Corridors of Time

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General Information

Areas Played: 12000 B.C., Commons, Dimensional Vortex (2300 A.D. Interstice), Enhasa, Kajar, Melchior's Hut, Last Village
Composed by: Yasunori Mitsuda
Original Japanese: 時の回廊 / Toki no Kairou
Time Signature: 4/4

Official Releases

Unofficial Releases

.spc Rips

.2SF Rips

.psf Rips


Restorations attempt to take compressed, low-quality sampled music (as found on video games, such as Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross) and "restore" them by tracking down the original samples and recreating the songs, as they would've sounded like to the composers before being subject to hardware limitations.

OrangeC Chrono Trigger Restorations

tssf Chrono Trigger Restorations

Albums and Doujins



Chrono Compendium



Stuff of Legends

Good Stuff


VGMix 4


Blue Planet

Catacomb Entrance


Celestia Square Enix Music Arrange Festival (2005)

Celestia8 -SquareEnix Festival 2nd Stage- (2011)

Celestia9 -Wish our Hope- (March 2011)

CelestiaX -SquareDance Music Arrange Festival 3-

Celestia12 -Short Charging SQEX- (March 2014)

Celestia14 -SQEX Festival:Altar-

Chrono Trigger Mixtape

Volume 1

Chrono Trigger Remake Project

Chrono Trigger Resurrection

Crystal - Square Music Arrange Festival

Dan Goodale

DJ-Dr.MNM's Chrono Trigger Hiphop Mixtape

2. 'DASH!! Time Corridor - Usher - Yeah Remix 2 (Corridors of Time)'

Dwelling of Duels

September 2004

1: 'Zealous Entropy (DoD Mix)' by Ashane

December 2006

6: 'Wings Over Zeal' by Master Hatchet
19: 'Time Circuits 150cc' by Nario

May 2009

12: Corridor Echoes by El Grapadura

August 2009

11: 'Ease Up, Crono' by VikingGuitar

September 2014

5: 'Way' by Shipluss

June 2016

18: 'Time Has a Chill Corridor' by Valence

November 2020

3rd: 'Dancefloors of Time' by Ivan Hakstok, Sixto Sounds

Episodes & Melody

Legend of Renegade Sega Genesis Arrangements

Low-tech Son


New White


OverLooked Remix

Personal Remixes

Smooth McGroove


VGMix 1


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