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Omake #2

A chibied author avatar bows in utter apology.

Skylark: I have not forgotten this story, by I shame myself for having waited this long to get back to this.

Reika: It was a huge mess. His PS3 fried, so he had to get a new one over Christmas. Then he started playing and playing and playing-

Skylark: That's enough. I think they get the point. Anyway, since PSZ graciously posted spoilers for future Fiendlady plans, I decided to put Act 1 synopsis for the main party members by way of apology. I put them in 2pt, as they are story spoilers.

Reika: Unless you can read fine print, in which case they'd just be plain spoilers. :3

Skylark: >_<

Reika: So once again, the author apologizes for the delay. He'll do better next time. :3

Skylark:  :picardno


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Attributes and Character Roles

Attributes. Those little numbers on the Status Screen signifying how strong a character is. In fact, why don't I just go over the Status Screen as a whole?

Status Screen Info

(From top to bottom...)

Name: The character's name.

Element: What color elemental affinity the character is.

Element Grid: The shape of a character's Element Grid.

Equipment: What gear the character has equipped.

Hit Points (HP): The amount of health a character has. If this number reaches 0, the character will be unable to participate in battle unless revived. Can be restored with medicines or healing Techs.

Magic Points (MP): The amount of stored ability power a character has. If this number reaches 0, the character will be unable to use Techs unless restored. Spent MP can be restored with ambrosias.

Stamina: An indicator of how many actions a character can take before becoming fatigued. If this number reaches 0 (or even into the negatives), the character cannot take any further action until restored. Stamina can be restored by other characters taking actions or with certain medicines.

Strength: Determines the damage a character inflicts with physical attacks and Physical Techs.

Magic: Determines the damage a character inflicts with Elements and Magical Techs.

Agility: Determines battle turn order as well as a deciding factor of evasion, hit%, and stamina restoration.

Constitution: Determines how much damage a character takes from enemy attacks, and is a deciding factor of stamina restoration and how much HP increases at Level Up.

Accuracy: Determines how often a characters attacks hit, and is a deciding factor of hit%.

Resistance: Determines how much damage a character takes from enemy magic. It also determines the power of Healing Techs and how much MP increases at Level Up.

Luck: Determines critical hit rate and how well a character can naturally resist status ailments.

Evade%: Determines how well a character can dodge enemy attacks.

Hit%: Determines the success percentages of the three attack types (strong, medium, weak).

Stamina Restoration%: Determines how much stamina is restored to a character when another takes an action.

Critical Rate: Determines how often a character deals extra damage with an attack of any kind.

Status Resistance: Determines how often a character can naturally resist status ailments.

Notes: Equipment has separate modifiers from base stats and stack.

Character Roles

Schala: Schala is a generally well-rounded character. With decent attack, defense, and agility. She has the second-highest magic cap in the game, only slightly behind Reika. To make up for this, she has access to magic techs of every element, increasing her versatility even further. Her unique 'Omni-Elemental' nature means she has no element weakness for enemies to exploit, while being able to take full advantage of Element Drives of any color.

Lark: As the other hero of the story, Lark is also of a balanced nature. Of course, the major difference is that while Schala leans more towards magic, Lark tends towards the offensive end of the spectrum. Of course, that doesn't mean he's a slouch in the magic department either, as his proficiency with Red Elements and Techs are second to none. His true power shines during a Red Element Drive, as his abilities double, or if sufficiently leveled, even triple.

Glenn: An interesting character in that his skill set doesn't seem as suited for combat as others. Sporting the highest Resistance in the game, and with his abundant supply of healing Techs, Glenn is by far the party's designated medic. His offense isn't so hot, but his high Accuracy ensures that he almost never misses, and his Luck stat is high enough that his criticals make sure his attack capabilities are at least to par. Unfortunately, his Constitution is so low that he can't take a physical hit worth crap, so take care of him.

Reika: Bar none, Reika becomes the best magic and Element user in the game, surpassing even Schala and Magil. Her Resistance will have her shrugging off enemy spells like a pro, as well as making her a solid #2 in the healing department. Her Ice Techs, while weaker than her Water spells, can inflict the Frozen status on almost any enemy. The effect even comes with many of her Dual Techs, giving her great synergy with the other party members. Of course, it doesn't really need to be said that she is not a fighter. She has the lowest attack power out of everyone, making her all but useless against foes who can counter or disrupt magic.

Gilbert: It is rather difficult to put Gilbert into any one category. He is mainly a physical fighter, yet his strength pales in comparison to Schwann, Lark, or even Schala. His Luck stat is the best in the game though, meaning he criticals often and powerfully. His evasion is also through the roof, as he will dodge attacks left and right, yet if something does connect, it connects hard. Unless you're a sucker for Black magic Techs, don't bother casting with him, as his Magic stat is the lowest out of all characters. Gilbert, therefore, could be cast as 'high-risk, high-reward' especially when taking into account his unique Shut Down and Reboot status. Gilbert is a situational character. Know when to use him, and he'll do right.

Laura: Like Glenn, Laura's role in battle is mainly one of support, only offensive/defensive in her case. She is the party's tank, as her constitution is high enough to shrug off most physical assaults, and giving her enough HP to survive just about everything else. Her unique Provoke Tech not only increases both kinds of her defenses further, any single-target attack the enemy make will be directed solely at her, allowing your other party members to clean house. When not hunkering down, she makes a decent fighter with strong physical Techs, or a competent backup healer with Aura and Resurrection. All this comes at a cost of Agility and Luck, making her one of the slowest of the group.

Schwann: Due to his immense size, it is no real wonder that Schwann is the hardest-hitting physical fighter of the team. Although his Accuracy leaves much to be desired, his hits are strong enough that it doesn't really matter, and his lack of agility can easily be made up for. Don't expect him to use magic too much though, as his Magic stat is not nearly to par.

Magil: For starters, as a magic-type character, Magil has surprisingly good attack power, and his fierce attacks can hit all enemies. He is the best Black innate in the game bar none, and he has great stats across the board. Sadly, none of this can change the fact that he is a crutch character during times where one or both heroes of the story are off the radar, with his permanent departure at the end of Act 3 the deciding factor. There is nothing he can do that one of the other party members can't do better, and he only has a single Dual Tech to boot. To his credit, it's with Schala and it is one of the most powerful Dual Techs in the game.
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Omake 3

*A chibified author sits calmly on a pillow drinking a soda.*

Reika: *Shakes head.*

I will be honest. If it comes to a choice between gaming and writing, I will always choose the former. And yet there are so many things I wish to say, lest I forget them.

Reika: Alzheimer's hits pretty early in your family, doesn't it? :3

Anyway, I will be posting History and the remaining Act synopsis for the main characters over the next few weeks. Just finished with Lark and Schala's pasts.

Reika: You guys might want tissues for those, if you can read the fine print.

Once again, I'm sorry. *bows*


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You know you've skewed your priorities when you get the red 120-day warning message.

Added some stuff now that I'm taking a break from gaming for a bit.

I said I wouldn't give up on this. Just gotta go a little bit at a time, that's all.