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Chrono Trigger Modification / Temporal Flux tutorial videos.
« on: November 16, 2017, 02:13:23 pm »
 I plan on making a short series and releasing them on YouTube of Temporal Flux and how to do some cool stuff. I'm not looking for any C&D crap  (monkeys banging on keyboards will eventually pirate a game).

Interface & usage.
How to craft a Location from scratch.
Making a Cutscene.
Making a randomized mini-dungeon.
Making the Blackjack minigame.

With that said, any requests? It's gotta be doable in 'vanilla Temporal Flux'. Also I'm not the best with overworld scenes.


Chrono Trigger Modification / ChronoTrigger+WorldRevolution
« on: January 12, 2017, 07:00:09 am »
The final version of ChronoTrigger+. Let's get it done!

Greetings and salutations all.

Perhaps some of you remember me from the old days of Kajar Laboratories working on this project "ChronoTrigger+ Eternal End" -- an mega extension of classic with enriched dialog, extra-epic cut scenes, new areas, etc...without 'adding anything out of place', with areas that 'looked like the fit seamlessly into the game'...and more!

I was surprised to see this forum still exists...

First off, I'm still with it(somehow, ha ha).
I'm looking for a few volunteers for completion, (it's been 11 years! lol).

We require:
Preferably those with ROM hacking expertise for bug-fixing, minimal knowledge of TemporalFlux is required(or at least the willingness to learn it)

Someone who can help write a plugin for a 12MB ROM (it's huge!), double the index(and repoint) of locations, events, monsters and item lists. Yes, I'm serious.

I've put this off long enough, and it's time to get it done (or else!, haha just kidding)
I've had thousands of hours of joy and...just great fun modding and expanding this great game(just to see what I can fit into it)...

I've made a new thread for this project...(since it wouldn't let me upload the files for the latest version). Ah well. Here is the version from jan 2013, should be fine. Let me know if there's any problems.

Patch notes (jan 2013)

This is the last "pre-pre-final" version.
Next version will hopefully be at "pre-final status"
After that, I'll work on the "pre-pre-final" of Act2 so we can get testing!

Yet AGAIN, I've added and tweaked more scenes here and there.
Something I've done for every version. So much has been done that it's a moot point to list all of them.


Epic battles tweaked and balanced.
Enhanced AI and spell cycles for most all enemies and bosses.

I still haven't tested a brand new game (I always use + for testing so I can get through everything quickly), so stats might not be totally balanced yet. If you use a NG+ from the last version of Act1. It should be fine. I haven't messed with the items yet either.

I *did* however, fix the Blue Imps at the start so they're not uber strong.

Fixed many bugs...too many to list here.

Ocean Palace Lavos scene finally fixed after being broke for ages. (pun intended)

Things to look out for:

--all these and bugs will be hopefully fixed for the pre-final of CT+Act1.

Enhasa books are still broken, presumably the secret room is too so don't bother warping in there.

Teleporter room isn't added (the new room to the right or below Magic Labs) so take care not to enter.

Secret room works, just make sure you pay attention to the puzzle, after using the "blue spark" watch where the red one appears.

Library--didn't find any bugs here, but it's so huge that I could've missed them. You can easily spent 20-30 minutes reading everything in that place as there're alot of books. The submissions people made to the old school Kajar Labs at the 'Compendium are there. ;)

I probably misspelled some stuff, so keep your eyes peeled!

Take note as the secret passageway is broken so you still have to enter the Zeal Throneroom through the main door when going to the Ocean Palace.

For some reason I couldn't upload...

Anyways, post bugs here, I'll get a crew going on bug-fixing.
I would love to get this done soon, I need to get it off my head.
It's been hell not finishing this and just 'sitting on it'.

Working on this project brought lots of joy and was loads of fun, would love to give back to the members here(by completing this) as thanks for all their works then, and the kindness bestowed unto me when I was just a 'noob' at ROMhacking.


Submissions / Magus's Castle--an experimental instrumental!
« on: September 23, 2011, 11:23:40 pm »
Since Magus's Castle didn't have a theme, I decided to give it a try...

The Dark Wizard's Tower

This is just a WIP, so I don't even have the chorus added yet (and of course that'll be rapid, dark choir when I do add it)  :twisted:
Let me know what ya' think, give feedback, criticism, stuff I need to improve, etc. I know the timing is off a in a few places.

Done with FruityLoops Studio, the warping instruments (piccolo and pipe organ) are done with a plugin called "Ravity"


Submissions / The Day the World Revived (epic remix)
« on: December 26, 2010, 08:16:09 am »
Here you go... I used FL Studio with the Magnus Choir plugin for this. Sounds real.


I hope to have a Lavos Apocalyptic remix next, this should sound like the world is really coming to an end!

