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And I'm back!!!

I am proud to present a ♥love quarrel♥ in Guardia High...!

Serge recently enrolls as a senior student into the prestigious Guardia High School when he comes across two lovely Sophomore students.  One is the crazy and energetic student: Kid.  And the other is the sweet, soft and good-hearted Leena.  What is the connection Serge feels with these ladies?  Who will win the affections of our hero?!  

♥♥♥ Who will you be studying with~? ♥♥♥

(for those who don't get it; this is a parody of them Japanese Dating Sims ft. High School Shenanigans)

Serge looks as plain, oridinary, boy-harem-attracting as it gets.  ...I like his tie though. ;)

Kid has a ponytail...kinda looks more like who she's supposed to be, huh?

Plain and lovely, Leena.  I always preferred her over Kid!

Some screenshots...

You may now go  :picardno

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / This forum may die soon...
« on: August 11, 2010, 07:24:37 pm »
Before you bash, hear me out.

I love this site, I do think it IS the most comprehensive look at the series...
But, lets face it, without another game soon, it will be hard to keep this forum and series up, and may sadly get lost in that void of great (hit) games without another sequel.

I think many were disappointed when the new Chrono Trigger announcement was simple a sort of re-imagining and combination of the SNES and PSX title.  But Chrono fans will definitely need more.

I'm surprised Squeenix, or whomever, can't take a bloody hint.

I dunno... maybe this is just a small rant, but I also want to ask you people: where do you think the Chrono series is headed?


     Chrono and RPG lovers – do you ever wonder what happens in the world where you fail Chrono’s team and are defeated by Lavos?  Normally, it’s easy to simply reload your previous save file, and try it again… however, let’s disregard the fourth wall being broken.  We are left with a team who has lost to the being that will inevitably destroy their planet.  Chrono Break would undoubtedly continue to tie in the events of Chrono Trigger and Cross, but also examine the real of possibilities and increase the scope of the series.

      My vision of Chrono Break takes place in an alternate reality where Chrono’s team had never succeeded.


Full Name: Ariadne Sarassein [Zeal]
Occupation: Wanderer (?)
Origin: A different time and space
Age: 21
Species: Human
Home Time: Unknown
Home Area: Unknown
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Build: Petit
Hand: Ambidextrous  
Weapon Type: Throwing Knives &  Magic!

      Aria is a part of the Zeal bloodline from a dimension where they never came into power and where Lavos had never invaded.  However, her consciousness was somehow swapped from her world and into a body that greatly resembles Schala. Upon regaining this new conscious, she woke up in the middle of a bloodied flower field within a forest clearing.  The blood unmistakably came from Aria, yet she feels no pain from it.  Shortly after, she meets Leon and eventually begins to travel with him in hopes of going back to her world, but later begins to shed light on the reasons for why she came to this world, whether she would like to or not.   Aria is otherwise a sweet, curious woman.  She is wise, and focused; and comes to rely on Leon as a close companion.

Full Name: Leon Devorai
Occupation: Hunter
Origin: Secret!
Age: 22
Species: Human
Home Time: TBD
Home Area: Town nearby Zenan Bridge (Name TBD)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 139 lbs.
Build: Medium
Hand: Left Handed  
Weapon Type:

      Leon is a sarcastic man, taking nothing too seriously.  He is a heavy thinker, and tends to be serious only in his head rather than outwardly displaying concern.  Leon has an astonishing amount of strength, and knows much more than he lets on.  Instead, he lives in a small town, working bum jobs despite greater capabilities.  He has a large tattoo visible on the upper part of his chest; Aria believes it to be much bigger and a cause for mystery as Leon seems to consciously hide it.  Finally, Leon seems to have a great interest in Lavos.  He decides to travel with Aria when he witnesses Aria’s Zeal-based magic as key to his own plans.  This is not to say he is malicious, he rather harbours a great fondness for Aria and enjoys to tease and annoy her, but remains a trusted ally.

     Aria, a girl whose appearance bears an uncanny resemblance to that of Schala, wakes up in the middle of a forest flower field.  Blood stains the white flowers, and the blood pool stems from Aria; however she has no memory of any incident, no pain, or any idea as to what lead to her being there in the first place.  Her memory is not lost, but rather blurred in regards to recent events.

      The blood begins to attract predators, and Aria quickly learns she has some magical abilities, and quickly adapts to using them in order to dispatch the nearby enemies.  After eliminating her foes, she is soon faced with a larger, more fearsome creature with ruby eyes that almost burn.  The horrific being bears similarities to Lavos, but still not quite the same, and not nearly to the scale of size and power.  Nonetheless, Aria is outmatched.  

