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The Chrono Compendium is a project created by myself, Ramsus, Ybrik Metaknight, and a few others in July of 2003 to archive and catalogue all existing knowledge and plausible speculation of the Chrono series, whether this knowledge is textual, auditory, or visual. It evolved out of a 50-page thread on Overclocked ReMix in which much analysis and discussion of the series took place; though I had originally created the thread to show off a map of Enhasa, the posts eventually exposed the huge depth of the series. I began the Chronology to house this knowledge, originally believing that our analysis could fit in a small appendix. We began to question Chrono Cross, and it was then that we decided that our research should be preserved, and that the Chrono series should be illuminated in full. In a way, the Compendium is the real life equivalent of Zeal.

Chrono Compendium Charter

I. Introduction

  • This document provides a general outline of the Chrono Compendium. The charter is not intended to be a definitive resource and is subject to change as the site evolves.