created the Mammon Machine.

Lavos supplied humanity with two things that led one, would have led to its own downfall, and two, which actually lead to its downfall: one being the intellect Lavos granted to humans to make to Mammon Machine, and two, magic which could also be used against Lavos.

My questions:

Why would Lavos give humans intellect that could be used against it, as well as magic that could be used against it?

How did Zeal get the idea that Lavos's life force could be extracted from its body and used as a power source?

Characters, Plot, and Themes / Re: Schala & Kid (in the ending)
« on: October 08, 2005, 01:25:55 am »
Whew! Just finished Chrono Cross, the first time in four years, the third time in total; I got the legitimate ending this time; that is, I used the Chrono Cross properly and freed Schala. What a great ending!


As far as I'm concerned, there's a discrepancy here.

01) When we see Schala inside the Time Devourer, at the Darkness Beyond Time, number one, she's blonde, number two, she's wearing a white garment, and number three, she looks much younger and shorter than she should otherwise, e.g., she looks younger and shorter than she probably was before she was thrown into the Darkness Beyond Time.

02) Furthermore, she talks to Serge saying, "I'll find you, no matter the time," etc, etc, etc, which sounds nothing more than a declaration of love for Serge. She also addresses a letter she was writing as Schala "Kid" Zeal.

03) After we finish reading her letter, we see a portrait of her in chair, with someone standing behind her. We don't see that person's face, because it's cut off by the border of the photo. The man almost looks like he's in a military uniform. Who do you suppose it was? Magus?

04) What's next, is that we see her, (depicted in live footage, obviously someone had to costume play there) in a modern times, at a school building, walking along railroad tracks, and then at a inner city crosswalk.

So, what does all of this mean?

How and why did Schala end up as a blonde, shorter, younger-looking person? And how did her clothes change from her violet robe to a white gown?

Does Schala have a romantic attraction to Serge? And what about her signing the letter almost as if she actually was Kid?

Who was the person depicted together with Schala in the photo?

How and why did Schala end up in modern times?

Chrono Compendium Discussion / Avatar Trouble
« on: October 07, 2005, 03:10:05 pm »
I can't seem to use a link to an off-site avatar.

The image is smaller than 80 x 80 pixels, and smaller in file size than 5KB, yet, when I submit the URL for the image, it doesn't show up under my profile, nor does it appear next to any of my posts made before or after the URL was submitted.

As a matter of fact, the URL bar goes blanl after I submit the URL for the image.

Anyone know what's up with this?

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Save Avatars
« on: October 07, 2005, 03:03:55 pm »
When you make a Chrono Cross save on your memory card, each save is represented with an icon that depicts a character's face.

Which character faces do you get as save icons?

I get:

01) Serge
02) Kid
03) Guile
04) Lynx
05) Leena
06) Korcha
07) Glenn
08) Riddel
09) Lord Viper
10) Nikki
11) Fargo
12) Miki
13) Marcy
14) Razzly
15) Poshul

My question is, do these icons ever change, or are they always the same, and for the same number save?

The first two times I played Chrono Cross, I remember seeing a still scene in which stealth fighters were attacking Terra Tower/Dinopolis about the same time when I was visiting Chronopolis.

But, this time around, when I visited Chronopolis, I didn't see that scene!

I'm at Terra Tower now, facing the 'Taurs, and eventually the Lunar Dragon, and I'm wondering if I missed that scene, or whether it's coming up later.

Can someone confirm this for me?

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Chrono Cross Ultimate Weapons
« on: October 06, 2005, 06:50:39 pm »
In Chrono Cross, are Serge (Mastermune), Glenn (Einlanzer), and Viper (Viper's Venom) the only three characters who have ultimate weapons that can only be used by them?

Are the best weapons that the other characters can get only limited to the "Spectral" weapons crafted by the Rainbow shells and the "shin" items obtained by killing enemies with summons?

Or, does every last character in Chrono Cross have an ultimate weapon custom-tailored just for them?

History, Locations, and Artifacts / Moon Discrepancy
« on: October 06, 2005, 06:40:14 pm »
Belthasar at one point in Chrono Cross tells us that Home World had only one moon, while Another World has two moons (we see those two moons only in cinematic scenes with night sky backdrops in Another World; see: Viper Manor and Terra Tower cinema scenes).

