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Welcome / Birthday / Seeya! Forum / Re: Hello Hello Hello
« on: January 19, 2023, 10:51:47 pm »
Hi there. Welcome to the Compendium!

Fan Art / Re: Crono 3d model
« on: November 26, 2022, 07:29:53 pm »
Ooh, looks great!

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Re: FFBE Chrono Cross Crossover Event
« on: November 16, 2022, 10:24:25 pm »
Some sprites at least should be in the FFBE wiki.

I've seen the opposite, where a sentence is put twice.

It's also kinda fickle. If you put two sentences together, you get a translation, but if you put them separately, you might get a slightly different translation. And yeah, it's more noticeable when you put huge chunks of texts, or at least as paragraphs. Overall it does the job quite well, but it certainly has its quirks.

Looks like it's just about everything. Only thing I found that could be missing is the artwork from the Symphony select menu.

Even if it's just the character artworks imposed on a background. It'd be a matter of finding a clean version without the UI elements.

Got it. I'm going to add the information to the Starky/Lavos encyclopedia pages.

I don't suppose Glenn's gotten an interesting scenario yet...

Sadly, no. It's been almost a year.

That said, Part 1 of Volume 3 of AE's main story is now out in Japan. It was teased at the end of Complex Dreams. So we might remain on the lookout if CC's role is not yet over... even if it could be a stretch. Still, the fact that unlike with the other crossover events, the CC crew has yet to return back home may imply we might still get future content with them. At least, I'd hope we will.

That is massive lore, though, whoa. In that video, the Manager also says that Masa and Mune crossed space, but I'm not sure if that means they crossed space to reach the Another Eden world (as opposed to going to the Chrono world originally). But I don't get what he says next...They crossed the seas of space, from the cosmic lifeform that devoured our world...Lavos!

Those are like, two run-on sentences. Is he implying the Masa/Mune/Doreen dream species are emanations or byproducts of Lavos? Kid seems to confirm this, saying that Masa and Mune's blood is the same as "the devourer of planets". But then, it's entirely possible that it's just Lavos's energy corrupting the Masamune temporarily, right?

Yeah, I've reached that conclusion too. That due to the Red Knife stabbing the Mammon Machine, thus turning into the Masamune. So Masa and Mune have been "tainted" with Lavos' essence. Maybe that explains why they became corrupted in Cross.

I think with the crossing space, at least for their kind, just meant in the physical sense. Like saying both the Chrono planet and the AE planet exist in the same Universe, so they can be reached via spaceship. The from might mean in "from this position", with Lavos being that position, since the planet no longer is, being gone. Admittedly it sounds a little confusing. But I think he is referring on leaving their former planet / getting away from Lavos.

Got it. Well, it's nice that they confirmed Glenn is named after Frog. It makes me wonder who General Viper was working for. "Glory brought on by Porre" still makes me think the Acacia Dragoons were a colonist offshoot of Porre, but if Viper was fighting on the continent during his own lifetime, well...the preeminent conflict back then would've been the invasion of Guardia, right? Just hard to know...

They are. It was Porrean colonists who arrived at El Nido in 920AD, the Viper Clan among them. And the war they fought was indeed the Fall of Guardia. Despite FATE not allowing El Nido natives to leave, because of the Dragoons' role in the Fall, it allowed an exception, since it was to preserve history. Since in the timeline without El Nido, the Dragoons remained in the mainland, as shown in Radical Dreamers.

Basically, relations with Porre were fine... so long Porre left them alone. But when Porre had signs of meddling, or even taking over, relations naturally soured.

At least, that's my interpretation of the whole thing.

I wonder if they ultimately revealed anything more about Starky. With that lukewarm secret credits scene for the remaster, and the general absence of other plot revelations, my hopes are pretty low.

Oh, that reminds me. I had always meant to add the Starky mini-update here too, but I never got to it. At this point it shouldn't be hard to look it up. Here's some videos:

But the gist of it is the following:

The Starky we see in AE comes from long after the events of Chrono Cross, since he is aware of the promise he made with Harle, but the Harle we see in AE has no idea about it.

A creature of the same kind as Lavos landed in Starky's home planet, and ultimately destroyed it, or at least rendered it uninhabitable, forcing the Star Children to leave.

They've been seeking another planet to terraform and inhabit. That's the reason Starky was in the Cross planet to begin with. The planet of AE becomes their current target, and actually attempt to terraform it, which Aldo and company stop. Starky basically returned to his kind, and eventually they found the AE planet. It was at this point a portal opened up before Starky, and that led him to Harle.

The Star Children have found the way to time travel, and even dimension travel, since despite coming from Another Eden's future era, they have shown up in the Present Era and in the Another World of AE.

The Star Children also have cloning and memory transfer technology. This means they have backup bodies, so should one die, they just transfer the memories to another body. They also have designations, with Starky being Surveyor #26.

Their leader, the Manager, somehow has the power to summon the corrupted Masamune, or at least just the spirits of Masa and Mune, using the Einlanzer as a catalyst. Which Glenn already had before ending in the AE world.

Mastermune gets created in AE as well, as Doreen is around as well due to Kid's pendant after all, and all three fuse with Serge's swallow. This shows Serge, despite his battle sprite and artwork showing him with it, not actually having the weapon yet.

That's about all I can remember off the top of my head. The videos should tell the rest.

It looks like that Twitter account's finally gone dark (?), around July? Just wondering. I was going to scrub it too, unless you grabbed everything. Is the character list above complete? I can start getting those bios added to the encyclopedia for this update...

Oh, it did? Yeah, at least as far as the bios are concerned, those were all of them. It was only the PC's, basically.

General Discussion / Re: Video Game Discussion Thread
« on: November 14, 2022, 01:26:09 am »
Eternal Sonata? Oh, I've always wanted to play that one.

Though it begs the question as to how did he survived the transition when just about everything else... didn't.

If you want further proof, there's the Ultimania stating this:

Question: What could be the reason that Miguel was stuck in the Dead Sea? And,
were there two of him in existence?

Answer: 14 years ago when he entered the Sea of Eden, he was bewitched. By
the knowledge of the future, by the powers of FATE. Perhaps he was
overwhelmed in the sea of information, perhaps he became one with Chronopolis.
When the world separated into two, of course, there were two of him. The one
who was in Chronopolis, was eliminated by FATE, I'm afraid.

Well, at least before 1999AD, since Lavos is still deep within the earth when the report was made.

No, the earthquakes were from 1000AD. In the prerelease/demo/etc. it was the reason the Zenan Bridge was not there in the 1000AD map. In the final build the mention of quakes is still there, but the bridge is fine. Still, earthquakes can be from various reasons, I doubt Lavos would be his first guess.

It's even more weird since thanks to Magus the Mystics/Fiends were well aware of Lavos well into 1000AD, and some even think he's just slumbering and will wipe out humanity once it awakes.

And then there's that Lithosphere Report from Cross that shows awareness of Lavos and that it might rise up to the surface one day. The Arris Dome Director also knows about Lavos.

I can think knowledge might've been indeed lost in those 13K years, and it's only thanks to Magus that anyone knew of Lavos again. Then at some point humans learned about it, either through the Mystics or from their own research into the planet's crust.

Regarding Melchior... well, would he had reason to think Lavos simply went back to sleep and would rise again to destroy the world?

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