Author Topic: Unimplemented Features and Schedule [SPOILERS, READ AFTER FINISHING]  (Read 3446 times)


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A few features are planned but have not yet been implemented. They'll be added to the game over the next two or three weeks. In addition, certain other things are scheduled for improvement, like certain maps. This thread keeps track of what's going to be implemented and what's implemented to facilitate better beta testing. Things will be implemented in a matter of days, weeks, one month, or indefinite.

Graphics Hacks

  • Sorin - Gets his own character sprites. [Days]
  • Zeal Overworld - Background will be changed to stars. DONE
  • Porre Private - To replace GI Jogger (not his graphics; the GI Jogger NPC will point to new graphics). [Days]
  • King Zeal Fusion with Dream Devourer - Final boss. Will look sort of like this. [Weeks]
  • Status Screen Portraits - Frog, Ayla, Magus, Robo [Month]
  • Frozen Flame Ark - For the Subjugation sidequest. Looks like this. [Indefinite] DONE
  • Annihilation Energy Agitator DONE


  • Make the Johnny race minigame available at the 2305 A.D. mall. DONE
  • Give him high scores
  • Code the ending scene for Chapter 18, DONE
  • possibly including the battle with the Frozen Flame.
  • Code the four short Enhasa dreamer scenes. DONE
  • Fix Spekkio sidequest. DONE
  • Fix Furies sidequest and final battle thing. [Weeks]
  • Finish the Magus and King Zeal ending scene. [Weeks]
  • Determine multiple endings and NG+ functionality, and code. [Month]
  • Plan and implement new explorable 1005 A.D. era ending, since the last one was invalidated. [Month]


  • Create residential / commercial building lobby for large Choras dome. [Weeks] DONE
  • Make the subjugation ship water background move if possible. [Weeks] DONE
  • Add the Spire of Telos to the 11,995 B.C. overworld after its event. [Indefinite]


  • Add item descriptions for anything still needing them. [Week]

Maps to Polish

  • 605 - Choras Forest
  • 65KK - Hunting Range JPified
  • 605 - Kasmir's Fortress
  • 1005 - Porre Lab
  • Dreamtime
  • 11995 - New Zeal


Custom music will be the last thing added to the project before release.
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Re: Unimplemented Features and Schedule [SPOILERS, READ AFTER FINISHING]
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Frozen Flame Ark should be complete.