I might mix up the notes a bit and make it sound like:

Stay tuned!  8)


Submissions / CT+ Fury of the Ages (getting things rolling!)
« on: May 20, 2009, 09:36:32 pm »
With Kajar Labs gone, I was saving this concept in case something terrible ever happened. Would anyone be interested in helping me do voices for a short CT+ mini-series? I was going to call it "Fury of the Ages"  The essence of it is this: I would record important scenes of game play from each chapter of CT+ and condense it down into several 10 minute episodes. (Like with the Black Wind Rising vid, a while back) Only this would have the dialog boxes removed, battles would be recoded (so that the sprites would leap about DBZ style, lol), and some other tweaks would have to be made. But it could work. Atleast then people would get to see the Essence of CT+ - even though in all likelihood they won't get to play it.

Just because CT+ is on hold (maybe forever) doesn't mean that I am just going to dissapear. If Zeality deems this project worthy in his eyes, I would like to request a forum for such works. It would be preferred to be public this time.

Auditions for voices will probably happen somewhere around August, and various people would do voices for each character. I totally call Magus though. I already made some sound clips long ago, and they're pretty badass. Anyone down?


Cast-- (Catagorized by set, then by order of appearance)

Announcer - Zakyrus

Crono (internal dialog, like thinking to himself)
Marle -
Lucca - Katie Skye
Frog - mav
Robo - Zakyrus (with robot vocode)
Magus/Prophet - Zakyrus

Important NPCs
Toma/Toma XIII
Chancellor (both)
King Guardia (both)
Queen Leene
Johnny - mav
Old Man/Gaspar
Melchior - mav
Knight Captain - mav
Masa, Mune and Masamune (same person will do all 3)
Queen Zeal
Algetty Elder

Yakra (must sound sinister)
--Guardian (computer synthed for sure)
--R-Series (same as Guardian)
Lavos (will probably use some "telepathic alien-synthed voice")

Misc NPCs
Nu (they must all sound the same)
Old Man at the Fair (gives SP card)
Girl sitting at fountain (at the fair)
Mystics in Medina Village (Magic Cake house)
Laruba Village Elder
Guy at Enhasa's Entrance (greets the party)
Guy at Kajar's Entrance (greets the party)
Royal Servant (tells Schala to go to the throneroom)
Earthbound Citizen (Male)
Basher (Blackbird Jailer)
Marco (Fiona's Husband)


Chrono Trigger + / Puzzles
« on: February 18, 2009, 04:25:43 pm »
Here's a puzzle I'm working on for the upcoming release of CT+ 1.1 (wish me luck!)

Poyozo-figurine Switch Puzzle (in Genocide Dome)
This puzzle replaces that 3-switch puzzle in ChronoTrigger. know, where you get the Poyozo doll for the Mother Brain Door
(NOT the Poyozo by the Robot)

I didn't put every party member's text here, _just_ enough to show
you the differences in the dialog. Also, I'll probably make the dialog
sound better anyways. I'm always re-wording blocks of text to make for
that consistant level of pizzaz.

NOTE: *any Party Member comments are said by a random party member*

*Player 'checks' the Keypad, (where the 3 switches used to be)*

{Marle}: Hmmmm... There's a 9-digit keypad here...
         We've gotta get past it somehow...

{Lucca}: Hey, there's a 9-digit keypad here!
         How are we going to get through?

{Robo}: It appears we must enter a code into this
        9-digit keypad to proceed...

*decision box*
What do you want to do?
   Let's try to access it!
   Let's try to bypass it!
   Do nothing.

if (access) (have to press the right buttons)
*decision box*
"Press which number?" 1 2 3 (next)
"Press which number?" 4 5 6 (next)
"Press which number?" 7 8 9 (back to first row)

The password _could be_ "3 7 1" in one NG and "5 1 6" in the next... heh heh.
I'm attempting to code it to be totally random. (of course there may be clues lying about)

_if wrong:

"You entered X X X."
*play 'incorrect input' sound*

Nothing happens...try again?
   Don't have much of a choice.
   Give up for now.

_if wrong 3 times: (show THIS only once)

{Marle}: Damn, there's too many numbers!
         Maybe there's a code layin' around or we could
         try to hot-wire it!

{Lucca}: There's alot of possibilities.
         There has got to be a code around here somehwere...or
      we could try to override it somehow.

{Robo}: It seems that there are many possible combinations.
     There may be a code nearby, or we could attempt
        to bypass it entirely.

*return to original decision box*

_if correct:
(door opens, with door open sound)

{Marle}: Well that wasn't so bad.

{Lucca}: Meh... What a no-brainer.

{Robo}: Success! Let's us proceed.

_if correct: (AND three or more bad tries, added this just to shake things up)
(door opens, with door open sound)

{Marle}: Yeah! We FINALLY got it!

{Lucca}: Whew! What a real mind-job.

{Robo}: Success at last! Let's us proceed.

EVENTUALLY, this will be coded so that if you guess the password without finding
the clues, you might get something REALLY special! Ha ha ha ha ha...
Oh, for you guys that use "Hex number search" to find the mem-values for the code: that's
NOT cheating in my mind, heh, you still ARE hacking, one way or another. ;p

_if bypass:

"Are you sure? This will disrupt the integrity of the Keypad."
   Uh...wait a minute. (goes back to original decision box)
   Yeah I'm sure, let's break stuff!

