Zorander (Identity of)


In Radical Dreamers, a character exists named Zorander; he was part of the Acacia Dragoons. He is said to have wielded the Einlanzer in battle, fighting with presumably the other "Devas," Gorba, Merkid, and the Radius figure. While Gorba and Merkid are harder to pin down, we know the Radius figure corresponds to Radius from Chrono Cross. Who does Zorander correspond to?


General Viper[edit]

This is the conventional belief, based on the Compendium's old position. It came from Riddel mentioning her father and Zorander in the same sentence; in the original Japanese, however, they're mentioned in separate sentences. This theory might as well be deprecated, but the mystery still persists.


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This is Riddel's speech. Viper and Zorander are mentioned in separate sentences.

"It is a holy white sword, created long ago by ancient sages along with its demonic brother, the Masamune.

It was the Acacia Dragoons' most prized weapon. It once glided through the air in Zorander's hand, shimmering like a star..."

In the above, Magil usually refers to General Viper as just "General Viper." Why would he call him by his first name here? It's more likely that Zorander is just someone else.

"Ohhhh... Gorba... Merkid... Zorander... forgive me..." A quiet, sobbing voice seems to be coming from the third cell on the right.

Concerning the above... Elsewhere the "Radius prototype" old man refers to General Viper as "the General." While it's possible he was close to him and could call him by his first name, I think it's more likely that Zorander is just a different character, considering Riddel's and Magil's quotes, and also Chrono Cross. Besides nothing implies that "Viper" is not a first name in the first place.

Many Japanese fans also believe Zorander corresponds to Dario, as shown by searching "Zorander" and "Radical Dreamers" in Google.

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