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(General Information)
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''Attack'': +13<br>
''Attack'': +13<br>
''Hit %'': +2%<br>
''Hit %'': +2%<br>
''Materials'': 1 [[Copper]], 1 [[Humour]], 1 [[Iron]], 1 [[Screw]]
''Materials'': 1 [[Copper]], 1 [[Humour]], 1 [[Iron]], 1 [[Screw]]<br />
''Extra Damage'': [[Cross Monster Types|Floating]] type
''How to obtain'':<br>
''How to obtain'':<br>

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General Information

Chrono Cross

Used By: Norris, Starky
Type: Gun
Attack: +13
Hit %: +2%
Materials: 1 Copper, 1 Humour, 1 Iron, 1 Screw
Extra Damage: Floating type

How to obtain:

(Can't be forged)

A handgun made out of iron.

Name Origin

Ferrum is Latin for Iron, "Fe" being the symbol for Iron in the Periodic table.

From: Weapons (Chrono Cross)