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General Information

Chrono Cross

Full Name: Poshul
Occupation: Arni Village Chief
Origin: Zenan Mainland
Age: 62
Species: Human
Home Time: 1020 A.D.
Home Area: Hermit's Hideaway
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 119 lbs.
Build: Thin
Hand: Right-handed
Weapon Type: Rod
Innate Element: Yellow

Tech Learning:

  • LongShot - 3 Stars
  • QuickDraw - 15 Stars
  • VitalEnergy - 35 Stars
  • VitalForce - VitalEnergy, AirForce (Viper)

Radius is the wise chief of Arni and a former Deva of the Acacia Dragoons. Born on the Zenan mainland, he made his way into the service of the Dragoons, where he met Zappa, Garai, and General Viper. The sagely man demonstrated a fantastic combative skill while in service of the Acacians, and soon was promoted to Deva alongside the others. In 1005 A.D., the four warriors tore up the battlefield and established a reputation of ferocity. Sadly, this tenure was disrupted by tragedy when Garai and Radius happened upon the demonic Masamune. Radius was consumed with its power and murdered in a fit of insanity; while the other Dragoons accepted the incident as an accident, it caused Radius to seriously reevalute his life. Radius buried Garai at the Isle of the Damned, and began leading a more spiritual life. Already middle-aged at this time, he retired later in 1016 A.D., resigning to Arni to become its chief. There, he sought to establish a kind and knowledgable leadership; he decorated his chief's hut with wise sayings and other resources, and laid down his sword forever. When Dario died after being corrupted by the Masamune, Radius took the Einlanzer and placed it at Garai's grave at the Isle of the Damned.

   The many lines laid before you,
   shall all merge into one...
   With this power, even an
   old knight like me could...
   This is the same as what
   happened before, with the
   hatred of the Masamune.
   Oh, Garai...forgive me!
   I almost made the same
   grave mistake.
   What was that...?
   You say it is behind us now?
   Is that you, Garai...?
   Have you forgiven me...?
   Yes... This must be the
   final gate, which leads to
   the darkness of time.
   The time has come to bring
   everything to an end.
   We must find a means without
   anger or hate.
   Our business is done.
   Shall we head back home?
   Kiki, Lolo, Una, Gonji, and
   all the others are waiting.

Radical Dreamers

An apparent prototype of Radius appears in Radical Dreamers -- the old, unnamed, disheveled man in the catacombs of Viper Manor. After Lynx befriended General Viper, Radius met with the visiting aristocrat and planned to assist in the overthrow of Viper. After the deed had been done and Viper lay dead, the Radius figure felt tremendous grief and regret. He was thrown in the catacombs and beaten to within an inch of his life; his mind subsequently could not handle the stress and powerful negative emotion, and he went mad. When the Radical Dreamers confronted him for information and showed him his old ring, he recognized them as his former Deva friends, and noted that they should retreat to Staik Lake. Eventually, he yielded the secret needed to reach the underground ruins beneath the Manor. Magil bent the prison bars prior to this exchange, and stated that the man would have to walk through them himself if he were ever to reclaim his sanity.

The Radius prototype bears one similary to his Chrono Cross counterpart in that he killed a friend; in this case, Garai.



Radius Radius portrait



From: Characters (Radical Dreamers)