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General Information

Chrono Trigger Prerelease

Era: 1000 A.D.
Music: Confusing Melody
Items: ?
Enemies: Hench, Vamp
Bosses: Flea, Ozzie, Slash

Magus's Lair is mostly operational, featuring a brighter insignia on the floor of Magus's chamber and an unsheathed Slasher hanging in Slash's room. In the second area of the lair dwell enemies not found in the final version. Some other differences:

  • Magus' Lair is one of the "demo" areas; however, one can normally only get as far as defeating Slash and Flea, and the game cuts to a "Coming Soon" message and quits to the title screen when stepping on the light that would normally send you further in. Nevertheless, the castle can still be explored via hacking.
  • When entering the castle, "Confusing Melody" is played while the screen pans up over the castle, rather than "Magus' Castle".
  • The first battle with Slash (before he picks up his sword) is considerably easier in the prototype than it is in the final, as Slash has far less HP.
  • The fake Flea does not use MP Buster when defeated.
  • The Slasher is not won after beating Slash, and the Magic Tab does not appear after Flea is defeated.
  • The areas beyond the demo lack events. These codes can re-enable some, but not all, of them:
  • The monsters summoned by Ozzie were replaced with stronger palette swaps in the final.
  • The fake children/shadow monsters regenerate upon leaving the room and returning in the prototype. In the final, they're gone for good once defeated.
  • If Frog is not included in the team, Queen Leene will still appear in the "doppleganger" room, but does not move and cannot be interacted with.
  • The monsters transformed into (and summoned) by the dopplegangers are also of the weaker variety. For the record, the Sorcerers are also much weaker in the prototype.
  • After defeating the first of the dopplegangers, a strange glitched object appears in its place. Touching it causes you to fight the same battle as before, after which it disappears.
  • Flea's right leg is graphically glitched for some reason.
  • The guillotine chamber is slightly different in the prototype: the little room at the end was moved back one tile, the carpeted stairs were changed to extend across the entire hall, and the lower-right guillotine was moved up one tile.
  • More minor architectural differences: The columns in the statue hall were all moved down slightly. There's no particular reason for this change, as although it's possible to avoid battle by walking around the statues in the prototype, this cannot be done in the final due to a different monster setup. Plus, the statues can still be walked around.
  • The Roly monsters in the side-view tower areas have a broken palette in the prototype. In addition, the final uses standard Rolies in the first tower and the black Roly Bombers in the second. In the prototype, Roly Bombers appear in both towers. They also do not self-destruct when attacked, but rather counter with an attack on the entire team.
  • The symbol in Magus' chamber is brighter in the prototype. Also, while it cannot be seen in-game, a second duplicate chamber is present in the prototype alongside the normal one. What purpose this would have served is unknown, but it was cut from the final entirely.



Unsheathed Slasher Floor Insignia





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