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I'm not hold my breathe, but its e3 time again. Maybe this is the year? Square is running out of franchises to milk :p . Thoughts?

General Discussion / Official Chrono Trigger toys for sale
« on: April 08, 2010, 09:41:54 pm »
I don't know where to put this, but here it is.


Chrono Compendium Discussion / How many fan games have there been that....
« on: February 18, 2010, 03:36:52 pm »
How many Chrono Trigger fan games have there been, that actually got released. Can someone list them for me?

So the Chrono Trigger: DS Ultimania has been out for more then a months, and I know that are several people hard at work translating it. However, I must ask, was there anything new in there? Anything we didn't know about before?

I did a quick search on this subject but couldn't find anything recent, so I apologize if I am bring back a dead subject in advance.

So I finally was able to beat Chrono Cross this passing weekend "great game btw", after beating the CT:DS release, and thought to myself how impressive, that just one Guru was able to pull all that off.

I then remember the ending cutsence  in Trigger where Melchior is happily attending a wedding with a bottle of wine in hand.

This provoked two thoughts in me, where is Melchior during 1005-1020? Would Melchior help in Guardia affairs? Would that extend to its reconstruction "if it wasn't out right destroyed in 1005?" I assume it still is around in some form what General Kid said.

First we can assume two things.

1. Melchior was on very friendly terms with Crono and Marle, why else would he show up their wedding? Not to mention Crono and Co saving him.

2. He probably didn't really care for Dalton. If this scene has any merit , because being hit by a fireball is never fun.

So, if we can assume that Melchior didn't die of old age immediately after trigger "how old is he anyway", and if Guardia wasn't sacked to nothing "Which I think it is implied in Cross that it was still around" He would probably be more then willing to help them. I remember Melchior stating something about giving up the weapons business because of how peaceful the world is now. "Or something along those lines, I don't recall 100%" Obviously that wouldn't last for every long.

So if he is still around, that would have Melchior and Lucca,  "atleast until 1015AD" perhaps two of the greatest minds in all of the Chrono series on the side of Guardia. Even though Melchior lives near Medina. If the Masamune quest from trigger was any indication, they could easily work together.

On a side note, if Schala really wanted to make Kid happy, she probably did something about Lucca's problem. "The being dead/missing problem." So We could even assume Lucca is probably even still around by the time 1020 hits. That is, if we are assuming she didn't change the events of 1005 AD as well.

Also, even though this might be reading too much into things, Melchior probably would help Magus if he was to ever see Magus, and if he knew about the Magus and Janus connection.

If Belthasar collaborated with Lucca in some way for the events of cross, would it be safe to assume that Melchior probably helped as well?

So, what ever did happen to Melchior?

I know this has been discussed a few times.

but I have a few questions that near clarification. First, as chrono series has multiple time lines and dimensions the question of "cannon" is pretty hard to establish in it self. As to me, every ending is cannon, even the ending where everyone has turned into reptiles. All of them in their own dimension :), but enough joking around.

Anyway, so, where is Magus/Janus now? It looks like he was transported to an era similar to 1000AD. I remember there was talk about Guile was suppose to be Magus, but was cut do to development time. We can assume he was transported to that time, but why would he end up there? If he went anywhere else he would probably die from old age..... If he can die from old age. From what I got, they seem to me the are really implying that he is guile now, or that he will be in another sequel "one could only dream". I also had Magus in my party when I got this ending. What will happen to that Magus?

Dalton and his army, depending on who you have in your party, they ether take it is a real threat, or brushed it off. Now did they even actually meet him though? I had Marle and at the time, she took offense to it. So, if they do remember his threat, and there isn't any evidence that says they don't, I would think they would prepare themselves. Maybe build more of those dragon tanks they had guarding the prisons?  That is of course, if that conversation actually happened.

I've read some of the parts in The Rise of Porre and the Fall of Guardia articles, I skim through the article, trying to avoid parts that said chrono cross "since I actually have still yet to beat it sadly  :picardno , after beating ct for the DS i've decided to actually play through the game again, and actually finish it :p." but from what I understand from where i got in the game anyway. Porre attacks Guardia, and Guardia falls, porre sends norris to find the frost flame, but how far does it "fall". I would also like to point out that Guardia does have tanks in Crono's era, and that melchior would more then likely help them with revisions. That maybe a whole other discussion though...... "Also, I GAVE THAT MAYOR'S HIS GREAT GREAT GRANDMA FREE JERKY THAT JERK :p."

I did not make this image, nor do I know who did.

What was the vortex bosses suppose to be? I did get through the part in Chrono Cross, where you first meet the "echos" aka the freaky ghost children of crono lucca and marle. Are they connected to those echos?

Chrono Cross Modification / What do I need to make modifications
« on: December 09, 2008, 01:00:27 pm »
Right now I am currently starting finishing my BA and will start on my Master degree in fields related to computer programming.

Since I am not comfortable in posting personal information online, especially since there are apparently certain issues with this type of modifications, lets just leave it at that.

I am familiar with C, C++ java, and . I thought to myself, what better way to teach myself, then to make something related to something I love. So my question is, what do I need to know, and what do I need to use to make modifications for ether/both Chrono Cross, and Chrono Trigger?

From my experience however, many of the works here seemed to focus more on art design rather then coding, but it couldn't hurt to ask, right?

Chrono Cross Modification / A high resolution Chrono Cross modification
« on: December 08, 2008, 11:00:56 pm »
I remember A while back someone made a High Resolution pack for FF7, and I was wondering if anyone ever did one for Chrono Cross?

I also want to know if said modification did improved models for the game. "higher polygon count."


Click the link in the article to hear the video, and be amazed. It isn't just any rick roll video, it must be seen to be believed.

I hope this doesn't turn into Chrono Trigger hate like some of the other posts I was reading :p.

Chrono Trigger DS Analysis / Don't spoil it. DS ending.
« on: December 02, 2008, 02:04:18 pm »
So I just got Chrono Trigger DS, and I want to know, is the DS ending a new ending that is actually connected to the the storyline, such as connecting to Cross and what not, or is it a fun ending, like the entire world being turned into lizards :p.

Don't spoil it, just say if it is story driven, or if it just for fun.

Fan Projects / sunset over imdahl, its free and short
« on: December 02, 2008, 01:35:34 pm »
Sunset over imdahl is a fun 1-3 hour "all depends on the player" is an rpgmaker rpg that was inspired by Chrono Trigger. I actually thought it was alot of fun, especially from the approach it took. To bad the author never got around to make that sequel he wanted too.

Anyway, check it out. Here is a working download .

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