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General Information

Radical Dreamers

An apparent prototype of Radius appears in Radical Dreamers -- the old, unnamed, disheveled man in the catacombs of Viper Manor. After Lynx befriended General Viper, Radius met with the visiting aristocrat and planned to assist in the overthrow of Viper. After the deed had been done and Viper lay dead, the Radius figure felt tremendous grief and regret. He was thrown in the catacombs and beaten to within an inch of his life; his mind subsequently could not handle the stress and powerful negative emotion, and he went mad. When the Radical Dreamers confronted him for information and showed him his old ring, he recognized them as his former Deva friends, and noted that they should retreat to Staik Lake. Eventually, he yielded the secret needed to reach the underground ruins beneath the Manor. Magil bent the prison bars prior to this exchange, and stated that the man would have to walk through them himself if he were ever to reclaim his sanity.

The Radius prototype bears one similary to his Chrono Cross counterpart in that he killed a friend; in this case, Garai.



Radius Radius portrait



From: Characters (Radical Dreamers)