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Unlike remix doujin albums produced by Japanese fans, doujinshi are fan comics, sometimes very well drawn. While a complete, exhaustive listing of all fan doujinshi would be impossible and prohibitively difficult to attempt, the Compendium lists certain doujinshi submitted to our attention by fans, including some works from CuteLucca's old archive. They are available for download. We try to provide authorship and date release information where available, but it's often difficult to acquire since it requires translation to English.

1995-09-24 - H. Asahina - Shining

Artists: H. Asahina
Release: 1995-09-24


2004-03-21 - Meikyoushisui and Akira Mitsuhara - Game Over

Artists: Meikyoushisui, Akira Mitsuhara)
Release: 2004-03-21


2006-03-19 - Pocket - Kaeru to Maou

Artist: Pocket (Website)
Release: 2006-03-19


From: Fan Works