(ruins the keypad, so you HAVE to do this version of the puzzle)
(also, there's clues/ a schematic somewhere)

*play sound effect*
"After forceful manipulation, the keypad fell off
and crashed onto the floor...breaking into pieces."

*play sound effect*
"Inside there's a series of wires all bundled up..."

*play sound effect*
"You tear wires out and now you can combine them..."


(this is what I have so far)

Keep in mind, this is just ONE of them, there are more. Also, with the above puzzle, depending on how you complete the puzzle depends on what item will be in the (special new) Zeal Box that's next to the Poyozo!

Until next time...


P.S. I hope to have some more kickass screenshots soon. I've been caught in a cycle of getting into CT+, then something gets me away from it, and the cycle begins anew. I am making progress. Probably not as fast as everyone else would like, but hey, that's life. (or atleast this dimension of it) Anyways, hopefully this strange cycle will end and I'll get all of this stuff done for 1.1.

Chrono Trigger Modification / Weapon Effect Graphics
« on: October 12, 2008, 06:24:33 pm »
Recently I've been experimenting with changing the PC-attack animation pallet's Index. (which is going wonderfully, I may add --thanks to Justin3009 for the info) Due to this, I started to make some new weapons out of the spare empty Bows, Guns, and Fists that lie untapped in the ROM.

Here's the method for the pallet weapon index and the colors themselves: (this has probably been posted before, but I'm reiterating it here)

Quote from: Justin3009
I was able to find the palette index table today after some searching (the weapon index is moved 4 times within memory before the table is used)

$0D6CEC + weapon index

Ex: Rainbow is item $55, add to $0D6CEC and you get $0D6D41.  Change the value at that address ($00) to select a different palette.  If you enter $18 you should get the Wood Sword palette. ($1E = Swallow Blade colors)

The weapon palettes are at 114B00-114BBF.  6 bytes each, 32 total.  That should mean a limit of 3 colors per palette.
...and $00-1F is the valid range for the $0D6CEC,x index values.

Wood Sword = 114B90

Anyways, I've been searching for a way to change the animation indexes themselves. For instance, Lucca's empty Guns shoot a sideways (dart?) that looks very strange. Does anyone know where to find the animation index that a weapon uses? Or is this data compressed? Insight and answers much appreciated as always. ;)


I'm working on adding a layer3 to a background of North Cape by using L3 Tileset C (used for water in Heckran Caves)
(sorry, I don't have a screenshot)

It looks totally awesome ingame, but the the problem I have is the tiles aren't animated unless I set it to a pallete that uses that Layer3 tileset (such as #11, which is Heckran Cave pallete. However, North Cape's pallete is 43) Why is it that some L3 tiles do this based on pallete? What gives...? Is there asm code that governs the pallete/tileset or something? (I'm thinking I won't be able get this working easily...)


Chrono Trigger Modification / Tutorial: Fixing tiles layering.
« on: September 05, 2008, 06:19:22 pm »
I wrote this little tutorial because there wasn't much info on this subject and it will hopefully clear up alot of confusion for new mappers. This is another case where we can say, just "go to the tutorials" -- the info's there.
Hopefully sometime in the future, Gieger can add a mode to TemporalFlux that will allow one to see every "Sprite over L1" or "Sprite over L2" tile all at once. (which would make map-fixing alot easier)

Open the desired location to edit.

Go to Window Menu -> Location -> Tile Properties, this will create a tab called Tile Properties
at the bottom of the Tileset Window.

The parts we are concerened with here is the "Sprite over L1" & "Sprite over L2" settings.
If you click on a tile that layers over the Party Members, you will see one or both of these values as True or False depending on which layer the Party Members are meant to walk on.

For instance, let's say I make a map where Layer1 is the 'ground' where the Party Members (PCs) will walk on, so "Sprite over L1" would be True. A layer of Trees that are "on top" of the scene are on Layer2, therefore "Sprite over L2" would be False (making the layer go over the PCs). If I made a map where Layer2 was the walking path and Layer1 was the trees; "Sprite over L1" would be False and "Sprite over L2" would be True.

For visual purposes, I have included a few images.

Here's one, where the tile is over the PCs:

They should be set to True if it's a surface that's meant to be walked on. In the image below, you can see the highlighted tile where "Sprite over L1" & "Sprite over L2" should BOTH be False (seeing as both Layers for that tile are meant to be walked on in this case)

Here's one where the Trees aren't right:

As highlighted (with the green box) in the image below, the problem is actually the tile beneath it, not the trees themselves. (The trees here are on Layer1 by the way)

So keep in mind: Sometimes the tile that may be "goofing up" is actually a tile near or around the problem area. Some experimentation is required.


Here's Fiona's Forest Campfire Scene as it is so far. It's not fully complete yet because I have this curse where I lose motivation on one thing then jump around from task to task. Yeah, everything does get completed EVENTUALLY, but at least task jumping keeps me from getting sick of a project and giving up entirely. Anyways, this scene isn't done yet, but as you can see there's a plethora of possible combinations. For convenience of reading, I have taken out all of the text commands such as {line break} and {null} statements.