      Before the beast could attack, Aria is shielded by a man, who quickly helps her up to able her to fight again.  Aria strikes with an illuminating spell, blinding the creature, as the man run forward to the dizzied beast, unleashing a ‘magic’ of his own.  The man’s fist began to shake into a bizarre dark-light.  The man’s magic almost seemed to have sucked the light from the ground nearby, and pounds the foe’s head in a single blow.  Aria was still much too surprised with all recent, strange events to even be disturbed by the man’s astonishing skill, but rather breathes a sigh of relief as everything seemed to be calming down with the beast’s death.

      The man introduces himself as Leon.  And Aria, now safe, introduces herself as well.  At that very instance, Aria feels a sharp pain in her head as a “pulse” emits itself from the ground, shaking the leaves and the stones, and disrupting a nearby puddle.

      The strange pulse-quake was over almost as soon as it began, and the planet was silent again.  Aria, curious at the strange occurrence, averts her eyes to the sky, where not only has a third moon appeared, but a belt of stars and gases lighten the horizon. To Aria’s astonishment, a new mass moon had appeared in the sky where once there was only two moons!  She mentions this to Leon, asking what in the world could have happened; however, Leon seems to be unaware of the change.  Stating three moons have always been the norm.  Concerned she may have been hurt and confused – Leon agrees to help the “damsel in distress” and take her to a nearby village.



"I don't even know how we got this far. I think about it; and I can't believe it," Aria stretched, worn out, tired, and smiling despite her defeated spirit.
Their future, even regardless of *the* future was looking grim.  Aria and Leon had barely managed to make it as far as they had; they are both hurt and tired and the worst was still to come.
"We're... almost done... We can't fail now. It's not just our home that we're trying to save... It's everything.  No one will ever have to worry about Lavos, his spawn, the malignant cells, everything... Forget the ‘heroes of time’, they couldn’t save us and who says they’re only ones who can!" Leon clenched his arm, the pain within it was throbbing and he couldn't help but squeeze his eyes shut.

Aria looked up, her eyes were misty, soon to be filled with tears at the gravity of their situation and against their odds of overcoming it, "Leon...” Aria said weakly, “How can we really expect to live through this...? " a tear finally rolled down her cheek.
Leon stood up and walked closer to Aria. He knelt down, on level to her, taking his hand away from his bandaged arm and onto Aria's soft cheek.  Without forcing it, Leon managed a smile and said, "Because we have to. There is nothing left to go back to.  We’re making the future – the only one left to make.” Leon then smirked and said, “Besides; we’re the good guys; we don’t screw up.  Instead…” Leon continued proudly to ease the mood, “We usually pull through with the sun on our backs as we get a statue of ourselves erected!  Then we get women, or men, shouting their praises!  So, we pull this off, we have something good to look forward to.”

Aria smiled, even despite the hopelessness, Leon’s words helped to ease her mind.  Her eyes were red from crying, but gave a sincere look and a smile to Leon.
The situation was much worse than Leon made it seem.  There was no going back.  There was no going back because there was nothing to go back to.  As it stood right now, there was no future, no time and space to go to.  It had all been eradicated and left to this one and single moment.  History was either going to be made, or going to end.
Leon helped Aria up as he gazed towards the door to where their final foe would arrive shortly.  Leon looked at Aria and began walking through the mouth of the cave.

The light coming from the room ahead clouded Leon’s sharp silhouette.  Aria stared at ahead…  the mouth of the cave… his shadow… and a familiar feeling.

This…  I remember this…

I have been here before…

Aria began to follow Leon, but at a slower pace.  She put her left foot forward, dragging it slowly, then following with her right foot.  Aria looked down, but set her sight ahead, and continued along.
Aria and Leon stood at the summit of a great mountain.  The sky was a roaring red; and the earth began to shake.  The two looked up skyward; their enemy plunging at an incredible speed towards the earth.
“This is it…!  Are you ready?!”  Leon shout out, his voice was changed, it shook from the pain in his body.
Aria buried her hand into her inner jacket pocket, and began to pull out a peculiar crystal.  The gem had qualities that made it look like a faded star within a glass case.  The shape looked like an astral body – almost galactic, almost stellar…

Aria drew the crystal up, and it began to glow with the most intense light until nothing could be seen.  At the moment when it felt the light could not become any brighter, Aria threw down the gem, shattering it, turning everything completely dark.
And then…

Thats all!  For now?  I don't know.  It was a lot of fun to do anyways. =)
I did it quick, so pardon grammatical and spelling errors...or if its sucks.

Fan Art / Chrono Trigger - Tribute
« on: December 24, 2009, 03:19:18 am »
Hey everyone.

I made a new account mainly because I forgot my old one's password and making a new one is simply easier.  Anyways.
I made a new fanart.

Chrono Trigger - Tribute
The main the description for the whooole speech of info.  Nice and optional that way.

I don't know if you remember, but I also did this some time back.

I hope you like this new piece!  Cross' artwork was certainly in a more serious style though...

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