Fort Dragonia

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General Information

Chrono Cross

Era: 1020 A.D.
Music: Birds Ambience
Items (Another World): Angel Charm, Daemon Charm, Earth Charm, Flame Charm, Sea Charm
Elements (Another World): AeroBlaster, Antidote, Bushbasher, Capsule, ElectroBolt, FirePillar, HealAll, MagmaBurst, MeteorShower, Tornado, Volcano
Enemies (Another World): Acacia PVT, Acacia SGT, Alphabat, Combat, Cybot, Googhoul, Paper Boy
Bosses (Another World): Bunyip, Dragoon, Gen. Viper, GiantGloop, Lynx, Sun of a Gun, Taurusoid



From: Locations (Chrono Cross)