Note: Any line that starts with ## is a comment by me, and is not actually said in the game.
*ANY* line said by Magus is only shown if he's recruited, unless specified otherwise. (pertaining to certain conditions, which are marked with ##)

## Campfire Scene Fades In...
## "Brink of Time" is playing (End of Time theme)
 (if I can get that Forest Ambiance from Radical Dreamers imported I would SOOOO use that instead)

{Robo}: After four hundred years of experience, I now believe that
Lavos may not be responsible for the Gates after all.

{Marle}: What do you mean {Robo}?

{Robo}: I have come to realize that someone, or something wanted us to
experience all of this. The different events over time, that
we have all witnessed. It is almost as if some "Entity" wants
us to relive its existence through us, through each of our perspectives.

{Ayla}: {Ayla} know!
When people die, elders say, see whole life pass by before eyes!

{Frog}: It is true that mortals do relive their most profound memories
before death claims them. Yet those memories most often are
sad and remorseful ones.

{Robo}: Thinking things like, "If only I had done this," or, "I shouldn't
have done that..." triggers unpleasant, repressed memories.

{Marle}: Will that happen when our time comes?
Will that happen when we...die?

{Lucca}: Sigh...
Probably...who knows?

{Marle}: there a particular point in time you'd want to return to, {Lucca}?

{Lucca}: No...not really...

{Marle}: I'm sorry {Lucca}, was that something I shouldn't have asked?

{Lucca}: It's alright {Marle}...'s just something I don't like to think about too much.

{Frog}: Nonetheless...Lavos seems to play an integral role in the life of
this Entity. Each era is enraptured by Lavos.

{Magus}: ...this "Entity" you are speaking of, who is it?

{Robo}: It is unknown, whose memories these are. It may be
something beyond our comprehension. Our journey may come to an end
when we finally discover the identity of the Entity.

{Ayla}: {Ayla} feel one you talk about is "Mother Earth."

{Magus}: I understand...
The lifeforce of all living things.

{Frog}: You mean...the spirit of nature?

{Lucca}: It is possible...
Maybe the Planet itself is alive like us, or it could be the conciousness of the
entire Universe itself.

##If Crono is present
{Crono}: ( {Lucca}'s on the right track! )

{Ayla}: {Ayla} think so.
{Ayla} hear cries of Mother Earth.

{Marle}: {Ayla}, you can hear the cries of the Earth?

{Ayla}: It say "It hurts, it hurts!"
Lavos very bad for Earth.
Lavos cause much pain for all.

{Lucca}: Do you think the Planet is trying to help us defeat Lavos?

{Robo}: Most would explain why the Gates appear when
and where they do, why they take us to the most useful eras.
Every period in history we have traveled upon so far, has all given
us important clues about Lavos's existance.

{Robo}: We know that Lavos landed on the Planet during the Prehistoric

{Ayla}: Lavos fall from sky!
Ruin Tyrano Lair!

##If Zeal NOT destroyed
{Frog}: ...and during the Dark Ages, he is under manipulation by the
magic Kingdom of Zeal.

##If Zeal IS destroyed
{Frog}: ...and during the Dark Ages, he destroyed the magic Kingdom of

##If Magus IS present
{Lucca}: He was seen as an icon by the Maougun and destroyed
Castle Maou after our little "misunderstanding."

{Magus}: ...

##If Magus is NOT present
{Lucca}: He was seen as an icon by the Maougun and destroyed
Castle Maou after our battle.

{Marle}: He's worshipped as a god by the Cult of the Blazing Throrn
during the Millennium...

{Lucca}: He ravaged the world in 1999 A.F. - "The Day of Lavos."

{Robo}: Which lead to a desolate and barren future in 2300 A.F.

{Magus}: ......
So...that's your story, huh?
To save the interesting...

## If Crono is restored, show all of these bits

{Marle}: Hey, what about all of the things Gaspar told us at the End of

##Ozzie's Fortress

"A fugitive in the Middle Ages,
Ozzie, maintains an evil hideout..."

## Quest not started:

{Lucca}: We should take a look in the Middle Ages and we might find Ozzie,
maybe there's something there that can aid us?

{Magus}: ...
Ozzie probably has some rarity or other trinket of great value.

## Met Ozzie at the Entrance:

{Lucca}: We should go back to the Middle Ages and check out Ozzie's
Fortress. Maybe there's something there that can help us?

{Magus}: ...
Ozzie probably has some rarity or other trinket of great value.

## Defeated Ozzie:

{Frog}: Ozzie fought well, but was vain in striving against us.

{Robo}: Indeed. We have aquired many treasures from his Lair that may aid
us in the battle against Lavos.

##Genocide Dome

{"1}There's a task to be done in the
Future, where machinery originated.{"2}

## Quest not started:

{Robo}: ......
If there's an origin of machinery, that may mean that there's others
like me.

