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General Information


Chrono Trigger

Full Name: Lucca
Age: Indeterminate, late teens
Species: Human
Home Time: 1000 A.D.
Home Area: Truce, Lucca's House
Weapon Type: Gun
Weapons: Air Gun, Auto Gun, Dart Gun, Dream Gun, Graedus, Megablast, PicoMagnum, Plasma Gun, Ruby Gun, Shockwave, WonderShot
Magical Element: Fire
Single Techs: Fire, Fire 2, Flame Toss, Flare, Hypno Wave, Mega Bomb, Napalm, Protect
Double Techs: Antipode, Antipode 2, Antipode 3, Blaze Kick, Double Bomb, Fire Sword, FireSword 2, Fire Punch, Fire Tackle, Fire Whirl, Flame Kick, Frog Flare, Line Bomb, Red Pin
Triple Techs: DarkEternal, Delta Force, Delta Storm, Fire Zone, Gatling Kick, OmegaFlare, PoyozoDance

Crono is a fatherless teenager from the town of Truce and the protagonist of Chrono Trigger. He meets Marle at the Millennial Fair, and begins his adventure by attempting to rescue her after she is sent to 600 A.D. by the Super Dimension Warp. This leads to the Arris Dome, in which he, Marle, and Lucca discover the Apocalypse and pledge to prevent it. He is later venerated as a hero for saving Zenan Bridge and assisting in the defeat of Magus, and is revered by Ayla as strong. In the Ocean Palace, Crono is killed while facing off against Lavos; his death is later prevented by his friends, who use a Time Egg (the first Chrono Trigger) supplied by Gaspar to remove him from the Palace and substitute a Clone. After the defeat of Lavos and the end of his quest, it is heavily suggested that Crono falls in love with Marle and the two are married; this is depicted outright in the ending cutscene of Chrono Trigger PSX. Little is known of his fate after this, as he was presumably involved in some incident in the Fall of Guardia.

Chrono Cross

Crono's fate is implied to in Radius's statement about the Kingdom of Guardia no longer being peaceful.

Radical Dreamers

Crono is thought to be Lucca's dead friend who shall receive the Frozen Flame as a grave adornment.




Crono Sprite Sheet
Crono's marriage


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