Now, many of you here tell me that Another World is the original timeline, saved by Crono & Co.

If Another World is indeed the timeline that Crono & Co lived in and defeated Lavos upon, then...

...that's also the same timeline which consists of the 600AD when they fought Magus. And if you remember the scene with Magus's castle, you have the backdrop of the moon behind the gargoyle statue at the top of castle; you see this when you first visit the castle.

My point is, we only see one moon in the Magus castle scene, when, if Another World is indeed the same timeline in which Lavos was defeated, there should be two moons!


Also, if Home World is split off of Another World, why do you suppose it would only have one moon and not two moons?

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Your Chrono Cross Favorite Team
« on: September 30, 2005, 01:14:57 pm »
I'm sure you have your three favorite characters that you stuck with in the different parts of the game, so I'd like to know who they were and why (i.e., because of their righteous stats or just because they looked cool).

Between the beginning of the game, and Serge's body trade at Fort Dragonia:

White: Serge (default character, good stats anyway).
Blue: Leena (how could I not? she's so cute!)
Red: Kid (Pillage Technique, decent stats).
Yellow: (didn't like any of the Yellow characters at this point; Poshul is lame).
Green: Glenn (good stats, reminded me of the Glenn from Chrono Trigger).
Black: Guile (decent stats, magic-oriented character; the rest of the Black characters were cornballs).

After Serge gets Lynx's body, up until the time he gets his original body back:

Black: Lynx (default character, good stats, the rest of the Black characters are cornballs).
Blue: Fargo (good stats, Pillage technique).
Red: (all other Red characters besides Kid are weaksauce).
Yellow: Norris (not particularly great stats, but he looks so cool!)
Green: Karsh (second-best character in the game, stat-wise).
White: Starky (don't really care for kawaii extraterrestrials, but he has good stats).

After Serge gets his body back, which characters prevail?!

White: Serge
Blue: Fargo
Red: (still no one...)
Yellow: Norris
Green: Karsh
Black: Grobyc (decent stats)

General Discussion / Weblogs
« on: September 28, 2005, 04:02:06 pm »
Here are some questions:

-Do you have a weblog?
-How many weblogs do you maintain?
-Who hosts your weblog?

I'm thinking about starting my own weblog, and for the purpose of people commenting on whatever I have to say, and introducing a whole new way of thinking to others and myself.

Of course, for that to happen, someone actually has to read it, and for someone to read it, it has to be readily accessible.

In which case, what do you believe is the most accessible weblog? Which is the most well known?

General Discussion / Other Chrono Sites
« on: September 25, 2005, 07:00:47 pm »
Does anyone here visit these two other Chrono sites?


Chrono Continuum:

Chrono Chronicles ~ Legends of Chrono Trigger:

Are they any good?

Do the forums have discussion anywhere nearly as constructive as those we have here?

Does anyone here know of any other Chrono sites out there?

EDIT: Just checked out Chrono Continuum. There's absolutely nothing there that you can't find out here...someone should turn this guy over to OUR side!

General Discussion / Zenning's RPG Soundtrack Sale
« on: September 24, 2005, 07:50:14 pm »


All items in MINT condition, all components present and 100% intact.

All items were imported from Japan, and are the authentic Japanese release.

Scanned images of the item can be found by clicking the URL following the "IMAGE" label listed under a particular item.

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If there is a special shipping option you’d like to be accommodated with, please let me know, and we’ll work it out.


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Please do NOT leave responses on this thread or send me PMs regarding this sale, as I'm not on this board very often.
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General Discussion / How Old/Young You Are?
« on: September 12, 2005, 10:35:44 pm »
I'm wondering how old the members here at the Compendium are.

I'd like to take a statistical analysis.

So, vote in the poll I provide.

No need to tell me your actual age...unless you want to.

(I'm 20, BTW. That's right. The guy sitting on my end of the computer is 20. That's me.)

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / When You First Visited Zeal...
« on: September 12, 2005, 03:08:56 pm »
When you first visited Zeal, how did you feel?

In all honesty, at first, I thought I'd stumbled onto a secret time period.

Imagine my surprise, when I walk out of the cave with the Time Gate, and into a wintry wonderland?