## Quest Completed:

{Robo}: The machines of my era were corrupted, but nonetheless the items
obtained from that quest has aided us much in our journey.
...and I, Robo, shall never forget you Atropos, your memory will live
on within me for as long my systems function!

##Sun Stone:

   {"1}And there's a very special stone
that can shine its light on each
generation, from the distant past
to the far future...{"2}

## Quest not started:

{Marle}: Could it be...the Sunstone?

{Ayla}: {Marle}, maybe you right!
But, how we find?

{Robo}: When Lavos ravaged the Kingdom of Zeal, the Temple of Sol
fell from the sky and sank to the bottom of the ocean.

{Lucca}: Maybe the Temple resurfaces in a later era, say the future?

{Frog}: That's possible...

## Defeated Soul of Sol and got the Moonstone


## Left Moonstone at (Primeval) Sun Keep


## Found out the Moonstone is gone

{Lucca}: The Moonstone is missing...
could it be somewhere in this era?

## Retrieved Moonstone from Porre Mayor


## Made Wondershot w/ Sunstone (& R'bow Shell quest not done)

{Lucca}: The Sunstone we recovered is very powerful, there may yet a
way to further utilize it's potential.

## Made Wondershot w/ Sunstone (& R'bow Shell quest done)

{Lucca}: The Sunstone we recovered is very powerful.

##Northern Ruins:

{"1}There's the ghost of a lofty knight,
slain by {Magus} in the Middle Ages,
who haunts the present...{"2}

## Quest not started:

{Frog}: The ghost that haunts the Northern Ruins...
...could it be...Cyrus?

## Obtained Tools:

{Frog}: We should give these tools to the carpenter in Choras Village.
Maybe they'll repair the ruins?

## Retored part of Northern Ruins:

{Frog}: We should have the carpenter complete the Northern Ruins...

## Frog gained Mastery of the Masamune:

{Frog}: It brings great joy to my heart knowing that Cyrus can rest.

   ## Magus present
      ...and joining forces with {Magus} at that!

   {Magus}: ...{delay 04}

   ## Magus defeated
   ...and knowing that I avenged him by defeating {Magus}.

Rainbow Shell:

##Rainbow Shell:

{"1}There's an object in the Middle Ages
that sparkles like a rainbow...{"2}

## Quest not started:

{Marle}: Hey! That's gotta be the legendary Rainbow Shell!
I remember some people in Zeal were talking about it.
Something about the Guru of Life could make awesome itmes with that
and the SunStone.

Say, wasn't Toma looking for the Shell at one time?

{Lucca}: Yeah, but how would we even find him?

{Frog}: Heh. He's probably at tavern pub, drinkin' sake!
Pubs are all he's good at finding.

## Went to Guardia Castle:
## Gave Jerky to King:
## Obtained Toma's Sake:
## Poured Toma's Sake on Gravestone:
## Stored Rainbow Shell at G. Castle:
## Defeated Yakra:
## Combined Rainbow Shell w/ Sunstone:

Marle: We still have this PrismShard...
   What could we do with it?

I feel that there's something else...

##Searing Chasm

"A burning catacomb, filled to the brim with primeval darkness...
 but gleaming with thousands of shining beauties..."

## Quest not started:

Ayla: ......! I know! I know!
Marle: What is it Ayla?
Ayla: There a place with lots of shiny! Shiny Shiny!
Lucca: That sounds like a lot of shiny.
   What could this mean?
Robo: Where is this place with lots of shiny Ayla?
Ayla: Deep in the Valley of Giants,
   past old Tyrano Lair. It's See-ring Ka-summ
Frog: Searing Chasm?
Ayla: Yeah! Lot's of shiny there!
Lucca: Wait... lot's of shiny...gems?
   "Searing Chasm", Ayla... is
   this place really hot inside?
Ayla: Yeah! Lava EVERYWHERE!
   Must be careful there!
Robo: So, a regular inferno.
   Gems being forged by extreme heat.
Frog: A quite unpleasant sounding place...
  Though these gems may be of use.

## Quest completed:


##Black Omen:

{Frog}: There is still the Black Omen that floats above the world.
What of it? What does it do?

{Magus}: The Black Omen is the Ocean Palace "mother"
is responsible for its existance...

{Robo}: The Omen is connected with may serve as an power
amplifier or another method of ensuring his rise in 1999 A.F.

{Lucca}: But nothing changed in the future! Lavos still destroyed
the world and survivors are still around like they were before.
What's different?


{Marle}: Huh?

{Ayla}: What you mean, {Frog}?

{Frog}: Now that I think about it, everyone else accepts the Black
Omen's existance as always being there.
...but WE don't remember the Black Omen like that, due to our memory
versus the time distortion. Besides...

{Frog}: ...whatever foul darkness Lavos has plagued her mind with,
Queen Zeal is no fool. She knows we survived Zeal's destruction.
She knows what we are capable of and that we are a threat to Lavos,
no matter her blustering to the contrary.

{Magus}: I hate to say it, but the frog here is "mother",
as much of a fool as she may be... still smart enough to be able recognize any threat coming
her way. There's no doubt that she will be ready for us.

