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Reality, Real-World Connections, and the Supernatural / The moon/s?
« on: February 04, 2006, 11:29:59 pm »
I can't find this mentioned in the encyclopedia, so forgive me if it is, but I really want to ask about the moon (or moons) in the Chrono Series.

In Chono Trigger. There is one moon. It is apparently larger or closer than the moon in our world (either that or it's an effect of Magus' fort being closer to the relative equator of that world? And it shines with a strong yellowish colour behind Magus' fort.

In Radical Dreamers, again there is one moon, but it is much smaller in the sky, and is much more white in colour (which could be again due to global positioning and atmosphere, the moon does tend to be larger and more yellow looking around october in England).

In Chrono Cross there are TWO moons. A really huge blue-ish one, and a smaller, red one, seen in front of the blue one.

Does this mean that Chrono's world has a moon that has a moon orbiting it (ie. You wouldn't see the small moon all the time because it would sometimes be behind the big moon). Or is this some wierd effect of the time crash or something? Or was it simply an artisitic decision by the game makers that makes no logical sense? Any ideas?

Retranslation of Chrono Trigger / JP $39B18A / US $3F5860 Enhasa, Zeal
« on: January 31, 2006, 03:42:01 am »
I'll update this as I go along with what I've done so far...Oh yeah, I refuse to write 'Zeal' as 'Jiil' it looks bloody stupid. The other names I will render as their original Katakana forms, but, I just can't, it'd be almost sacreligious! ^_^'

JP $39B18A / US $3F5860

Welcome to Enhaasa.
This is the Magical Kingdom of Zeal's city of dreams.

(I know it says 'machi' but 'city of dreams' is cooler than town of dreams)

We search for truth in pleasant sleep...

...Ohh? But you seem different... [end]

This is the enlightened magical kingdom, Zeal.
Where every desire is fulfilled.
...But how high must one reach to grasp that wish...? [end]

((It's only a little chunk of text, but this dialogue is pretty tough, so I'm just doing that as a taster. Hope it's ok.))

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