Then, I travel east, and find this strange, futuristic dome-looking thing.

Perhaps this was either the world between 1999AD and 2300AD, after dust had been kicked up in the atmosphere, blocking out the sun, the world thus ushering a cruel ice age? Or perhaps, the planet was actually somehow getting its bearings back sometime after 2300AD?

I enter the dome, and am suddenly transported to what seems to be a tropical paradise. Then I walk away from the scene with the teleporter and mountainside, and find myself floating on an island in the sky!

I then proceed to the nearby town (Enhasa) and find that everyone in it has something interesting to say.

I then take the northern "Land Bridge," (why doesn't Enhasa's skyway connect directly with the skyway on Zeal's main continent? Did the Enlightened Ones actually like having to walk on the Earthbound land between Enhasa and Kajar?)

Then I find myself on Zeal's main continent, and take myself to Kajar and the Blackbird's dock. More interesting things, people have to say, and more interesting sights to behold.

Then I go up the mountain path to Zeal Palace; while the mountain trail was nice, again, why doesn't the teleport at the bottom just go to the teleport at the top?

Eventually, amongst my conversations with the people, I find out that they actually use Lavos as a source of power! In all other time periods, Lavos is feared, but in this time period, the people think no differently of Lavos than a mere appliance!

Eventually, I chance upon Janus and Schala, and I hear another great music from the game: Schala's theme.

And of course, I eventually run into the Queen Zeal, who kicks my ass and sends me away; then I'm convinced that Zeal really was a secret time period, and was only designed to stay open for a limited time.

After this point, I wandered the time periods trying to figure out what I needed to do next...

...and then I needed to return the game to Blockbuster. I must've rented the game four times just to get up to that point.

But, I heard some cool music, and saw some cool scenes; I knew was getting the game for Christmas, but now, I was even more excited to get it in my hot, rather-average-for-my-age-sized hands.


This was all the way back in the Autumn of 1995AD, that I was first exposed to the game, and took in these sights.

What were your thoughts when you first visited Zeal?

History, Locations, and Artifacts / Mysteries of the Dreamstone
« on: September 11, 2005, 04:48:31 pm »
Quote from: Book found in Kajar
It all began aeons ago, when man's
ancestors picked up a shard of astrange red rock...
Its power, which was beyond human
comprehension, cultivated dreams...
In turn, love and hate were born...
Only time will see how it all ends.

What "strange red rock" might we be talking about here?


Where did Dreamstone come from? The Planet? Lavos?

If you remember, Ayla had Dreamstone the first time you visit her in 65million BC, and that was prior to Lavos's collision with the planet.

Either way, there was Dreamstone on the Planet before Lavos came along.

As the book surmises, this red stone is the reason that humanity evolved into more intelligent beings.

Your thoughts on this?

Magic, Elements, and Technology / Vehicles: Epoch and Blackbird
« on: September 11, 2005, 12:18:29 pm »
I've some questions regarding these two Zealian vehicles.

Number one being, what's their power source? Do they run on some kind of engine? What kind of engine would you suppose? Some kind of conventional engine, using technology known to us even in our own time, or an engine that uses magic?

I mean, if Zeal depending on the Mammon Machine to provide Lavos's life force as a power source, and we don't see either vehicle in action until after Zeal is destroyed and the Mammon Machine is lost...

...well, I guess my point is, neither vehicle uses Lavos's life force as a power source, do they?

And, how does the Epoch travel through time? It doesn't have even of the previous features that would allow it do so, unless it DOES use Lavos's power, or Dreamstone, or if it can actually communicate with The Entity to open a Time Gate (if indeed The Entity does open Time Gates).

Well, those are it for my questions.

I'd just like to say, it's a damn shame we don't get to use the Epoch's laser more often. Remember when you can crash through Lavos's shell with the Epoch, bypassing it completely? They could have made a shooting scene out of that...

...I'm just sorry that we had to end up shooting down the Black Bird. That was one awesome warship. I wanted to have it for my very own...

...and lastly, after you get the Epoch, and you get to fly around, why doesn't anyone in the towns mention seeing a strange silvery flying thing about? You'd think that someone would have something to say, espcially when it's pretty conspicuous...

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