{Marle}: Oh great... So this means that Lavos is gonna
be stronger than ever?

{Lucca}: Looks that way.

{Robo}: I would not panic just yet, {Marle}.
The Black Omen may merely serve to focus Lavos' power...if we
were to destroy it... It should weaken him enough so that
we may be able to defeat him!

{Frog}: I feel that {Robo} is right...
and in any case, we have Mother Earth herself on our side!

{Ayla}: {Ayla} fight for Mother Earth!
{Ayla} no lose!

{Marle}: I sure hope you're right...

## No matter what:

{Lucca}: Well, that about does it {Robo},
for the maintanence. You're good as new.

{Robo}: Thank you {Lucca}, I never thought
I would get that sand out of my circuitry.

{Lucca}: Yaaaaawwwwwwn.
Well, I'm beat. What time is it?

{Robo}: The time now is 2:53 a.m.
It is getting quite late.

{Frog}: Shall we turn in for the night?

{Marle}:'d be best.
It's been a long day...

{Lucca}: Goodnight, everyone!

{Marle}: Goodnight, {Crono}!
   ( Sweet dreams... )

{Magus}: ......
   ( Night...a time to reflect... )

## Fade out ##

(after Lucca Get's up)

{Lucca}: Huh...?
What's going on?
What's that sound?

{Lucca}: It's coming from...there?

## If Lucca checks Marle & Crono is present

{Lucca}: ( They're both fast asleep and tranquil next to one another...
They'll probably make a really good couple... )

## If Lucca checks Marle, Crono isn't present

{Lucca}: ( Poor {Marle}... )

## If Lucca checks Robo

{Lucca}: ( Repairing him was alot of work... I'm glad that's over with. )

## If Lucca checks Frog

{Lucca}: ( He's sound asleep. )

## If Lucca checks Ayla

{Lucca}: ( Poor neanderthal, probably doesn't even understand even half
of what's going on. )

## If Lucca checks Magus

{Magus}: ...

## ...and as soon as Lucca tries to walk past Magus

{Magus}: ......
Going somewhere?

{Lucca}: {Magus}, do you EVER sleep?

{Magus}: Better hurry up, or you might miss your chance...

...and there you have it. I'll finish this after I'm done with Ayla's Quest.

Chrono Trigger + / Ayla's Quest (spoilage)
« on: August 07, 2008, 12:16:33 pm »
Valley of Giants:

I finally got something written that makes out what could be called a 'quest' for Ayla.

Here's an image of the Valley map, 90% complete. The last 10% consists of the remaining details of the map as well as the several dozen annoying tiles that layer over the PCs instead of underneath them.  :x

Anyways, I hope to have a beta test of this quest available soon.

Quest notes:
This area can be done anytime after the Ocean Palace, or after Tyrano Lair on NG+.

Ayla must be present in order to find the way through the Valley.
After quest completion, player may use any party upon re-entering these areas.

Dialog note: Any text surrounded in parenthesis is the PC thinking it. (e.g. Crono)

(Party enters an area with many waterfalls and thick dense smog rising up from the base of the valley)

Ayla: This place, "Valley of Giants."

Ayla: ......!

(2nd Party Member)
Crono -- *choose someone else*
Marle: What's up Ayla?
Lucca: What is it Ayla?
Robo: What is the matter, miss Ayla?
Frog: Is something the matter, madam?
Magus -- (skip Magus, noone says anything)

Ayla: Sense much danger ahead.

(Other party member, if Magus is present-he has first priority)
Crono: ( Ayla's right...I can feel them. )
Marle: We'd better be careful guys.
Lucca: Everyone be careful.
Robo: We should remain alert.
Frog: We had better be on our guard.
Magus: She's right, some strong force is
   bound to this place.

#if Fiona's Forest Quest NOT done, show this bit#

(2nd Party Member)
Crono -- *choose someone else*
Marle: Maybe we should just go back...
Lucca: Should we leave?
Robo: Perhaps we should turn around.
Frog: Then, shall we leave?
Magus: This is another waste of time...

Ayla: No!
There a cave near!
Lots of Shiny!
Shiny, Shiny, Shiny! (said on a seperate line)

(2nd Party Member)
Crono -- (choose someone else)
Marle: That sounds like alot of shiny...
   Gems maybe?
Lucca: That sounds like alot of shiny...
   Maybe gems?
Robo: Shiny? I can only deduce that you are
   referring to gems.
Frog: Shiny?
   What are you talking about...gems perhaps?
Magus: Seems to me you're talking about gems.

#if Fiona's Forest Quest IS done, show this bit#

Ayla: Cave not far!
Lots of Shiny!
Shiny, Shiny, Shiny! (said on a seperate line)

#Either Way#

(3rd Party Member)
Crono -- (choose someone else)
Marle: Um, where's this cave Ayla?
Lucca: So, where exactly is this cave Ayla?
Robo: Where precisly is this cave Ayla?
Frog: Where is this located Ayla?
Magus: Then...where is this place?

(Ayla motions over to some trees)

Ayla: Hidden! This way, we go!
   Follow Ayla!

(Ayla becomes party leader, unless you leave the area)

(Player can now walk through the trees)

(Party stops)

(2nd Party Member)
Crono: ( They're going to try to surprise us. )
Marle: It feels like something is watching us.
Lucca: I feel like we're being watched.
Robo: My sensors detect dinosaur DNA nearby.
Frog: This doesn't feel right.
   Something is watching us.
Magus: Something is hunting us.

Ayla: Ayla sense dinos very near,
   must be careful.

(Dinos jump out at first battle spot)

(3rd Party Member)
Marle: Uh oh! Here they come!
Lucca: Looks like they're here.
Robo: They've made themselves present.
Frog: Speak of the devil...
Magus: ...and here they are.


(Party wanders through the Valley until they reach a fork in the path)

Marle: The path splits here...
   Which way Ayla?
Lucca: There's a fork in the road...
   So, which way Ayla?
Robo: This path branches off.
   Miss Ayla, where do we go from here?
Frog: A fork in the path.
   Now where do we go, Ayla?
Magus: A fork in the road...
   Which way from here?

Ayla: This way, that way... no matter.
   Both go same place...

(Party wanders through the Valley until they reach what looks like
a dead-end near a large waterfall)

Marle: Ayla, this looks like a dead end!
Lucca: Ayla are you sure you know where you're going?
Robo: It seems that we can only turn back.
Frog: Hmmm. Looks to me like a dead-end.
Magus: There seems to be nowhere to go...
   but I sense an entrance nearby.

Ayla: Here! Over here!
   Cave here! Behind waterfall!
   Come inside!

(Ayla walks behind the waterfall and party members follow)
(Scene begins to fade out before party members reach the entrance)
(Auto-warps right into Searing Chasm dungeon)

Searing Chasm:

(Party Members end up in a cavern with rivers of churning lava about)
("Boss Battle2" theme is playing)

(Scene fades in with Ayla standing inside)
(Party members walk in and stop a few feet short of Ayla)
(Ayla turns around, facing the party)

Ayla: This is place with lots of shiny.
   "See-ring Ka-summ."

Marle: I can see why it's called that.
   It's burning hot in here.
Lucca: I see...this place is an inferno!
   Sweat is pouring down my face already.
Robo: What an acurate description.
   The air temperature is 130 degress!
Frog: What a perfect title for such an
   unpleasant place. Such sweltering heat.
Magus: Hmph.
   What a fitting name for an inferno such as this.

Ayla: Every twenty minutes...shiny appear!
  We take, come...

(Ayla moves upwards and the party members follow)
(An Elder appears from a nearby doorway)

Old Man: Help!
   Granddaughter lost inside!
   Can't find!

Ayla: We help!

Old man: Beware!
   Many dinos in here, very strong!
   Come here after Tyrano Lair ruined!

*Lots of Tri-horn battles... (level 80 mobs)
..random gems appear all over the dungeon.

First room with dinos:

Trihorn: Your the ones who wrecked Tyrano Lair!

Marle: That wasn't us, it was Lavos!
Lucca: Lavos did that! We didn't!
Robo: The impact of Lavos ruined the fortress,
   we had nothing to do with that part.
Frog: It was Lavos who ruined the Lair, we
   we're just trying to stop the Reptites.
Magus: Look, I had nothing to do with that...

Trihorn: Talk all you want. But thanks to you Apes,
   we had to move down here just to stay warm.
   Now we're gonna pound you!

Ayla: Your time over!
   Our time now!


Next dino battle room:

Trihorn: What?! Apes down here?!
   Let's barbecue 'em!


(final battle room)

Trihorn: Oh just great. Not even under the ground
   are we safe from you Apes!


(Upon reaching the last room)

Little Girl: Ayla!

Ayla: What you doing down here!
   Much danger here!

Little Girl: Getting Shiny!

(if NewGame) 1 Emerald, 1 Sapphire & 1 Ruby!
(if NewGame+) 1 Emerald, 1 Sapphire, 1 Ruby & 1 Diamond!

(Old Man enters room)

Old man: Granddaughter!
   You safe!

Little Girl: Granddad!

Old man: We now go!
   Here follow me! Shortcut here!

<jump down to starting room>

Old man: Thank you so much!
Here, have fresh spring water, you drink!

HP&MP Restored!

(if quest just completed)
Old man: Here take this!

Recieved: Either 1 Emerald, 1 Sapphire or 1 Ruby!

Old man: Shiny made every 20 minutes.
...come back in xx(20) minutes if you want more shiny!

or (if 20min wait is up)

Old man: Go in quick!
Shiny are ready now!

Searing Chasm can be re-entered every 20 mins after completing it.
You get HP&MP restored upon leaving aswell.
(You only get the gems from the Girl and Old man one time)

What do ya think? Questions, comments?

These are the maps for 1.1. Just post which map you're working on so we don't get multiple people working on the same map, (unless of course you're partnering up with someone).

I will continue to update this post as maps are completed or as they are taken from the "available" list.

Cursed Woods
Dactyl's Peak
Sinking Desert (all three maps)

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: (includes "finishing touches")
Guardia Castle (by Azure)
Mystic Mountains (all three maps) - Zakyrus & DK_Donutlicious)
Beast's Nest - DK_Donutlicious
Valley of Giants & Searing Chasm (Zakyrus)

Cleft of Dimensions (still working on...)

DONE: (** means I have finished the Script/Events/NPCs)
Truce Canyon - (expanded by SirusD)
Enhasa - (expanded by SirusD)
Kajar ** - (expanded by Zakyrus)
Zeal Palace ** - (expanded by Zakyrus)
Algetty ** - (expanded by Zakyrus)
North Cape - (expanded by Zakyrus)

...I need to get organized  :x

Chrono Trigger Modification / Era/Timeline mem value
« on: July 23, 2008, 12:22:12 pm »
When you warp into Lavos Tunnel and save the game it says you are in "???" or if you save in Middle Ages it'll say "Middle Ages." Anyone know what the memory value that changes this is?

Polling / What weapon when fighting Zombies?
« on: July 19, 2008, 06:30:02 pm »
I know this has nothing to do with CT, but curiosity got the best of me and I just *had* to know. What would you use when fighting zombies? I would say Axe - simply because you cannot run out of axe.

Kajar Laboratories / Zeal Library Thread
« on: July 15, 2008, 01:21:19 am »
With the CT+ Beta 1.1 update just around the corner, I am gathering various infos for Zeal Lore and Arcane poetry. I am currently accepting submissions from ANYONE up until the release of 1.1 1st of '08. It can be ANTYHING that's related to Zeal, Magic or stuff like that. Try to keep the length within reason, no more than a couple short paragraphs. Not every entry will be added, but the most "arcane" or ominous sounding ones will be! I will for sure accept the top 10-15 submissions of a variety of topics. (assuming I get that many...but it's ZEAL so it shouldn't be that hard -- EVERYONE is a Zealot for Zeal)

* Remember, any poetry doesn't neccessarily have to rhyme.
 (and it doesn't have to be poetry)

* You can submit as many entries as desired, but if so, try to cover various topics.

* Must be related to Zeal, Zeal History or Magic in some way.

* You can make up book titles, volume and page numbers as well as include an "author's name" or not. Author's name doesn't have to be YOUR name, it would be best to come up with some kind of mystical name. Names like "Martha Stewart" or "Janus123" will be ignored and probably replaced with "Unknown author" -- reguardless of how cool sounding the remainder of the submission is. Mythical sounding names like Synthius, Draekus, or Umbros are preferred. (in fact, if you can't think of any, you are more than welcome to use one of those)

* Also, any "Dream" or Dream state books should be "authored" by 'Morbeus' - which is the 'Heckran' that hangs out in Enhasa's Dreamatorium.

Here's some example topics:
Zeal History
Dream Species
Sun Stone
Rainbow Shell
Temple of Sol (Sun Palace)
Shrine of Light (Sun Keep)
Teleportation (Concept, theory, etc)
Mammon Machine

We have some books already made on a few of the above topics, but I'm interested to see what everyone can come up with. The more the merrier!

For some examples, here are a few entries I wrote -- the former two are currently in the Zeal Palace Study if you read the bookshelves:

"Elemental Realms," vol 2. ch. 12
Unknown author
"Upwards, in the higher dimensions, exist four realms made of pure Magic. One realm for each...Lightning, Fire, Water, Shadow.
The Lightning Realm is pure energy, all arcing into infinity!
The Fire Realm is an endless inferno, blazing for all eternity!
The Water Realm flows it's pure essence into the never-ending!
The Shadow Realm - so bright with darkness, that it fades on
and on forever!
   Each of the four Realms brings total balance to the others.
They intertwine together, to create the "Material World" or "here."
They can never be offset, for all are in complete harmony, melding
forever, together as One."


"Cosmic Knowledge," Vol 13, Chapter 27, page 603
by Zakyrus
"From stardust......heavens are formed.
Suns are made......and planets born.
Life kill, live and die.
With their primal battle cries.
Upon Sun's no more.
Back to stardust......all once more."
Could this be the flow of ALL life in the Universe?


   "Encyclopedia: Theories," vol 12, ch. 8, page 134
Unknown author
"The "Cleft of Dimensions" theory states that there
is a nexxus on a lower energy frequency existing
along side ours. It is theorized to be a place where
destroyed worlds end up. This Space is thought to be
endless, containing unnumbered broken vistas.
Some believe this place is nothing more than a void,
wrapped in delusion --a stagnant abyss coursing with
   However, this theory has never been proven.
There is thought to be a method for entering
this bizzare realm of unfortold horrors...
...though any who have been foolish to attempt
to do so were never heard from again.
The method is as follows...
The rest of the page is torn off...{null}

With that said and done, please make atleast one submission, like I said before I won't add every single one, but the more arcace and ominous sounding ones will! Also, let's keep this topic only to submissions and *try* to keep other banter to a minumum.

Good luck!


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